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The Fall Excursion You Should Take, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Should you go pumpkin picking? Visit a haunted house? Astrology has the answer.

Can you feel that chill in the air? Believe it or not, fall is just around the corner, and with it comes gorgeous weather, comfy sweaters, and plenty of cozy seasonal outings. There's no shortage of things to cross off your bucket list this autumn, but where should you start? We've made things easy by turning to astrology to decide the fall excursion you should take. Keep reading to see if your zodiac sign is made for a relaxing afternoon of apple picking or a visit to a scary haunted house.

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Lauren Ash is an astrologer and culture writer based in St. Louis. You can follow her on Twitter or subscribe to her blog for monthly horoscopes and cosmic guidance.

Aries: Pumpkin Picking

Photo of a young mother and her son collecting pumpkins on a pumpkin patch; family on a Halloween pumpkin patch adventure.
iStock / AleksandarNakic

While the chill of fall might have other signs running for the covers and a cozy night in, you're looking to get in every last bit of outdoor fun before winter. So, why not wake up early with the family for a day of pumpkin picking? You'll feel alive in the crisp morning air as you hunt through acres of pumpkin fields to find the perfect gourd for making jack-o-lanterns and pumpkin pies. Plus, you can indulge your wild and competitive side by making a game of who in your group can locate (and carry) the biggest pumpkin.

Taurus: Cozy Cabin Getaway

Shot of a young woman reading a book while lying on a bed in a cabin
iStock / Rowan Jordan

You're a lover of all things cozy, so fall is one of your favorite times of the year. Normally, you're the type to get into a routine and groove. But when the leaves are falling and the air gets colder, you're looking for a cup of hot coffee and a good book to lose your afternoon in. Indulge in this desire by spending a relaxing weekend at a cozy cabin. With nothing but the great outdoors and your romance novels to keep you company, it'll feel like you're living in your own Nora Ephron movie.

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Gemini: Corn Maze

Couple with their dog in the fields.
iStock / Capuski

As the social butterfly of the zodiac, you don't need any advice on planning activities. Pumpkin patch? You're there. Bonfire in the backyard? You're hosting! It truly wouldn't be fall for you without a packed social calendar. Still, your curious mind needs something to keep you busy. For the ultimate challenge of your wits and skills, find the nearest corn maze and see who of your group can make it out first.

Cancer: Harvest Festival

Coworkers carrying boxes at a street market
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It's time to put your usual weekend movie night plans on hold for awhile, Cancer. You're more than just the nurturing homebody of the zodiac; you also love to seek out connections with other people. Attending the local harvest festival or farmers market this autumn is sure to give you all the cozy and connected vibes you're looking for. Take your time strolling through booths and chatting with local farmers and artists while enjoying homemade food and snacks. It just goes to show that you don't have to stay home to curate a homey experience.

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Leo: Leaf-Peeping Road Trip

Photo of a young couple and their dog camping in the woods on a beautiful autumn day; spending time outdoors and appreciating nature.
iStock / AleksandarNakic

Summer has come and gone, as has the spontaneous fun that comes with the warmer months. As a fun-loving fire sign who is always looking to have a good time, you simply can't accept that the party has to end once the leaves start to change colors. Why not make some memories and new traditions with your friends by planning a weekend leaf-peeping road trip? With nothing but time on your hands, endless views of nature, and your favorite people by your side, it'll make you forget all about the impending winter season.

Virgo: Sunflower Farm

woman visiting sun flower farm
iStock / Imgorthand

It's your time to shine, Virgo! Fall is easily your favorite time of year, and you'll want to take full advantage of the cooler temperatures and enjoy your downtime. Normally, you're busy running around and keeping every little thing running smoothly. While this perfectionism keeps you organized, it can also leave you exhausted. Therefore, your perfect excursion is one that requires little planning. Get lost in nature and leave the stress of your regular day behind with an afternoon at a sunflower farm.

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Libra: Fall Winery Tour

Photo of a couple of friends having a good time in a winery, tasting and trying different types of wines
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You love fall, Libra, and not just because it's your birthday season. You fancy yourself a bit of a trendsetter and enjoy indulging in all of life's aesthetic pleasures. And as an air sign, you're always looking to meet new people and try new things. Mix business with pleasure this fall and enjoy a gorgeous winery tour with your closest pals. Making new memories with old friends is the perfect way to celebrate another trip around the sun.

Scorpio: Haunted House

A group of four multi-ethnic teenagers and young adults in a halloween haunted house, on a ride through a dark, creepy tunnel.
iStock / kali9

As the unofficial (and often self-proclaimed) spookiest sign of the zodiac, you're looking to indulge in every aspect of fall. Your usual favorites like making candy apples and creating your own costume are a must, but it wouldn't be fall for you without a trip to your favorite haunted house. From family-friendly to adult-only haunts, there are endless options to get your scare on. You'll love the rush of a good fright, plus it's a great way to see which of your friends are tough and which are scaredy cats.

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Sagittarius: Fall 5K

Four women are taking a selfie together on a smart phone after completing a charity obstacle course. They are wearing sports clothing and are covered in mud and water.
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You love a good adventure, Sagittarius. Some people might think that means you're always looking to book the next flight out of town, but you're more than just a jet-setter. In your mind, an adventure can be something as simple as learning a new dish to cook or trying a new hobby. But with everything you do, you like to push yourself, so this fall, put your energy toward a 5K race. Between weekly training, meeting people in the community, and working to improve your time, you're sure to enjoy a little friendly competition and adrenaline rush.

Capricorn: Apple Picking

Female worker on the organic apples farm, carrying crates and doing field work.
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You're a pretty busy person, Capricorn. You work hard for your money and are no stranger to putting in extra hours at the office. But "work hard, play hard" is your unofficial mantra, so you'll never be too busy to enjoy some fall fun. You are, however, looking to maximize your downtime, which makes the local apple orchard your perfect pit stop. Spend the afternoon picking your own fruit (with which you can bake a pie later), grabbing some hot cider, and indulging in a variety of fall-themed activities.

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Aquarius: Camping With Friends

group of friends going camping
iStock / SeventyFour

Your birthday might not be for a few more months, but something about the change of weather makes you feel alive, Aquarius. As the humanitarian of the zodiac, there's something about the camaraderie and spirit of the season that makes you more outgoing and sociable than usual. Take advantage of this by planning a fun weekend camping trip for you and your closest friends. Roast up some s'mores around the fire and share stories about what you're most thankful for.

Pisces: Music Festival

fall music festival
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With summer behind you, you're likely to feel a bit nostalgic about all of the fun you had and the friends you made. What can you say? You're a sensitive soul who tends to lean into your sentimental side. Even though many Pisces are introverts, you love spending time with your loved ones and bonding over your shared passions. So, before all of your friends get too busy with the holidays, why not plan one last night out at a fall music festival? From local art to music to drinks, there's everything you need to make memories that will last a lifetime.

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