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22 Things You Should Always Buy on Black Friday, According to Experts

From TVs to designer bags, here's how to score big on Black Friday.

For savvy shoppers, there's nothing quite like scoring an amazing Black Friday deal. But when it comes to those savings, not all deals are as advertised. So, how do you differentiate the must-buys from the so-called "steals" you should leave on the shelves? Armed with our list of what to buy on Black Friday, you're bound to score some serious savings on the day after Thanksgiving this year!


Person using a television remote to turn off their TV

If you're looking to upgrade your TV, you'd be wise to do so on Black Friday. "If you see a good deal on TVs—OLED and 4Ks are hot—pick them up immediately," recommends Sara Skirboll, a shopping and trends expert for Retail Me Not.

Smart TV Accessories

amazon black friday sales

While you're picking up a new TV this Black Friday, go ahead and grab an Amazon Fire TV Stick, a Roku, or a Google Chromecast—whatever you prefer. One of the most popular items during the holiday season is smart TV accessories, and Black Friday retailers love to capitalize on this trend by selling these items at slashed prices.

In 2018, you could score the Amazon Fire TV Stick for as little as $25 or grab a Roku Ultra 4K Media Player with JBL headphones—a $100 bundle—for $50. This year, places like Staples and Best Buy have already announced that they plan on lowering their smart TV accessory prices once again by as much as 50 percent.


A store with smartphones and other cell phones for sale

That new smartphone you've been eyeing will likely be a whole lot cheaper on Black Friday, too. "Carriers, phone manufacturers, and big box retailers alike compete for market share on Black Friday. The newest models will likely come with gift cards—or [will] be free with trade-in," says Sarah Hollenbeck, a shopping and retail expert with


People on their laptops

Looking for a laptop or desktop to replace your old model? A Black Friday sale is likely to yield the best deals.

"Sales on [computers] tend to sprout up all Thanksgiving weekend long and into Cyber Monday," says Hollenbeck. "You'll find deals on pricier versions as well as budget models. The range of products on sale will be better than you'll find at almost any other time of the year. … Black Friday is the day to buy."


A smart vacuum robot

People can't get enough of smart vacuums like the iRobot Roomba. And good news: Black Friday is a great time to grab one at a steeply discounted price. This year, Kohl's is selling the Roomba 677 for $235—that's $165 off! Not only that, but with your purchase, you'll get $45 in Kohl's cash to boot.

And if you're more of a traditionalist when it comes to vacuums, you can save on high-end models like Dyson on Black Friday, too, according to NerdWallet. You'll find the biggest and best deals at larger department stores like Macy's, Kohl's, Target, and JCPenney.

Home Décor

home good decorating, celebrity decor

Though buying furniture on Black Friday is generally advised against by the experts, what you can buy during the shopping holiday to spruce up your home is discounted home décor items.

In recent years, stores like AllModern, Houzz, and Wayfair offered as much as 75 percent off their accent items, so stock up!


Family buying luggage in a store

Quality luggage doesn't come cheap. Thankfully, Black Friday is full of reasonably priced carry-ons and rolling bags—and just in time for the busy holiday travel season. Just try to score your discounted luggage online this Black Friday if you can; the last thing you want is to have to lug around a giant suitcase while you fight your way through overcrowded stores.


black headphones on wooden table

If you're in the market for those highly coveted Apple AirPods, unfortunately, even Black Friday isn't going to help you out very much on the price. However, if you're more flexible when it comes to your brand of headphones, then Black Friday is a great time to score a new pair of earbuds or over-the-ear headphones.

In 2018, everything from Beats Wireless headphones to Bose noise-canceling headphones were marked down. This year you'll see similar deals; right now, even, Amazon is selling Beats Solo3 Wireless headphones for 50 percent off!


old man tablet

Whether you're in the market for a Kindle or an iPad, Black Friday is the best time to buy your preferred tablet. "Electronics are going to be heavily discounted—some up to 40 percent," says Skirboll. Just make sure you know exactly which model you're looking for before you hit the stores. "Electronics will sell out the fastest on Black Friday weekend," she cautions.

Large Kitchen Appliances

woman opening fridge

If you've been waiting to upgrade your refrigerator or dishwasher, Black Friday is the perfect time to do so. "Appliances are one of the best things to buy on Black Friday," says Skirboll. For example, this year, Best Buy is selling a stainless steel GE fridge for $1,100, down from $1,620!

