The Most Heartless Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

They may not offer a shoulder to cry on.

Some folks can easily brush all their emotions under the rug. They're typically focused on themselves and don't really give anyone the time of day. Do you have any Tin Mans in your life who can sometimes feel more like robots than living breathing humans? Some people are just colder than others by nature, but astrology may also play a role. Keep reading to find out the most heartless zodiac sign from a bit brutal to remarkably ruthless.

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Two Girls Not Caring About Each Other

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries are known for being leaders as well as putting themselves before others. These fire signs are often so focused on themselves and how they can best achieve their goals that other people's feelings can get lost—which can sometimes make them appear heartless.

Rebecca Schmidt, an astrologer at Trust the Effing Process, says Aries are very passionate and can be "egotistical, impulsive, and arrogant."  This sign "often acts before thinking, so if you cross them, expect an angry reaction." she adds.


Man with Emotionless Expression

Known for their out-of-the-box approach to thinking and aloof behavior, Aquarians are not for everyone. Although they would never think of themselves as heartless, if you can't vibe with their quirkiness they'll shut you out pretty quickly.

"Their scientific approach to life has a level of detachment which can sometimes appear to be indifference or callousness," Jill Loftis, an astrologer and founder at Nuit Astrology says. These air signs aren't going to waste their time on getting you to like them; you either do or you don't, and that's fine.

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Person Organizing While on the Phone

Capricorns thrive when everything is organized and they love to be right. These grounded earth signs rely on logic and put their emotions on the back burner. This can make them seem cold and misunderstood, even though deep down they still want what's best for others.

They'll also do whatever it takes to get what they want and can be heartless if something gets in their way. "Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn wants results and can appear to be uncaring or unemotional when having to make hard decisions," Loftis says. If their back is up against a wall, they'll use their head and not their heart.


Woman Achieving Her Goals

It can't come as too much of a shock that another fire sign who loves finding the best ways to get ahead in life would also be perceived as heartless from time to time. Sagittarius can be narrow-minded, often focusing on their way of doing things. They'll forge their own path and pay no mind to people who don't want exactly what they do; so don't expect them to be sweet if you can't get on board with their vision.

"They are the loud mouths of the zodiac and can be dictatorial and coarse if provoked," Schmidt says.


Woman Pretending to Offer Comfort

Geminis are social butterflies who flit from group to group. Since they're constantly around so many different people, they can often put on a facade depending on who they're with. They "live in a world of their own rules and reality," says Loftis, which can come off as heartless and self-involved.

In their mind if something is wrong, the problem is with you and not with them. These air signs will likely seem harsh and insensitive since they ultimately want what is best for themselves.

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Young Woman Planning with Post-Its

Scorpios, a powerful earth sign with cutting intellect, are known to be colder and more closed off than any other sign. Silence and sarcasm are common weapons kept in their arsenal, and they don't have a problem using them.

These people are ruled by Mars and Pluto and aren't afraid to burn something down and start over if they aren't getting their desired outcome. "Known for their sting, they will never forget if you crossed them and may be vindictive and destructive if they feel it's necessary," Schmidt says.

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