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Who Will Win the Super Bowl: Chiefs or 49ers? Astrologers Share Their Predictions

The winner of the big game is being left up to the stars.

Nothing brings people together quite like Super Bowl Sunday, whether it's because you're rooting for the same team or can't wait to prove each other wrong about who's taking home the Vince Lombardi Trophy. And with game day fast approaching, everyone's scrambling to figure out who will win. Sure, looking at each team's history and previous play calls can help, but you could also check in with the stars. That's why we sought out professional astrologers to reveal their 2024 Super Bowl predictions. Will the Kansas City Chiefs or the San Francisco 49ers be champions this year? Keep reading for their thoughts.

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Kansas City Chiefs

Kansas City Football
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This particular Super Bowl should be even more exciting since it's a rematch: These teams played against each other in Super Bowl 54 (2020), in which the Chiefs secured the victory.

This year, the Kansas City Chiefs advanced from their AFC Championship Game against the Baltimore Ravens, who, based on their season, were favored to go to the Super Bowl. However, the Chiefs' defense came out on top, helping them to win the game 17-10.

Raquel Rodriguez, astrologer and founder of Your Zodiac, believes the Chiefs are on a winning streak because they channel the fierce energy of Mars, the planet of action and competition. She says this energy comes out in the assertive way they play the game and their unyielding determination to be successful.

"The Mars influence is particularly significant for key players as it brings individual brilliance to the forefront," she adds.

Unfortunately, Rodriguez also points out that their astrological chart indicates that they may have trouble adapting to sudden changes during the game.

"It's possibly because of the effects of a retrograde Mercury causing miscommunications or strategy lapses," she explains. "Their Mars-driven approach suggests a tendency to make impulsive decisions under pressure, which could be both an advantage and a liability."

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San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers Helmet
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The San Francisco 49ers beat out the Detroit Lions during their NFC Championship Game, and as the number one seed in their division, it's not a surprise that they're going to another Super Bowl.

Unlike the Chiefs, Rodriguez shares that the 49ers resonate with Venus' energy: "They tend to display charm, balance, and tactical play over sheer aggression."

"Generally speaking, Venusian influence suggests a harmonious team dynamic, with players complementing each other's strengths and weaknesses," she explains. Because of this, the 49ers may execute a more strategic play style over one that's harshly in your face.

What's important to note, Rodriguez cautions, is that Venus can also bring a sense of complacency, which might potentially dampen the 49ers' competitive edge.

"The team's chart also shows Neptune's influence, which perfectly aligns with key players' intuitive and emotionally intelligent approaches," she adds. But this can still lead to issues with staying focused on those crucial moments.

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But, which team will be the Super Bowl Champions?

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While strategy is important for gameplay, it might not be enough for a game like the Super Bowl. This is why both Rodriguez and Alice Smith, an astrologer at Alice Smith Astrology, agree that astrology points in favor of a Chiefs' victory.

"In the high-stakes environment of the Super Bowl, Mars' direct and combative nature, as embodied by the Kansas City Chiefs, might have the edge," predicts Rodriguez. "I think their ability to make bold moves and assert dominance on the field is more suited to the intense competitiveness of the championship."

Smith shares that while both the 49ers and the Chiefs will experience powerful transits (what the planets and stars are doing throughout the day) on Super Bowl Sunday, the Chiefs' transits are more positive overall.

Planetary alignment could help this team, too.

Kansas City Chiefs Fans Celebrating at the Power and Lights District
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Regarding all the astrological aspects for Feb. 11, 2024, Rodriguez notes that the planetary alignments suggest a day charged with energy and potential upsets. "This energy will favor the team that can adapt quickly to changing circumstances," she says.

And according to Smith, the Chiefs' franchise sun is enjoying a supportive transit from not just one but two power planets—Pluto and Mars. She adds that the Chiefs' quarterback, Patrick Mahomes, is also experiencing more positive planetary action.

"Transiting Venus will trine (a relationship of support and ease between planets) his sun, which will increase his charisma factor and help him to effortlessly rally his teammates. The warrior planet Mars and intense Pluto will also trine his natal Venus, increasing his chances of achieving fortune," she says.

"While the 49ers are enjoying a supportive trine from transiting Jupiter, they're also experiencing a troublesome opposition from restrictive Saturn," she adds. So ultimately, the tilt is looking good for the Chiefs.

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