The Dish You Should Bring to Thanksgiving, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Coming up with the perfect dish for your family doesn't have to be complicated.

With the temperatures finally dropping and Halloween in the rear-view mirror—we're ready to fully embrace holiday season. It's time to gather with loved ones and reflect back on all the ways you've grown over the last year. But whether you're someone who loves hosting the entire family at your own place or you have your own unique holiday traditions, everyone can agree that nothing brings people together quite like family, friends, and of course, good food. Coming up with the perfect dish to bring to your next holiday function can be tricky, especially if you don't have a go-to recipe you like to break out for special occasions. That's why we spoke with astrologer and psychic medium Bre the Malefic to discover which Thanksgiving dish you should bring to your gathering this year, based on your zodiac sign. Read on to find out what you should be cooking.

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Aries: Roasted Veggies

pan of roasted veggies
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Aries are known for their leadership abilities and willingness to take charge in any situation–so there's a good chance you already know what you're bringing to the table. Some might call you the brash and impulsive sign of the zodiac, but few give you credit for how far your passion takes you in life.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that the holiday season for you tends to be non-stop action and running around—which might be too much for some, but not for you. In fact, you find the go, go, go energy of the holiday season especially invigorating. Still, the best quality of any good leader is knowing that you can't do it all on your own. So, why not cut yourself some slack this holiday season and bring a simple (but delicious) side dish?

"Aries, you're bringing the roasted vegetables because we know you're still signed up to run the morning of Thanksgiving. Health is essential to you, even during the greatest food holiday of the year," says Bre. Some light olive oil and seasoning will go perfectly with whatever vegetable medley you're currently obsessing over.

Taurus: Mashed Potatoes

Homemade Mashed Potatoes
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You're a lover of all things cozy comfort, Taurus. While other people seem to be in a rush to keep up with the trends or in a hurry to accomplish a goal, you understand the importance of sticking to your convictions and taking it slow. You're reliable, easy-going, and the kind of person who can get along with just about anyone.

Taurus is also the self-proclaimed foodie of the zodiac, so Thanksgiving is the perfect time to flex your culinary skills and show everyone what you can do in the kitchen. Mashed potatoes are one of those dishes that a lot of people have opinions about—and you will work tirelessly at perfecting your dish so you can leave a lasting impression.

"Is there anything more comforting than a perfect side of mashed potatoes? Taurus, you know the answer is no, and you have a foolproof recipe to go with it. Craft the cheesiest and coziest batch of mashed potatoes the Thanksgiving table has ever seen, and you'll be guaranteed the most oversized Tupperware containers for leftovers," suggests Bre.

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Gemini: Green Bean Casserole

Homemade Thanksgiving Green Bean Casserole with Mushrooms and Onions
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As someone who thrives in chaos, you find the running around and preparing that comes with the holidays to be exhilarating. While others might be overwhelmed by the amount of planning, prepping, and socializing that comes with the holidays, you're ready to accept the challenge.

And speaking of a challenge, why not really make a splash with your side dish this year and bring out your classic green bean casserole for whichever party you're attending? People have strong opinions on casserole. Just go to any Midwestern household during this holiday and you'll see at least three different variants of this dish on the same table. So, what better way to show off than bringing your own delicious side dish to the buffet spread?

"Gemini is known for their keen eye for detail, so it's time to put your research to the test with your tried and true recipe for green bean casserole," says Bre. "It'll have everyone else coming back for seconds and thirds while the other casseroles get cold."

Cancer: Sweet Potato Casserole

Homemade Sweet Potato Casserole for Thanksgiving
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People born under the sign of Cancer know how to make people feel welcomed and have a good time–so there's a good chance you're the one hosting Thanksgiving this year. As the sensitive homebody of the zodiac, Cancers are all about family and home, and what better time of year to celebrate being together than the holidays?

Anyone who knows you knows that you don't show up unprepared—and because this time of year feels like your personal Super Bowl, you probably already have a recipe locked and loaded to go. Still, if you wanna switch things up this year and try something different, why not bake a classic sweet potato casserole?

"A sweet potato casserole is made a few different ways but is always as sweet as you, Cancer. This dish is always a delight and the perfect segue into relaxation," Bre suggests. "This dish shares your ability to make anyone feel at ease and is an ideal segue into the dessert conversation and comfort."

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Leo: Hors d'Oeuvres

Charcuterie and cheese board.
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Leo loves to be the star of the show, but that doesn't mean you don't know how to share the spotlight when you need to. Warm and fun-loving, there's nobody else who knows how to bring a group of people together like you do. There's just something about your electric personality and magnetic charm that can make anyone feel like they're right at home with you.

And while you certainly have the culinary skills to impress others, for you, the holidays are less about the food and more about the people. That's why you'll be perfectly content to bring a plate of delicious hors d'oeuvres to pass around as you make your way through the party chatting everyone up.

"Leo, you're bringing the food before the food. You know how to work a room and catch up with everyone you haven't seen in years in just two minutes flat. You'll help your friends and family get their fix on one another before feasting for themselves," says Bre.

Virgo: Homemade Stuffing

Homemade Thanksgiving Dressing Stuffing Sage and Butter
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Virgo is a very detail-oriented sign who will go above and beyond to impress others. Even if you don't seek out the praise and validation as loudly as other signs might, you work hard to put your best foot forward in everything you do. In your mind the best reward for a job well done is knowing that you took your time to make things perfect.

