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The Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Leave You at the Altar, According to Astrologers

Love maybe isn't in the air

Weddings, so full of love and joy, can be a blast. If it's your own wedding, it might even be the best day of your life. However, what happens when someone gets cold feet? The energy shifts completely and the gossip mill starts working over time. Some people may seem on board until the big day, but then their nerves get the best of them when it comes down to actually saying "I do." It might just seem like they are cold and heartless, but astrology could also be a reason there is no happy ending. Keep reading to find out the zodiac sign most likely to leave you at the altar from slightly scared of commitment to totally traumatized.

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If you could see inside a Virgo's head, you'd probably witness them going over lots of tiny details and heading in a downward spiral if things aren't as perfect as they should be. They have a hard time settling for second best.

Not only do they criticize the flaws of others, they also harshly criticize themselves. "If wedding arrangements are not going to plan, Virgos are likely to turn and walk away," Tara Bennet, an astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat says.

They tend to be anxious and will irrationally get stuck in their own heads. "Virgo's aren't inherently pessimistic, but they have a way of noticing flaws and envisioning worst-case scenarios. So if they focus their attention in that way for too long they'll get overwhelmed and pull the plug," says Ryan Marquardt, an astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology.

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You would think that attention-seeking Leo would love to be at the altar because they'd be the star of the show, but if anything goes awry, they could flee.

Bennet explains that if these lions have any doubt that their partner will be a no-show, they'll leave first. Pride is huge for these fire signs and they'd much rather be in control of the situation. They have large and in-charge personalities which can be a lot for some people, but they know their worth and won't let anyone bring them down.

"Leo's ego simply won't allow them to be embarrassed, and they'd rather destroy their relationship," Bennet says.


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Like Virgo, Gemini tends to spiral or overthink if things aren't going their way. However, Gemini definitely worries more about people not liking them or saying the wrong things. They do want to find a life partner, but have a hard time committing and can change their minds instantly.

"Gemini hates the feeling of being trapped or pressured, and a wedding day would easily confront them with the reality that they're about to be locked down and legally bound to someone else," Marquardt says. They will almost likely leave you at the altar if they get too scared or feel too much pressure to conform to what others want.

Their fast moving nature and need to always seek out new things can hinder their chances of lasting in a relationship.


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Aquarius are known for being aloof and detached, so if they commit to marriage, it's a big deal. They're also incredibly unique and don't like being put in a box. If something feels even a little traditional or normal, these air signs will hightail it in the opposite direction.

"They are masters at compartmentalizing their life and emotions," Bennet says. These folks will have no qualms about leaving someone at the altar because they care the most about themselves and their own feelings. Being tied down isn't their style and they need room to let their individuality shine, Aquarius will just let someone else deal with the chaos they caused.


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Aries don't operate with the "finding your other half" mentality. If they end up in a committed relationship let alone a marriage, it'll be focused on making each other the best versions of themselves and maintaining individual growth.

They are headstrong and brave, and will find the courage to change their mind and to avoid spending their lives in a cage," Bennet tells Best Life. They are wired to take care of themselves first and foremost and usually avoid commitment for as long as they can.

"Aries needs interdependence in relationships, not codependence, and they'll also need you to sign a prenup," Marquardt adds.

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Sagittarius hates sitting still and gets antsy over the idea of being locked down. The concept of marriage could easily freak them out, which is exactly why they are the zodiac sign most likely to leave you at the altar.

"They are the sign of freedom, and they constantly seek new life adventures to give them that sense of exploration," says Marquardt. The problem with committing to another person is that there's no guarantee that it will always be an adventure or something new. While being married could be exciting, the Sagittarius in your life might not be able to give up their go-getter nature.

If they have even a smidge of doubt, they'll be out of there without so much as a glance. It may seem drastic, but these fire signs can't bear the thought of limiting their free-spirit energy.

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