This Is How Much Money You Need to Buy a “Fixer Upper” House

Depending on what you're in the market for, it's not so expensive.

This Is How Much Money You Need to Buy a “Fixer Upper” House

If you’re a fan of the HGTV show Fixer Upper, you’re familiar with the almost spiritual experience of watching Chip and Joanna Gaines revitalize aging homes, allowing their inner potential to shine through. While being on the hit series is no longer possible (it ended in 2018), the good news is that a handful of the houses the couple has flipped in Waco, Texas, have gone on the market—and they can be all yours for the right price (anywhere from $219,000 to nearly $1 million). Read on to find out how much money you need to buy a Fixer Upper house.


This three-bedroom, two-bedroom brick house in Waco, Texas, was featured on Season 3 of Fixer Upper and is currently on sale for only $219,000. It has all the character the Gaines love, from archways galore to open kitchen shelving. But one of the best parts of the property is that it includes a small, detached building in the backyard, which could easily be turned into a hangout space for kids or adults who want some time away from their kids.


This three-bedroom, two-bathroom home, featured on Season 4 of Fixer Upper, is a classic Texas ranch in Woodway. Joanna installed her signature beams into the open floor plan living area and die-hard fans will remember the banquet with a bench made by the one and only Clint Harp. The house is no longer on the market, but it’s proof you can get a Gaines-renovated home for a reasonable price!


This rustic four-bedroom, three-bathroom house in Crawford, Texas, was featured in the debut season of the show. It was listed for $442,200 in 2018 and fans of the series will recall this Baylor University professor’s home comes with tons of wood-paneled ceiling and 3.5 acres of land!


This four-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom house in Woodway, Texas, was featured on the fourth season of Fixer Upper. Known as the “Prickly Pear House” on the series, this home is still on the market for $485,000. If you ask us, that reading nook looks too good to pass up.


This charming four-bedroom, four-and-a-half-bathroom house in China Spring, Texas, is situated on half an acre of land and includes beautiful French oak wood floors and a large outdoor patio. While it wasn’t featured on Fixer Upper, it was remodeled by the famous TV couple, which you can tell from the signature metal-framed windows and exposed wood columns. It’s currently under contract for $569,900, which buys a lot of shiplap.


Who could forget the “Asian Ranch” from the Season 2 Fixer Upper finale? The 1963 four-bedroom, four-bathroom Waco home is currently on sale for $709,000. The open floor plan, painted fireplace, barn doors, and gourmet kitchen are the stuff Gaines fans live for.


The “Faceless Bunker” house featured in Season 2 is also still up for grabs! It was originally listed for $1.15 million, but has since dropped to a cool $899,000. That butlers pantry and farmhouse sink are sure to get Fixer Upper fans excited. True obsessives will remember it as the house Chip found a note in from a young boy who once lived there—and they actually tracked him down!


The infamous one-bedroom, one-bathroom “Shotgun House” from Fixer Upper Season 3 made headlines when it went up for sale for nearly a million dollars in 2017. Given that it’s now off the market, it’s clear that someone really appreciated the value of this distinctly Southern architectural style, which the Gaines actually moved from one plot of land to another. And if you want the Gaines aesthetic, here are 50 Amazing Ways to Give Your Home Vintage Charm.

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