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17 Best Impulse Buys from Walmart

Be prepared to leave with more bargains than you bargained for.

Walmart is so much more than just a place where you can stock up and save on all the basics. The retailer has unbeatable prices when it comes to everything from laundry detergent to dog food. Basically, no matter what aisle you wander through, you don't have to feel guilty about what you put in your cart. So go ahead and give yourself the freedom to pick up some last-minute goodies with these excellent impulse buys at Walmart.

A 2-Pack of Google Home Minis

Google Home Mini Speaker {Black Friday Sales}

One of Walmart's best deals that never seems to end is sitting in the electronics section. A single Google Home Mini retails for $49. But Walmart sells a two-pack of Google Home Minis for the low price of $58. Even if having a smart home wasn't something you were into, that price is too good to skip out on.

Kitchen Gadgets

kitchen, stove, pressure cooker

Good luck walking through Walmart's kitchen aisles without putting something in your cart. Between the store's exclusive lines with chefs like the Pioneer Woman and its great prices on top-rated appliances, the only way you can resist the temptation of cookware gadgets is by never strolling through this section in the first place.

Great Value Chips

Walmart Great Value Potato Chips {Best Impulse Buys from Walmart}

On the way to the checkout counter, go ahead and get yourself a bag of Great Value chips. Not only is this Walmart brand snack cheaper than competitors', but Reddit users have even called them their "favorite chip in the world." Less money for a better product? Sounds like a pretty good impulse buy to us!


Makeup Aisle {Best Impulse Buys From Walmart}
Mihai_Andritoiu / Shutterstock

If there's one aisle at Walmart that you should always browse through before leaving, it's the makeup aisle. From Neutrogena and Olay to L'Oreal and e.l.f. Cosmetics, Walmart carries all of the best drugstore brands that won't bankrupt you. To get an idea of how great Walmart's makeup section is, check out Glamour's guide to some of the store's best beauty products. Then, treat yourself!


Playing with Lego Blocks {Best Impulse Buys From Walmart}

Usually we support turning your child down when they beg for a new toy during a shopping trip. But in the case of Legos at Walmart, it's A-OK to make an exception every now and again because they don't come any cheaper.

"Smart shoppers have long been aware that Walmart typically beats Target and Toys R Us on price [for Legos]," Kyle James, blogger behind Rather-Be-Shopping, explained to Go Banking Rates.

Holiday Decor

holiday decor {Best Impulse Buys From Walmart}

Walmart sells decorations for any and every holiday imaginable. And, seeing as you can only use decorations for each holiday for a few months (at most) out of the year, you're better off impulsively buying ornaments and Jack-o'-lanterns at Walmart. The superstore's prices are always reasonable, especially when compared to an overpriced store like Party City.


Walmart Winemakers Wine {Best Impulse Buys From Walmart}

Walmart doesn't just sell cheap wine—they sell good cheap wine. When an Inc reporter put the store's vino to the test, he remarked that one of the Winemakers reds was "among the best $10.96 wines I've ever tasted." He also added that the wines in the collection overall were "remarkably civilized and surprisingly balanced in taste." So feel free to grab that bottle of rosé—your palate and your pocketbook will thank you.

Decorative Items

couch in nautical living room home decorations

Decorative pillows for $5? Cactus canvas art for $30? Honestly, only a money-saving saint can take a trip to Walmart without throwing at least a few decorative items into their cart.

Party and Gift Supplies

Party Supplies {Best Impulse Buys From Walmart}

From greeting cards and tissue paper to gift bags and bows, Walmart has everything you could ever want or need to replenish your party and gift supplies—all for under $1 each. "When I was at Walmart this week, I realized their 97¢ party supply section might just have the Dollar Tree beat," says Laurie Hise, the author behind the Passionate Penny Pincher blog.

Storage Containers

reusable containers Organized

According to Hise, some of Walmart's storage offerings are actually cheaper than Dollar Tree's as well. "I've always picked up my shoebox sized bins… at the Dollar Tree, but they're actually cheaper to purchase in five-packs at Walmart," she writes.

Even online, you can buy stackable bins, storage containers, and mini crates all for under $3 each. After all, these kinds of organizational tools always seem to come in handy.

Crafting Supplies

crafting hobby

Don't stop yourself from making a spontaneous decision to take up knitting or painting while at Walmart. Crafting supplies are plentiful and priced well at the superstore, and you might just find your new favorite hobby!

Clothing Basics

woman checking out a red top in a clothing store

Socks, undershirts, and tank tops are just some of the everyday basics that you can save money on at Walmart. Every woman's wardrobe is always in need of more peds and camisoles—and with the savings that Walmart offers, buying basics on a whim is really a no-brainer.

Office Supplies

Desk with red cup and red notebook

Though there are more cost-friendly ways to stock up on office supplies—we recommend waiting until after back-to-school season when items go on sale—the occasional pack of sticky notes or pretty planner won't hurt you, especially at Walmart. Given how great the rest of the store's offerings are, it should come as no surprise that the office supplies section is equally exceptional, with exclusive products and unbeatable deals galore.

Name Brand Snacks

Grocery store snackpacks {Best Impulse Buys From Walmart}

If a sweet or savory snack catches your eye as you peruse through Walmart, don't be afraid to add it to your haul. The majority of Walmart's snacks—even the name brand ones—are priced competitively enough that the occasional impulse buy isn't going to hurt your wallet. A 12-pack of Maple Glazed Pecan & Sea Salt Kind Bars, for instance, is currently selling for $14.50 at the store. Elsewhere, you'd have to pay as much as $30 for the same product.

Designer Duds

Timberland Classic Nellies {Walmart Deals}

Thanks to a partnership with Lord & Taylor, Walmart stocks a surprisingly vast—and budget-friendly—selection of designer goods in its online store. At the moment, for instance, you can buy a pair of $130 women's Timberland boots for $90 and a pair of Splendid slip-ons for $39.

Haircare and Skincare Products

Woman putting lotion on her legs.

Lotion, face wash, shampoo—Walmart has it all and then some when it comes to your skin and your mane. And don't worry about wasting money on low-quality items. According to beauty site Byrdie, Walmart's beauty section is "really nicely laid out and boasts some of [their] all-time favorite affordable skincare, makeup, and haircare brands." (Just don't go overboard because beauty products do expire!)

Anything Marked as "Rollback"

Walmart Rollback Sign From Commercial
Image via YouTube

Think of Walmart's rollbacks as long-term sales. As one former employee explained: "A rollback, in Walmart speak, is a permanent reduction in the retail price of the item. Usually that's reached by an agreement with the supplier." Sometimes items are put on rollback because of overstock and other times, it's because they're being removed from the store. But all you need to know is if an item says "rollback," you're getting a better deal than you would have before. And for more insider advice, here are 20 Walmart Shopping Secrets Only Die-Hard Regulars Know.

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