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20 Things So Amazing You Won't Believe They're From Walmart

America's favorite superstore is home to some seriously amazing gems.

There are a few reasons you might call Walmart amazing. For one, the savings superstore has great generic products. It's also the perfect one-stop shop for cheap electronics. But, as it turns out, Walmart has also got an assortment of truly innovative and beautiful items too. From modish modern benches and cozy duvets to simple but sentimental bracelets and rustic kitchen accessories, these are the most incredible items you can buy on a Walmart shopping spree.

A Glamorous Antique Brass Chandelier

An Antique Brass Chandelier From Walmart {Walmart Shopping}

$199; buy now at

MōDRN is the latest line of furniture and home accessories from Walmart. Within the chic collection, you'll find things like the above brass chandelier, a stunning architectural design that's just as much a piece of art as it is a lighting fixture.

A Fun, Floral Electric Kettle

The Pioneer Woman Electric Kettle {Walmart Shopping}

$35$20; buy now at

Why settle for a run-of-the-mill kettle when you can buy one at Walmart that's adorned with a fun design? The retailer has an entire collection of exclusive Hamilton Beach products designed in collaboration with The Pioneer Woman, all of which feature unique, flowery patterns.

Outdoor Lantern String Lights

Lantern String Lights {Walmart Shopping}

$18$16; buy now at

Now that it's almost warm enough to step outside and enjoy the sunshine, it's time to spruce up your backyard for all those BBQs. And fortunately, upgrading your outdoor space doesn't have to mean emptying your savings account. At Walmart, there are many patio and garden items that are both cost-friendly and tasteful. These Better Homes & Gardens Cage Lantern String Lights, for instance, are just $16 per 10-foot string—but when they're all hung up and lit, they'll have your backyard looking like a million bucks.

A Coca-Cola Can Mini Fridge

Coca Cola Can Mini Fridge {Walmart Shopping}

$100$68; buy now at

Whether it's for your desk at work or for your work station in your garage, you'll get miles out of this adorable Coca-Cola cooler. Shaped like an actual can of Coke with the ability to hold up to eight cans or four bottles at any time, this mini fridge is just as much a piece of retro-inspired art as it is a functioning small appliance.

An Embroidered 5-Piece Duvet Set

Walmart Embroidered Duvet Set {Walmart Shopping}

$90$70; buy now at

Any duvet set you buy for your bed should be soft, comfortable, warm, and stylish. What it doesn't need to be, however, is expensive—and it won't be if you choose to buy a comforter combo from Walmart's Hotel Style collection. The embroidered cotton bedding above, for example, is sold in a set that comes with a duvet, two shams, and two decorative pillows, all for just $70 on sale.

The Beloved Beautyblender Sponge

Beautyblender {Walmart Shopping}

$20$17; buy now at

Walmart's beauty aisles are lined with bargain-brand buys, many of which you'll also find in high-end stores like Sephora and Ulta. The best part? While Sephora and Ulta seldom have sales, Walmart is constantly offering cosmetics and other products at prices that won't break the bank. This beauty blender sponge, for instance—a cult favorite in the cosmetology community—sells for $17 at Walmart, compared to $20 at Ulta, Sephora, and Nordstrom.

A Handy Hydration Backpack

Hydration Backpack {Walmart Shopping}

$29; buy now at

If the whole purpose of being one with nature is to abandon consumerism, then why should you spend more than you have to on your outdoor gear? This $29 hydration backpack is just as good as any other $100 one on the market, and customers rave that it's "perfect" for hiking or for "a day in the wood[s]."

A Mid-Century Modern Bench

Modern Bench with a Side Table {Walmart Shopping}

$219; buy now at

Elevate the elegance of your entryway with this mid-century modern bench. Not only is it a place where guests can sit and take off their shoes, but it's also a place to store various tchotchkes and even set up a luminous lamp or a vibrant vase. At just under $220, this side table–bench hybrid is a total steal.

A Pretty Pour-Over Coffee Maker

Pour Over Coffee Maker {Walmart Shopping}

$32; buy now at

There's no need to fork out major dough for an over-the-top coffee maker. All you really need for a good cup o' Joe at home is a simple pour-over machine—something like this fairly priced glass one, by Bodum. In fact, customers who've switched from an espresso machine to the pour-over note that they have "far more control over the brew," plus that the product is "far more sanitary than the electric coffee makers."

A Decorative Mirror Set

Three Piece Mirror Set Walmart Shopping

$17$15; buy now at

Basic in their design but beautiful in their simplicity, these tiny circular mirrors can blend seamlessly into any type of decor. And at just $15 for all three mirrors, you're going to have a difficult time finding other accent pieces with price tags that are anywhere near as good.

