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Astrologers Predict Which Team Will Win the World Series: Rangers or Diamondbacks?

Forget your silly superstitions; a World Series winner might be written in the stars.

Do you wear a lucky pair of socks every time your favorite baseball team plays? Or maybe you refuse to wash your hair the day they're in the championship. Superstitions are incredibly common when it comes to sports, but another way to foresee a favorable outcome could be through the stars. That's why we tapped professional astrologers to share their World Series predictions. Will the Texas Rangers or the Arizona Diamondbacks sweep the MLB this year? Read on to find out.

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Texas Rangers

The emblem of the baseball club Texas Rangers and a baseball.
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What makes this year's World Series extra interesting from an astrological standpoint is that neither team was hugely favored to go all the way. In fact, both teams took their victories in game seven.

The Texas Rangers beat out the Houston Astros, who made it to the World Series in 2017, 2019, 2021, and 2022, winning the first and most recent of these series.

According to Raquel Rodriguez, an astrologer at Nomadrs, it's likely that the Rangers found success thanks to the influence of Mars, the planet of action and competition. "This intense, assertive energy can be seen in their aggressive play style and determination to win," she says.

When looking at the franchise's birth chart, Rodriguez adds that the Rangers exhibit a strong focus on teamwork and aggression. "However, their chart also suggests that they might struggle with sudden changes in strategy, akin to a retrograde Mercury causing communication lapses," she cautions. "Mars can also suggest that the Rangers might make rash decisions under pressure."

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Arizona Diamondbacks.

The emblem of the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball club and a baseball.
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The Arizona Diamondbacks defeated the Philadelphia Phillies—the team that the Astros beat in the World Series last year—to make it all the way. This was especially impressive considering the Phillies' stadium, Citizens Bank Park, is notorious for having a loud and raucous atmosphere.

Interestingly, Rodriguez says this team is on the opposite end of the spectrum, as it resonates most with Venus, "a planet that's more about charm and tact than brute force."

"Venus also rules balance and harmony, and this might be reflected in how well the team members complement each other," she adds. "However, Venus can also make them slightly complacent, which can reduce their aggression and competitive edge."

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So, which team will win the World Series?

Texas Rangers second baseman Marcus Semien walks to the dugout during a game against the Oakland Athletics at the Oakland Coliseum.
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In everyday life, the Venusian traits that the Diamondbacks possess might be preferable to the win-at-all-costs aggression of the Rangers—but this is the World Series we're talking about.

"When it comes down to Mars versus Venus, or raw power versus strategic play, my astrological leanings are towards the Mars energy of the Rangers in a competitive setting like the World Series," predicts Rodriguez. "Mars' direct and combative nature seems more suited for the fierce competitiveness this championship demands."

The planets might also give this team an edge.

Globe Life Park, where the Texas Rangers play
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In addition to their astrological traits, the Rangers may be set up for victory due to the placement of the planets, explains Alice Smith, astrologer at Alice Smith Astrology.

"The Rangers are at an astrological advantage as they enter the World Series. Jupiter and Saturn, the planets of abundance and stability, are favorably placed in the Rangers' franchise birth chart. When well-positioned in a chart, these planets bring luck and steadiness," she shares. "Meanwhile, the Diamondbacks aren't experiencing similarly positive planetary influences, so the cosmic odds are tilted in the favor of the Rangers."

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