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These Are the Best Places to Score Savings on Electronics

The fanciest tech doesn't have to break the bank.

Given how much time the average American spends glued to some sort of screen, it's no surprise just how much money we spend on fancy new gadgets. In 2017, Business Insider found that consumers spent $4.7 billion on video game hardware, and an estimate from valuation company Flipsy says that the average person will spend $75,000 on their phones over the course of their lives.

However, your electronics obsession doesn't have to be so expensive. By shopping at the right stores and on the right websites, you'll find that you're able to both feed your addiction and your 401(k). Keep reading to learn about stores where you can save money on


Screenshot of Swappa Website {Save Money on Electronics}

If you don't have a problem buying gently used electronics straight from their old owners, then Swappa is the marketplace for you. Every item listed for sale on the site goes through a rigorous approval process, and transactions are made via PayPal so that both buyers and sellers are protected.

Best Buy

Best Buy exterior {Save Money on Electronics}

Some of the best electronic buys are at, well, Best Buy. Not only does the store have an expansive selection of products, but they also have a price-matching policy that applies to such retailers as Amazon, B&H Photo Video, Dell, and HP.


thoughtful woman on computer {Save Money on Electronics}

Woot is a daily deal site founded in 2004 and operated and owned by Amazon since 2010. As with all things, there's good news and bad news. The bad? The website's listings change on a daily basis, so you have to act fast if you see something you want. The good? Whether it's refurbished or part of a flash sale, any intriguing electronic you see on Woot is guaranteed to be marked down in price.


B & H Logo

With markdowns that can't be matched and employees specifically trained to use the equipment they're selling, B&H is the crème de la crème of electronics stores. While some stores only sell electronics worth buying during sale season, B&H has "great prices around the clock, every day" that keep customers coming back. Both at their flagship store in New York and through their virtual shop, B&H sells electronics to millions of customers every month. It's not hard to see why Inc. has called them "a first-class consumer electronics retailer."


amazon app

Is there a retail category that Amazon can't conquer? Despite the fact that other retailers deal exclusively with electronics, the online merchant still manages to dominate the industry with daily deals on televisions, printers, and more. Currently, great deals include $40 off a 5-piece Ring Alarm Kit and nearly 50 percent off a wireless charging pad.



There are always going to be sellers on eBay lying about their products just to make a quick buck. However, that doesn't mean that every eBay seller is a scammer. If you see a pre-owned phone or laptop for sale on the site that catches your eye, just look at the seller's history and reviews before bidding on it. Sometimes eBay deals are too good to be true, but other times they really are just everyday people looking to get rid of old electronics they no longer need.

Micro Center

Screenshot of Micro Center {Save Money on Electronics}

Don't let this company's name fool you; with 25 brick-and-mortar stores and a massive online selection, Micro Center is anything but small. According to their website, the store has over 30,000 items in stock at any given time—and computer whizzes in particular rely on the retailer for cost-effective pieces that they can use to build their own PCs. Whether you want to save money on something new or score an even better deal on something used, Micro Center has it all.


Walmart Secrets

Walmart is infamous for finding ways to negotiate prices down with their suppliers to the point that no other big box retailer can compete. If you're a business owner competing with the brand, this isn't fun to deal with—but as a buyer looking for ways to save money on electronics, it's a perk that definitely comes in handy.


Mass Genie
Image via YouTube/@MassGenie

MassGenie isn't your run-of-the-mill online retailer. The site relies on both supply and demand in order to determine prices—but not in the way you'd think. Basically, the more buyers that are interested in purchasing a specific item, the lower that item's price becomes. This whole process is referred to by MassGenie as a "Power Deal," and it's saved customers tons of money on electronics.

Buydig Website Page {Save Money on Electronics}

With headquarters in Edison, New Jersey, is "a comprehensive source of camera, video, home entertainment and assorted consumer electronics equipment." Site-specific coupons and deals are prominently featured on the homepage—and at any given time, you'll find everything from an HDTV for more than 40 percent off to a brand new camera kit selling for significantly less than what it's worth.


Newegg website {Save Money on Electronics}

Newegg is easily one of the most reliable retailers in the electronics e-commerce industry. For years, gamers, computer geeks, and everyday consumers have relied on the site to provide them with computers and electronic components that won't break the bank.


Monoprice Homepage {Save Money on Electronics}

Monoprice is like the Everlane of electronics. So how does Monoprice keep their prices so low? Like Everlane, they've come up with a business model that "eliminates entire layers of markup within the supply chain, which allows us to sell premium products at a fraction of marketplace prices," according to their site. Items you'll find stocked on the site include robotic vacuums, gaming keyboards, and guitar tuners.


Overstock logo {Save Money on Electronics}

There are new and refurbished goods aplenty occupying the pages of Overstock's electronics section. Whether you're looking for a pair of Apple headphones or a Dell desktop, the online retailer has every electronic you'd ever want or need to outfit your office, living room, and beyond. And for more shopping advice, here are the 50 Craziest Things You Can Buy on Amazon.

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