A Whimsical Cookbook Holder

The Pioneer Woman Cookbook Holder Walmart Shopping

$22$20; buy now at

If your kitchen counters are looking a tad barren, then what you need is a decorative cookbook holder, like this one, from Walmart's Pioneer Woman collection. With a vibrant base and an intricately painted wood backing, this sturdy stand is both functional and florid. And even if you don't actually use cookbooks all that often, you can still buy this piece simply for its accessorizing attributes.

A Rainbow Flask Bracelet

Rainbow Flash Bracelet Walmart Shopping

$28; buy now at

The only thing more convenient than a flask is a flask that you can wear around your wrist—and believe it or not, that's a product that actually exists. Yes, one of the many amazing trinkets you can pick up at Walmart is none other than a Rainbow Bracelet Flask that can hold up to four ounces of the liquid of your choice. (The Best Life choice? Tequila!) Sure, it won't be the fanciest piece of jewelry you own, but it will definitely be the most functional.

Fun Temporary Tattoos

Inked By Dani Temporary Tattoos Walmart Shopping

$12; buy now at

If you're not quite ready to commit to a permanent tattoo, then INKED by Dani's temporary tat packs are your next best option. With 10 trendy and hand-drawn tattoo designs included in every pack, these short-term sketches are a great way to test out what it's like to have a tattoo or just to have some fun with wearable art. Buy a few packs for your kids or grab one for yourself—nobody is too old or too young to play around with temporary tats!

An Interlocking Love Bracelet

Hallmark Interlocking Love Bracelet Walmart Shopping

$18; buy now at

Meaningful mementos don't have to cost an arm and a leg. This Hallmark bracelet celebrating life and love, for instance, is under $20 at Walmart, but its symbolic interlocking circle design is just as sentimental and significant as any Tiffany locket.

Decorative Driftwood Wallpaper

Driftwood Wallpaper In a Closet Walmart Shopping

$30$21 per roll; buy now at

Even if you're just renting your place, there are ways to cover up your plain white walls without getting in trouble with the landlord. This decorative driftwood peel and stick wallpaper, for example, looks just as good as any professionally plastered wallpaper or paint job—but while paint and wallpaper are permanent, this vinyl wall design can be removed whenever you need it to be.

A Fruity Dinnerware Set

Watermelon Dinnerware Set Walmart Shopping

$40; buy now at

Those impending outdoor barbecues and summer soirees call for seasonally appropriate serving trays and dinnerware. And really, what says "summer days" better than a juicy slice of fresh watermelon? The thick slices of fruit adorning these plates and bowls immediately give way to thoughts of freshness and pleasant, palatable tastes.

A Sweet Sunflower Cotton Ball Jar

Ceramic Cotton Ball Jar Walmart Shopping

$6; buy now at

With all of the other much more visible rooms in your house that require TLC, it's easy to overlook the ornaments in your bathroom. However, it's actually pretty effortless (and inexpensive) to give your washing room a pop of color and charm, especially when you shop at Walmart. Accessories like this $6 ceramic sunflower cotton ball jar are tucked away all over the store; all it takes is a little bit of hide and seek to find them, and the effort is well worth the endgame.

A Greenhouse

A Greenhouse From Walmart Walmart Shopping

$440$297; buy now at

Gardening doesn't have to be limited to just the warmer months. If you don't feel like waiting until the spring and summer to start growing your gardenias, then head on over to Walmart and pick yourself up a cute little greenhouse. It's easy to assemble, it's easy to use, and it's easy on the eyes. It's the perfect backyard toy for advanced gardeners and novices alike.

An Office Chair with Flair

An Office Chair From Walmart Walmart Shopping

$84; buy now at

Between its juxtaposing materials and simple but sleek design, this office chair from Walmart is like a functional piece of art. And though it looks chicer than it does comfortable, users online say that it's "not stiff" and is "easy to work from."

A Retro Wooden Picnic Basket

A Wooden Picnic Basket With Apples Walmart Shopping

$38; buy now at

Picnic baskets can be used for so much more than just, well, picnics. In the fall, you can use your basket to hold your fruit while you go apple picking; in the winter, your wooden basket can serve as a storage bin for all your various winter accessories; and in the spring and summer, your basket can, of course, serve the purpose it's meant to and transport all the food and drinks you want to bring to the park or the beach. And for more amazing shopping advice, check out htese 25 Genius Ways to Be A Much Savvier Shopper.

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