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There's One Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Marry for Money, Astrologers Say

Astrologers reveal which signs are looking for a little more than love.

Money plays an important role in marriage when it comes to financial stability and logistical things like paying bills and filing taxes. However, some people take things a step further and only want to say "I do" to dollar signs. To help you steer clear of dating these money-hungry folks, we turned to astrologers for advice. Read on to discover the zodiac signs that are the most likely to marry for money, from a little materialistic to completely greedy.

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Sagittarians are travel fiends, whether that means flying to Cannes on a private plane or sitting in the front row of Fashion Week. But going from place to place and having exciting experiences takes money.

"Sagis are the ultimate commitment-phobes, but that can quickly change if they're given carte blanche with the checkbook," says Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat.

This fire sign isn't eager to settle, but they will be on the lookout for a partner who can fund their expensive habits.


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Not only are Pisces the biggest daydreamers of the zodiac, but they're also one of the most romantic signs. Therefore, they fantasize about everything, "from a movie star wedding to a honeymoon in Bora Bora," notes Bennet.

But these fantasies don't come cheap. "Jupiter-ruled Pisces are easily lured by a spouse who can provide the biggest sparkler," says forensic astrologer Valerie Evans.

This VIP approach can also translate to friendships, as oftentimes Pisces only wants to keep company with people they deem to be of high status.

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Leos are strong, outgoing leaders who look for partners at the same level as them—which often means they want someone wealthy and influential.

"They see themselves as shining stars and expect their partner to mirror their own image," says Bennet.

Because they're such a powerful sign, it's easy for them to find affluent significant others. They can pull anyone into their orbit with their undeniable charisma and positivity.


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According to Bennet, ambitious Scorpios are calculating in all aspects of their life, even in romance. If that means finding a significant other that will make them financially stable, then so be it.

Evans says that Scorpios are motivated by "sex, money, real estate, secrets, and other people's assets," which makes them eager to get to the altar "and guard their mate to the death."

They also see marriage as a way to elevate their social status. "Driven by their need for power, they'll choose money over love any day of the week," adds Bennet.

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Tauruses are deeply into extravagance. "These bulls love the finer things in life, but lack the drive to work for them," explains Bennet of the sign that's often thought of as lazy.

In addition to their materialistic tendencies, Tauruses place a lot of value on stability and comfort. Achieving financial security is likely on their list of goals, and they aren't above marrying for money to get there.

"They see marriage as an opportunity to live the life they want without putting in the hard graft," Bennet adds.


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As a sign that's ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Libras want to live lavishly. They have expensive taste, especially when it comes to their clothes, dining preferences, or home decor, and they're willing to marry for money to get the sophisticated lifestyle they want.

"Money draws Libra like a moth to a flame," says Bennet. "They need to be surrounded by elegance and beauty to feel fulfilled."

Because of their strong social skills, they have no problem fitting in with people of high society. They'll use their charm to quickly build relationships with the rich and powerful.

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