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The NFL Team You Should Root For, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Let astrology guide you through football season this year.

What would fall be without football? Whether you're a diehard fan or you just enjoy the camaraderie of watching a Sunday afternoon game (and let's not forget the beer and wings!), there's something about the sport that feels equal parts cozy and exciting. But what could make things even more fun is getting behind the correct team—not just your hometown team or the one your family follows, but the one that's written in the stars. Here, we spoke to professional astrologers to find out the NFL team each zodiac sign should root for. Read on to see if you're more in line with the Cowboys, the Giants, or another team.

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Aries: Los Angeles Rams

Panoramic view of SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles
Elliott Cowand Jr / Shutterstock

As the fiery first sign of the zodiac, Aries are energetic, courageous, and competitive—"characteristics that align well with the audacious plays and relentless energy of the Los Angeles Rams," says Raquel Rodriguez, astrologer and founder of Your Zodiac.

"Just like an Aries enjoys overcoming challenges, this team thrives when they are underdogs," she explains. "The Rams' aggressive approach to the game resonates with the bold and daring spirit inherent in Aries."

Taurus: New Orleans Saints

The Superdome stadium, where the New Orleans Saints play, at night
Sean Xu / Shutterstock

As a grounded earth sign, Taurus is reliable, level-headed, and loyal. But they also hate change more than any other zodiac sign, which is why Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat, says they'll connect with the New Orleans Saints.

"This team is predictable. They stay the course but don't look for any surprises," she notes, adding that Taurus' nostalgic side will appreciate their "historic Super Bowl winning days back in the '80s."

Gemini: Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Chiefs Fans Celebrating at the Power and Lights District
Spencer J Harris Photo / Shutterstock

Gemini is the outgoing social butterfly of the zodiac, so is it any surprise that they're paired with the team even non-NFL fans are talking about? (Thank you, Taylor Swift!) But Rodriguez points out that it's also the Kansas City Chiefs' "dynamic play style and changing strategies" that will hold Gemini's attention.

"Patrick Mahomes' versatile quarterbacking style mirrors Gemini's multifaceted personality," she adds. "This is what makes each game a new adventure for them."

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Cancer: Philadelphia Eagles

Fans cheer members of the Philadelphia Eagles organization as they celebrate their Super Bowl LII win during a parade
Matt Smith Photographer / Shutterstock

Cancer is an emotional water sign. They're incredibly nurturing and love nothing more than taking care of their family and friends. But these crabs are also very sensitive. When they feel challenged or threatened, they're "pros at defense, with their impenetrable shell," shares Bennet—which is why they'll relate to an NFL team that's also known for its defensive skills.

"The Philadelphia Eagles' soon-to-be hall of famer Jason Kelce is the unpassable starting center protecting their quarterback," she notes.

Leo: Dallas Cowboys

A group of Dallas Cowboys football fans cheering
fitzcrittle / Shutterstock

"Leos are as much about the sport as the show," says Bennet. These fire signs are incredibly extroverted and are in their prime when they're the center of attention.

"'America's Team,' the Dallas Cowboys, not only dominate the division but have the added pizazz of their legendary cheerleaders," Bennet points out. "With their glitz and glamour, the Cowboys will have our loyal lions roaring throughout the season."

Virgo: San Francisco 49ers

Close up view of the exterior of Levi's Stadium in San Francisco
Sundry Photography / Shutterstock

If you know one thing about this sign, it's probably that they're the perfectionists of the zodiac. "Virgos, analytical and detail-oriented, would find themselves naturally drawn to the San Francisco 49ers," says Rodriguez.

"This team's focus on tactical prowess and intricate play-calling resonates with Virgo's nature," she explains. "A balanced approach to offense and defense would satisfy a Virgo's love for planning and symmetry."

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Libra: Seattle Seahawks

A Seattle Seahawks player running on the field holding the football
Grindstone Media Group / Shutterstock

Naturally, the sign of the scales is the most diplomatic member of the zodiac. "Libras thrive on harmony and balance, and the Seattle Seahawks are a team that exemplifies these traits," Rodriguez asserts.

"With a balanced offense and defense, the team's performance is about teamwork and cooperation. The fan base, known as the '12th Man,' reflects Libra's need for community, and the Seahawks' commitment to social justice aligns with Libra's strong sense of fairness," she goes on to explain.

Scorpio: Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers football players on the field
Erik Drost / Wikimedia Commons

Scorpio embodies the emotional traits of a water sign, but instead of wearing their heart on their sleeve, they keep their feelings hidden away. "Scorpios are known for their intensity and passion, and no team embodies these traits like the Pittsburgh Steelers," says Rodriguez.

"Their hard-hitting defense and focused playing style would appeal to a Scorpio's desire for deep engagement and strategic thinking," she adds. "The team's black and gold colors even match Scorpio's love for mystery and power."

Sagittarius: Cincinnati Bengals

Touchdown catch to win the game for the Cincinnati Bengals
Shout It Out Design / Shutterstock

Adventurous Sagittarius has no problem hopping on a plane at a moment's notice or inserting themselves into a new friend group. Bennet says the Cincinnati Bengals will appeal to this sign since the team is "all about fun and community."

"Their games are wild with their iconic uniforms and unrivaled pre- and post-game parties," she shares. "Their fans worship them and, much like Sagis, they're loved by all. Each game is unique but filled with excitement, giving Sagis their much-needed adrenaline fix."

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Capricorn: New York Giants

New York Giants football players running onto the field
All-Pro Reels / Wikimedia Commons

When it comes to a type-A personality, this sign gives Virgo a run for their money. "Capricorns value discipline, hard work, and tradition," notes Rodriguez. They'll be the last ones at the office and the first ones to forego a vacation to save money.

"The New York Giants, with their long history and focus on solid fundamentals, align well with these values," Rodriguez says. "Capricorns would appreciate the team's methodical building and planning for the future in order to find satisfaction in their steady progression."

Aquarius: New England Patriots

new england patriots helmet on a football field, trademark failures

Aquarians are a little out there. Considered the eccentric oddballs of the zodiac, their ideas are always outside the box—but more often than not, they're the smartest ones. And it's this understated intelligence that makes them a match for the New England Patriots, says Bennet.

"Their coach, Bill Belichick, has unmatched knowledge of the game," she notes. "Aquarians appreciate Bill's intellect and enjoy watching the team's strategies take shape as the team evolves."

Pisces: Minnesota Vikings

US Bank Stadium, where the Minnesota Vikings play
Steve Skjold / Shutterstock

It's not uncommon to find this sign with their head in the clouds. "Pisceans are dreamers, highly empathetic, and drawn to narratives," says Rodriguez. They can easily get lost in their latest art project or find themselves consumed with emotion over what's going on in the world.

For these reasons, Rodriguez thinks the "underdog spirit and the folklore-like background of the Minnesota Vikings would pull at the heartstrings of Pisces." She adds that the architecture of their stadium will also appeal to these creatives.

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