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Which Barbie You Are, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Which Barbie doll matches your personality? Astrologers weigh in.

From Barbie-core home furnishings to endless bubblegum pink clothing, Barbie-mania has swept the nation this summer. Perhaps one of the greatest things about the Barbie obsession is that since the original launch in 1959, more and more diverse dolls have hit shelves. From groundbreaking careers to amazing accomplishments, if you name it, it's likely that Barbie has done it. And if you've ever wondered which Barbie best matches your personality, then you're in luck. Astrologers have weighed in on which Barbie you are, based on your zodiac sign. Keep reading to find out who'd you be in Barbie's World.

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Aries: Gold Medal Barbie

Gold Medal Barbie

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries thrives in competition and won't settle for anything less than a win. They approach life's challenges with passion and excitement, so it's no surprise that Gold Medal Barbie fits with these fire signs.

"Like Aries, Gold Medal Barbie has a bright-eyed enthusiasm that helps them reach for a goal, rally a team, and shine with unwavering spirit," says Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology.

Taurus: Fashion Designer Barbie

Fashion Designer Barbie

Taureans like to live a life of luxury. They want all the best-looking clothes, and they're more elegant than most other signs. It's why Fashion Designer Barbie perfectly matches a Taurus' energy.

"Fashion Designer Barbie creates luxurious and sensual outfits that set new trends in the fashion world," says Betty Andrews, astrologer, and founder of the Cosmic Co. "With a practical yet luxurious approach, she embodies the Taurus traits of patience, reliability, and a steadfast commitment to creating timeless and elegant designs."

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Gemini: TV News Reporter Barbie

TV News Reporter Barbie

Charming and chatty Geminis thrive in social situations. They're always in the know and love nothing more than sharing that knowledge with others. No doll better represents this than TV News Reporter Barbie.

"Just like a true Gemini, News Reporter Barbie thrives on staying informed, connecting with diverse perspectives, and effortlessly adapting to various stories and situations in her pursuit of accurate and engaging journalism," says Andrews.

Cancer: Baby Doctor Barbie

Baby Doctor Barbie

Nurturing and caring for others is second nature to Cancers. Being around them is like getting a nice, warm hug. Therefore, Baby Doctor Barbie is a great representation of these water signs.

"As the mother of the zodiac, Cancer knows how to handle the delicate needs of the people in their life, and Baby Doctor Barbie has the same dedication to her tiny patients," Marquardt tells Best Life.

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Leo: Musician Barbie

Musician Barbie

Leos need all eyes on them all the time, so it's no question that Musician Barbie is their perfect match. Leo has a flair for the dramatics, and this Barbie is all about being wild and captivating.

"Both Leo and Musician Barbie are hardwired to have confidence and a mass appeal, making them the true stars of every show," says Marquardt.

Virgo: President Barbie

President Barbie

In Barbie's world, a woman is president. But it wouldn't be a shock if the first female president in the real world was a Virgo. They are intelligent, diplomatic, and have a deep respect for authority, so it's easy to see why they'd be represented by President Barbie.

"Just as a true Virgo, President Barbie approaches leadership with a methodical approach, a commitment to excellence, and a focus on organization and efficiency," says Andrews.

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Libra: Interior Designer Barbie

Interior Design Barbie

"A master of balance and harmony, Interior Designer Barbie creates stunning rooms for A-list celebrities, ensuring their homes look flawless on every occasion," says Andrews. And as lovers of luxury and making people happy, Libra couldn't be a better fit for this doll.

Marquardt says that just as Interior Designer Barbie knows how to make the energy flow smoother in any space, Libra knows how to balance out any mismatched energies wherever they go.

And since they're ruled by Venus, the planet of aesthetics and beauty, these air signs have an eye for design.

Scorpio: Marine Biologist Barbie

Marine Biologist Barbie

"Scorpio dives into the depths of emotion and mystery, much like Marine Biologist Barbie who lives to explore the deep currents of the ocean," Marquardt tells Best Life. Both of them may seem intense, but once you crack the surface, you'll realize you want them around.

These water signs are also highly intelligent and often surprise people with their vast wealth of knowledge. Marquardt says that Marine Biologist Barbie surely had to accomplish endless amounts of research to make her way into such a scientific field.

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Sagittarius: Safari Fashion Barbie

Safari Fashion Barbie

No Barbie is a truer representation of Sagittarius than Safari Fashion Barbie. They both love going on adventures, aren't afraid to be bold, and have a passion for experiencing all that life has to offer.

Andrews says that like Sagittarius, Safari Barbie embraces freedom, seeks knowledge from diverse cultures, and thrives in outdoor environments: "She's a symbol of boundless wanderlust and has an endless passion for discovery."

Capricorn: Career Barbie

Career Barbie

It shouldn't come as a surprise that Capricorn and Career Barbie go hand in hand. Ambitious Capricorns have success at the forefront of their mind.

"Career Barbie leads with an entrepreneurial spirit and inspires others with her leadership," says Andrews.

This Barbie is part of a throwback collection from the '80s, which fits well with the classic—yet sometimes old-fashioned—energy a Capricorn gives off. But regardless of the decade, Capricorn and this doll are beyond hardworking.

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Aquarius: Astronaut Barbie

Astronaut Barbie

Astronaut Barbie's journey to new worlds resonates with Aquarius' innovative and forward-thinking nature, Marquardt tells Best Life. Aquarius is also a highly intelligent sign, so going to space isn't too far out of their wheelhouse.

Andrews says that Astronaut Barbie inspires people to reach for the stars. And Aquarius does the same by constantly getting friends and colleagues out of their comfort zones.

Pisces: Mermaid Barbie

Mermaid Barbie

Pisces love to dream about far-off places and fantasize about new worlds or mythical creatures. Their imagination is always on, and they enjoy floating through life with little to no worries about what's happening around them.

"With a mystical aura and empathetic soul, Mermaid Barbie offers guidance and comfort to others through her abilities and fishy sensibilities," says Andrews. So, there is no better option for these water signs.

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