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The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Get Rich, According to Astrologers

Whether it's from hard work or pure luck, these folks have dollar signs in their eyes.

"Money, money, money… it's a rich man's world." ABBA may have been on to something with those lyrics about wealthy aspirations. Unfortunately, not all of us get there. If you're curious about how likely you are to hit it big, you may want to consider your horoscope. According to professional astrologers, certain zodiac signs are more likely to get rich than others. Keep reading for their predictions on the top six signs, from the somewhat well-off to the absolutely affluent.

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Taurus has two personality traits that land them on this list—their stubbornness and their materialistic nature. In their personal life, these may be less than desirable, but when it comes to hitting it big, they mean this sign will work tirelessly to reach their goals.

"Their powerful drive for wealth teamed with patience means they'll happily take their time amassing a fortune to afford the luxuries they crave," says astrologer and spiritual coach Tara Bennet.


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The phrase "positivity attracts positivity" may very well have been written about this sign.

"Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expression, luck, and fortune, Sagittarius carries a super carefree and optimistic view of life, taking all of the risks other zodiac signs are likely to shy away from," explains Charlotte Kirsten, founder of the astrology blog Typically Topical.

Sagittarians aren't afraid to try a new business venture and hustle until it becomes successful. "Bold and brazen by nature, the fiery archer knows exactly what it wants and isn't afraid to go after it," Kirsten adds.

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The sign of the lion is a natural leader and unashamed to show their fierce, authoritative side.

In all aspects of life, Leo likes to be the center of attention, and their confidence means you may find this sign to be a CEO, shares psychic reader and astrologer Emily Newman. "Their ingenuity and self-assurance would see them rise to the top."

Leos also will keep striving to succeed because they want the big bucks to buy nice things. "Their lavish lifestyle and sparkly possessions come with a high price tag," adds Bennet. "A Leo without riches is a very unhappy kitty."


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"Ruled by the fearless and feisty planet of Mars, Aries are strong initiative takers," notes Kirsten. This independent streak makes them a bit impulsive, but it also means that, like Sagittarians, they're not scared to take a chance on a new venture.

"Their self-willed nature makes them open to pivoting and adapting at a moment's notice, a skill that's needed to become truly wealthy," Kirsten adds.

However, be warned that Aries can amass a fast fortune with little effort, according to Bennet. "Neither patient nor keen on hard work, they'll reach their goals by cutting corners and delegating."

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While Virgo might not have the fiery passion of an Aries, they "more than make up for it with a steely drive, determination, and headstrong nature," says Kirsten.

"Their obsession to achieve perfection drives them to success," says Bennet. "Virgos never simply settle, they need to reach lofty heights which, of course, come with monetary gain."

Being a practical earth sign, they also have the ability to tackle obstacles head-on, "handling inevitable failure with ease, grace, and sophistication, making them the perfect budding entrepreneur," according to Kirsten.

And once they have money in hand, they are adept at saving, investing, and taking calculated risks, adds Newman.


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If you've ever gotten frustrated with a Capricorn for something like staying late at the office and missing your birthday dinner, you were probably met with them telling you how important hard work is. And when the cash comes rolling in, it'll be hard to argue that point.

"Ruled by Saturn, the planet of unwavering commitment, Capricorn is the epitome of responsibility," says Kirsten. So while they aren't likely to be entrepreneurial, they are very quick to climb the corporate ladder.

"With their charm, wit, and level-headed charisma, the sea goat knows exactly how to make friends and influence people, making promotions and accruing more financial status, a breeze," Kirsten adds.

When they've started adding zeros to their bank account balance, don't expect them to stop there. "They prefer to watch their wealth grow rather than waste a single dime," Bennet points out.

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