The Least Jealous Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Possessiveness and envy are not in their nature.

Jealousy can extend to all parts of our lives: relationships, careers, wealth, and friendship. And for some of us, its grip is firm. We constantly compare our achievements and material items to others—and covet what they have that we don't. In romance, this trait can be particularly toxic, causing partners to become possessive and mistrusting. However, there are some people who rarely feel jealous. They move through life confident in themselves and assured in their relationships. Turns out, this could have to do with their horoscope sign. Ahead, astrologers tell us the least jealous members of the zodiac, from the cool and collected to the truly trusting.

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Our list kicks off with Pisces, a sign with representatives in two camps: "Either they are extremely jealous, touchy, and sensitive, or they are very altruistic and merciful," says Alice Alta, the resident astrologer at the Futurio astrology app. "A well-developed Pisces never divides the world into friends and foes; they believe that the whole world is their huge family."

In a relationship, this sign takes a hands-off, non-jealous approach. "Fishes may sincerely believe that partners should belong not to each other but to the world around them," says Alta. You'll never catch them with a pout on their face because their partner is chatting up the bartender or helping an ex in need. Instead, they'll be joining in the conversation or offering support.


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This sign is guided by its mind rather than emotions. So while jealousy exists for them, it's not intense. "They are not really jealous, and you can discuss anything with them," says Alta. "The most important thing is to show them the sensible side of the discussion."

For example, if you want to broach the subject of an open relationship with a Gemini, Alta suggests you start by explaining the situation and showing what you can both get from such a relationship. "At the very least, they won't throw fits but will listen to your idea attentively." Whether or not they decide they'd like to engage in it is another thing entirely—but they'll always hear you out.

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This sign feels jealous at times but is easily able to contain the emotion. "The king and queen of the celestial Jungle, Leo knows exactly what it brings to any relationship and isn't afraid to walk away when the other party is playing unfairly," says Charlotte Kirsten, founder of the astrology blog Typically Topical. "Flirting with someone else will test this lovable lion's unwavering sense of loyalty, but unlike other signs, instead of reacting by creating needless drama, they'll simply walk away."

The prideful Lion is confident enough to know what it brings to the table and knows it will find another partner who will value them fully. This is true for accomplishments, too. "Ruled by the luminary Sun, Leo recognizes that their light is never truly obscured by others," Kisten adds.


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This sign is driven by its emotions, but jealousy isn't usually one of them. "Cancer might seem like an unlikely contender, but a confident and healed Cancer loves to see their friends and family win," says Kirsten. "Their caring, compassionate and nurturing nature undoubtedly makes this crab the biggest cheerleader of the zodiac."

A Cancer will send you flowers when you get a promotion, attend every event leading up to your wedding, and organize a spa day after the birth of your child. "They couldn't care less that your material worth is higher than theirs, as long as they get to see you thrive in the process," says Kirsten. It's always heartening to have this sign in your corner.

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This sign allows people, romantic partners, material items, and success to come and go as they please—without attachment. So it's no surprise that its representatives rarely get jealous. In relationships, Aquarians value their spiritual and intellectual connections most and are fairly open to experimenting with things like open relationships and swinging, according to Alta. "Of course, they may also have jealous outbursts, but this doesn't mean an Aquarius is furious or that their sense of possession has been triggered," she explains.

The same holds true in their non-romantic life. Aquarians value community and will encourage and celebrate their people with glee. As Kirsten says, "Aquarius is too busy creating its own opportunities to have enough time to worry about someone else's." In fact, she notes they are more often on the receiving end of jealousy.


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Jealousy is a foreign concept for Saggies. "Fuelled by ambition, Sagittarians can't help but revel in other people's accomplishments," says Kirsten. "Whilst other signs are rolling their eyes and calling it 'lucky', Sagittarius knows exactly how hard you worked and deems it inspiring." Instead of triggering jealousy, your success will more often inspire a Sagittarian's motivation to accomplish their own goals.

Their jealousy-averse nature applies to romance, too. Alta explains that when Sagittarians have the planet Venus in the sign of Capricorn, they tend to be very monogamous. "But if it's not like that, they are in a constant search for novelty—and love is no exception." Long-distance relationships are fine for this sign, as long as communication is prioritized. "Your relationship should be full of mutual respect and equality," Alta advises. "If you are allowed to do something, they should be able to do the same, and vice versa."

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