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The Best Thing to Eat at a BBQ, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Are you classic burgers and corn on the cob or something a little more spicy? Let astrology decide.

Can't you just taste it—perfectly charred hamburgers and hot dogs, sweet corn on the cob dripping in butter, or maybe even s'mores cooked over an open flame? The nostalgia of a backyard barbecue never gets old, nor does the delicious food associated with a good old-fashioned cookout. But you'll want to hone in on your favorite treats so you don't get too full, and that's where astrology can help. Keep reading to hear from professional astrologers about what you should eat at a BBQ, based on your zodiac sign.

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Aries: Grilled Sausages

sausages on grill
Shutterstock / Shaiith

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is a bold, energetic leader, which is why Raquel Rodriguez, astrologer and founder of Your Zodiac, says they'll best enjoy a spicy barbecue food that "matches their fearless spirit and passion for adventure."

"The experience of grilling sausages fits their lively, dynamic nature," she shares. "It's an ideal food for an Aries who loves a bit of excitement on their plate!"

Taurus: Ribs

ribs on a grill or barbecue
Shutterstock/MN Nice Photography

Taurus is an earth sign who is "well known for their appreciation of good food and relaxing experiences," says Rodriguez. "They prefer meals that allow them to savor and enjoy each bite." So, she recommends they prepare a rack of ribs.

Author and astrologer Lisa Barretta agrees. "They don't move quickly, so expect them to serve some cocktails while you're waiting for them to slow cook some ribs on the grill topped with a sweet and spicy BBQ sauce."

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Gemini: Hot Dogs

hot dogs on grill
Shutterstock/Joshua Resnick

Is it any surprise that the zodiac's outgoing, chatty sign gets paired with the most classic of all cookout foods? But Rodriguez also recommends hot dogs for Gemini because of how they "enjoy variety and versatility."

"A hot dog, with its various toppings and customizable options, would appeal to their fun and adaptable nature," she says. "It's a playful choice for the sociable Gemini, who loves to mix things up a bit."

Cancer: Potato Salad

Herb potato salad in picnic setting

"Cancers are homebodies, and they value comfort and tradition," notes Rodriguez. This is why she and Barretta agree that a classic potato salad will hit all the right notes for them.

"Their BBQ will make you think of summer days when you were a kid," shares Barretta. "You can count on hearty potato salad made just like the way mom used to make it and always a pitcher of homemade lemonade and sweet tea."

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Leo: BBQ Chicken

grilled chicken breast

Leo the lion is as regal as they come. This extroverted, fun-loving sign "loves being the star of the show and enjoys lavish experiences," notes Rodriguez, which is why they need a barbecue food that'll turn heads.

"A well-grilled BBQ chicken, often seen as the star dish in a BBQ, would align well with Leo's penchant for drama and flair," she adds.

Virgo: Grilled Veggies

grill against deck railing
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As the perfectionist of the zodiac, this sign pays attention to every little detail, including their diet. "Virgo is very health conscious and sometimes their sensitive stomach can't handle BBQ sauce," notes Barretta.

This is why Rodriguez recommends "a well-arranged skewer of grilled vegetables." Not only will they love the bright combination of colors and flavors, but she says this dish will "appeal to their love for wholesome and meticulously prepared food."

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Libra: S'mores

cookies chocolate and marshmallow for smores

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty and romance. Therefore, this sophisticated sign is partial to the "finer things in life," says Barretta.

"Libra has a sweet tooth and their go-to BBQ most likely will include some gooey, decadent s'mores, the quintessential summer treat," she suggests. "Their chocolate selection will include salted caramel, sea salt, dark chocolate raspberry, and white chocolate."

Scorpio: Spicy Wings

A plate of buffalo style chicken wings with celery and blue cheese with a beer on a bar or restaurant table. Please see my portfolio for other food and drink images.

Intense, passionate, and a bit mysterious, Scorpio is a person who takes a while to warm up to others. But once they trust you, their complex personality also brings loads of loyalty. However, at a BBQ, they're still going to want something with a kick.

"The heat and intensity of spicy wings is a perfect match for their fiery and determined spirit," says Rodriguez. "For them, it's more than just a meal, it's a thrilling culinary adventure."

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Sagittarius: Hamburgers

Person holding a burger

"Sagittarians are enthusiastic and enjoy pushing boundaries," says Rodriguez. So, you may be surprised that the world travelers of the zodiac didn't get a more exotic dish. But as the astrologer notes, this classic BBQ food provides "endless possibilities for toppings and variations."

"They can experiment with a variety of flavors, and the uniqueness that comes with each different burger aligns perfectly with their adventurous nature," she adds.

Capricorn: Steak

Cooked Steak
KarepaStock / Shutterstock

Barretta describes Capricorn as "traditional and totally top-shelf." These workaholics have put in the time and effort to succeed, and they like to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

"They would love the process of carefully selecting the right cut, marinating it to perfection, and then grilling it carefully to achieve the ideal results," concurs Rodriguez. "A steak is a dish that requires patience and precision—qualities that Capricorns possess in abundance."

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Aquarius: Corn on the Cob

corn on the cob, mexican style, limes
Nelli Syrotynska / Shutterstock

"Aquarians are known for their inventive and original mindset," says Rodriguez. "They love to experiment and break the norms." So, like Sagittarius, the perfect BBQ food for them is an old-fashioned classic, corn on the cob, which they can customize.

"They'll enjoy the process of grilling it just right and adding their special twist with a unique seasoning mix," Rodriguez explains. Whatever combination they come up with will be as unique and original as them.

Pisces: Watermelon

slices of watermelon

Rodriguez says that Pisces are compassionate and gentle and are "known to bring a sense of calmness around them."

"A slice of watermelon, with its refreshing sweetness, is a perfect end to a BBQ meal, encapsulating the Pisces' soothing and uplifting vibes," she notes. "It's not just about the sweet taste, but also the refreshing feel it brings with each bite that makes it the perfect choice for a Pisces."

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