Still, even you'll be the first to admit that you love hearing words of affirmation for a job well done. So while you don't need to be in the spotlight this Thanksgiving, what better way to show off your behind-the-scenes skills than with the perfect homemade stuffing?

"Stuffing is one of the trickiest dishes to nail, and no one will get it right like you will, Virgo, and you and your loved ones know this," Bre says. "You have a perfect process for everything, and your stuffing concoction will be another addition to your list."

Libra: Fresh Baked Pie

Homemade Apple Pie
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People born under the sign of Libra love making new friends and bringing people together. As the sign of relationships and togetherness, you just want everyone to feel loved and appreciated for who they are. You always manage to find yourself connecting people to one another and managing the vibe of any get-together you're at.

As the peacemaker of the zodiac, you tend to find yourself mediating all the little spats that naturally arise when the whole family gets together. So, your perfect Thanksgiving dish is something that can bring people together when things start to get a little tense—like a decadent and delicious holiday pie.

"Which is sweeter, a pumpkin pie, a pecan pie, or the Libra that baked them both? These holiday pies are the prettiest desserts your social media has ever seen," Bre gushes. "People will think they're store-bought because they're that good. These pies will restore peace to the party after a long, stressful day of Thanksgiving tiffs."

Scorpio: Spirits and Ciders

selection of cocktails
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Mysterious and moody, the holidays can be a tricky time of year for you sometimes. While it's true that you feel everything deeply, you have a harder time sharing it than most. Normally, you hang back and get the temperature of any situation before diving into the conversations and merry-making. This can lead some people to think you're more guarded than you really are sometimes.

Luckily, you do find it easier to relax a bit if the people around you are more willing to open up first. So, you're gonna kill two birds with one stone and bring the one thing the party can't live without: a little social lubricant and some free entertainment.

"Instead of having people ask you any personal questions that you don't feel like answering, hand them a drink instead," Bre tells Best Life. "People will instantly become relaxed and at ease around you to start spilling the latest tea for your ears only."

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Sagittarius: Dinner Rolls

freshly baked soft and fluffy homemade dinner rolls in baking dish with kitchen towel and spatulas on wooden kitchen table, view from above, close-up
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For an outgoing, often adventurous sign like Sagittarius, the holiday season can get very busy. From visiting your family to traveling to meet up with old friends to taking that last minute vacation you scored a good deal on, you can expect to be rushing around until the end of the year. You're pretty popular, Sagittarius, so there's a good chance you're gonna be double- or triple-booked this holiday season.

And let's be real—you probably made the guest list because of your amazing personality and not necessarily your culinary skills. So, do yourself a favor and don't get in over your head with a complicated side dish or dessert. Instead, offer to bring the dinner rolls and all of your best stories to your Thanksgiving soirée this year.

"Rolls are perfect for any meal to bring all the vibes and food together. They're also the best side dish to bring because if you accidentally run out or forget them at the last place you came from, the party still rages on because you're there," Bre says.

Capricorn: Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese. traditional american dish macaroni pasta and a cheese sauce
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You are very competitive and ambitious because you want to be the best—and that includes showing up and showing out at family gatherings. Although your schedule is no-doubt packed with a never-ending list of things to do, that won't stop you from shifting things around to ensure you can get it all done ahead of time.

Nobody does the classics quite like you, Capricorn. So, while other people would be terrified about making the mac and cheese wrong, you know all the tricks and hacks to make your dish the ooiest, gooiest, yummiest dish on the buffet table this year. So what if you've got looming deadlines at work and presents still left to buy? If anyone can do it all, and look good doing it, it really is you.

"Mac and cheese is arguably one of the most essential dishes at the Thanksgiving table, so who better to take on this responsibility than you, Capricorn?" Bre says. "You'll test several recipes to get the best crisp on the top, ensure the corner pieces are firm yet flexible, and continue to be the most reliable at the table."

Aquarius: Meatless Entrée

Vegan lentil curry with vegetables, top view. Healthy vegetarian food background.
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Aquarius is the rebel of the zodiac—and that shows up at family get-togethers, too. Sure, you love tradition as much as the next person, but only if it makes sense. As the person in your family who is always challenging the status quo, you're not afraid to mix things up around the holidays or even try starting a tradition of your own. It's not because you enjoy causing a fuss either: You just like to ensure that everyone feels represented and included in the festivities and fun.

That's why this year, Aquarius, you're responsible for making the Thanksgiving table as inclusive as possible, which means you're bringing a vegetarian or vegan dish to share.

"Expecting people to accommodate all walks of life is stressful, but you make it a breeze. You can remind people of what the original Thanksgiving looked like while breaking vegetarian breaded meat with those around you," says Bre. And who knows? You might even expand some minds to the possibilities of meatless eating with your delicious dish.

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Pisces: Cranberry Sauce

Homemade Red Cranberry Sauce for the Holidays
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Agreeable and compassionate, Pisces love to spend time with loved ones and family. In fact, you can't think of anything that makes your heart feel quite as full as just relaxing in a room with your closest friends and just enjoying their company. You are creative, compassionate, and always willing to lend a helping hand to those who need it.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that you like to bring a pre-prepared side dish that doesn't take much fuss–so you can be free to help around the kitchen or socialize day-of. Pisces, you're responsible for bringing this sweet treat to your Thanksgiving table because you appreciate what is often overlooked.

"Cranberry sauce can be a hit-or-miss for some Thanksgiving tables, but you always want to give it a fighting chance it deserves," says Bre. "Put a smile on the faces of those who favor this dish and introduce others to the new possibilities cranberry sauce brings to a Thanksgiving meal."

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