Coffee Makers

coffee maker

Upgrading your kitchen is easier—and cheaper—if you hit up Black Friday sales, so go ahead and grab that new Keurig or Nespresso machine at your local big box store post-Thanksgiving. Skirboll specifically highlights coffee makers as one of the best Black Friday deals out there.

Slow Cookers

Food in the slow cooker.

That slow cooker you've had your eye on all year is likely to see a major price drop on Black Friday. Similar to other small kitchen electronics, Skirboll says that slow cookers tend to be heavily discounted by the time Black Friday rolls around, so grab one before it's time to prepare your annual holiday feast.

Smart Home Accessories

Smart home app

Want to upgrade your home with WiFi-enabled lightbulbs, a smart thermostat, or a Ring security system? Black Friday deals are what you've been waiting for.

In 2018, Best Buy not only slashed the price of their Ring Doorbell, but also threw in a free Echo Dot with every purchase of one. And over at Lowe's, the Nest Learning Thermostat was on sale for $70 off. There are plenty of great deals to be had in the smart home category on Black Friday!

Washers and Dryers

Washing Machine Room with a Dryer , fire prevention tips

Fridges aren't the only large appliances worth buying on Black Friday. You can score big on washers and dryers, too! Costco, for instance, has already announced that they will be offering $800 off their Samsung Top Load Washer and $700 off their LG Styler Wifi-Enabled Steam Clothing Care System!


dressing well in your 30s

Whether you're buying them for yourself or as a gift for the sneakerhead in your life, Black Friday is the best time to stock up on new kicks. "Blame it on slow sales in September and October, but sneakers tend to take a price dive in November, making them one of the best things to buy during Black Friday," says Skirboll. "Retailers are likely to apply a widespread 20 to 30 percent reduction on full-price styles—so shop away!"

Designer Handbags

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That pricey designer accessory you've been dreaming of all year might just be at its most affordable—relatively speaking, of course—on Black Friday. "Whether a nice bag will be a gift for a loved one or a gift for yourself, this is one of the best times to purchase!" says Skirboll. "In the past, the most common reduction bracket for Black Friday was 30 to 40 percent off. Shoppers even scored an average of 34 percent off top brands like Stella McCartney."

Winter Clothing

Brand new clothing with tags

While it may already be a bit chilly by the time Black Friday rolls around, if you can wait until then to buy any new winter gear you need, you'll save big. "Puffers and quilted jackets are a favorite on-sale outerwear essential to keep in mind for big discounts," says Skirboll. "Retailers increased the number of these products they stock by 18.7 percent this year, and so far, discounting and sellouts are behind on last year. This means prices will drop dramatically on Black Friday to help retailers clear out overstock."

Gaming Systems and Video Games

new gaming system Never Buy

Black Friday might as well be a national holiday for gamers, considering how much the average video game system gets discounted. "Gaming console prices drop in price on Black Friday because they are sought-after holiday gifts," says Hollenbeck. In 2017, "Kohl's and Target, for example, had the Xbox One S on sale for $189.99 (marked down from $279.99), as well as the PlayStation 4 on sale for $199.99 (marked down from $299.99)."

And while you're at it, go ahead and grab some video games, too. According to a 2016 study from Profitero, major retailers offered an average discount of nearly 30 percent on games—and given that major games don't usually go on sale at all until they're no longer popular, 30 percent off is a lot.

Fitness Trackers

things you should buy on black friday
Zivica Kerkez / Shutterstock

Get a jumpstart on your New Year's resolutions this year by picking up a fitness tracker on Black Friday. "Everything from your basic Fitbit Flex to your high-end smartwatch will be on sale at big-box stores, including Target, Best Buy, and Kohl's," says Hollenbeck.

Smart Watches

woman with smart watch

If you're in the market for a smart watch, Black Friday is the best time to buy—especially if getting the latest model isn't absolutely essential. "In general, if you're willing to get a previous generation model, you're positioning yourself for significant savings," says Hollenbeck.


things you should buy on black friday

Bibliophiles, rejoice! While they're not as heavily promoted as electronics deals, books are among the most heavily discounted items on Black Friday. According to WalletHub, books, movies, and music are discounted up to 48 percent more on Black Friday, so go ahead and stock that library.

Amazon Products


Amazon always offers great deals on their own products for Black Friday. In 2018, the online retailer offered its Echo Dot for $24 (with savings of $26) and its Echo Plus for $110 (down from $150), according to NerdWallet.

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