50 Craziest Things You Can Buy on Amazon

Are you really living if you don't own a jar of uranium ore?

50 Craziest Things You Can Buy on Amazon

It’s no wonder Jeff Bezos is the richest man in modern history: Amazon can get virtually any item you can dream up to your doorstep in under 48 hours. However, while you may be familiar with the site’s selection of books, paper towels, and shampoo, there’s a weird, wide world full of items so bizarre you have to see them to believe. We’ve rounded up the 50 craziest products we could find on Amazon, from the hilarious to those you won’t believe are legal. And when you want to shop for something you’ll actually use, start with these 50 Genius Products That Will Improve Your Life.

storage container home craziest Amazon products

A pre-fabricated home in a shipping container

$36,000; buy now on Amazon

Who says you have to pay exorbitant broker fees to find the home of your dreams? You can make your dreams of homeownership come true as easily as you’d buy a bottle of dish soap, thanks to this storage-container-turned-house, available for a cool $36K. And before you sign off on a mortgage, brush up on these 30 Secrets Every First-Time Homebuyers Need to Know.

live ladybugs craziest Amazon products

1,500 live ladybugs

$3.05; buy now on Amazon

Who says you can’t buy anything for under $10 anymore? In fact, Amazon shoppers can buy 1,500 crawling, flying somethings for the bargain price of a latte.

uranium ore craziest Amazon products

Uranium ore

$39.95; buy now on Amazon

While this small amount of uranium ore is pretty low on the radioactivity meter, it’s pretty weird that you can buy it from the same site where you get your gym socks. And for more possessions to ditch, discover these 30 Home Decorations No One Over 30 Should Own.

mushroom farm

A home mushroom farm

$22.85; buy now on Amazon

Now you can grow your own fungus right at home—and not in between your toes!

cat butt tissue

A cat butt tissue holder

$34.94; buy now on Amazon

This seems like the nicest thing to be plucked from a cat’s rear since, well, ever. And who doesn’t like to be stared down with peering, inquisitive eyes each time they need to blow their nose?

senior citizen golf cart decal craziest Amazon products

A wall decal of senior citizens in a golf cart

$21.96; buy now on Amazon

Some people decorate their walls with wallpaper, and others with art. And you can make your own home stand out by decorating with this decal of senior citizens riding in a golf cart.

human finger craziest Amazon products

A human finger

$15.00; buy now on Amazon

That’s right: you can buy human fingers on Amazon! The perfect gift for the science teacher in your life—or the kid you need to start hiding the scissors from. And for more chilling information, discover America’s 30 Most Fascinating Unsolved Mysteries.

pb and j club craziest Amazon products

A peanut butter and jelly of the month club

$468.96; buy now at Amazon

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Spreading peanut butter and jelly on bread is too time-consuming,” Amazon has the answer. For just under $40 a month, you can enjoy gourmet peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, delivered straight to your door.

bacon mustache

A bacon-scented mustache

$4.07; buy now on Amazon

Now you can smell bacon all day in peace, its scent hidden in an inconspicuous piece of facial hair. Sure beats rubbing pig fat on your upper lip.

dog blow dry suit craziest Amazon products

A dog dryer

$39.95; buy now on Amazon

Having a dog dry itself off all over your living room post-bath is rarely ideal. Fortunately, there’s a bizarre blow-dryer suit out there that can help keep your pup from dripping all over the house.

godzilla gnome

A Godzilla garden gnome

$24.99; buy now on Amazon

Let those pesky, roving neighborhood gnomes know where they’re not welcome. (A series of big-budget, narratively lackluster sequels not included.)

desktop fridge

A desktop refrigerator

$38.00; buy now on Amazon

Now when you say you need a cold one, you can mean it literally, with one (1) single refrigerated beverage at your fingertips.

stitches kit craziest Amazon products

A suture practice kit

$45.95; buy now on Amazon

Not quite a game, not quite medical school, this suture training kit will have you fixing up wounds and repairing hems with ease.

pickle lip balm craziest Amazon products

Dill pickle lip balm

$11.95; buy now on Amazon

Some people want their mouths to be minty fresh, or sweetly scented. And others just want their lips to have the distinct flavor of something that might accompany a pastrami sandwich.

pizza hat

A pizza hat

$11.62; buy now on Amazon

Finally, you can indulge in everyone’s life-long desire of wearing pizza atop their head. Beware the sprinkled parmesan as you nod or shake your head, though—some might mistake it for dandruff.

baby mop onesie craziest Amazon products

A baby mop

$29.99; buy now on Amazon

It’s never too early to teach your children about chores, as evidenced by this suit that lets your baby mop the house for you.

dancing with cats book craziest Amazon products

Dancing with Cats

$13.22; buy now on Amazon

If you truly love your pet, you’ll do anything for them, or with them—including interpretive dance, according to this book.

roast beef bath salts craziest Amazon products

Roast beef bath soak

$17.95; buy now on Amazon

The only thing more relaxing than a warm bath is a warm bath full of au jus.

3D dog pillow craziest Amazon products

A realistic dog pillow

$14.99; buy now on Amazon

Just because your building doesn’t allow pets doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the company of a furry friend—albeit a not-so-animated one.

soybean stress

A bean-squeezing stress reliever

$8.99; buy now on Amazon

Nothing quite relieves stress like popping a cute little emoji-faced bean out of a pod—right?

zombie chocolate rabbit craziest Amazon products

A zombie chocolate bunny

$45.00; buy now on Amazon

The only thing better than a chocolate Easter bunny is a chocolate Easter bunny with an insatiable thirst for blood.

cat pocket dress craziest Amazon products

A cat carrier dress

$16.99; buy now on Amazon

Bringing your cat around in a plastic carrier is so passé. If you need to keep your cat closer, you can always opt for this dress with a cat pouch instead.

fish pencil case craziest Amazon products

A fish pencil case

$3.97; buy now on Amazon

Not every kid is eager to go to school with a Hello Kitty pencil case. Sometimes, you just want to stick your writing instruments into the belly of a very realistic-looking fish.

octopus hat craziest Amazon products

A Cthulhu hat

$8.90; buy now on Amazon

This balaclava has everything you need to brave the cold: coverage for the top of your head to keep heat from escaping, protection for your cheeks against the winter winds, and, of course, the terrifying tentacles of a mythical sea beast.

nic cage sequin pillow craziest Amazon products

A Nicolas Cage sequin pillowcase

$24.95; buy now on Amazon

The only thing better than a festive red sparkly pillowcase is one that morphs into Nicolas Cage’s face with the satisfying swipe of your hand.

dog ponytail craziest Amazon products

A dog wig

$9.57; buy now on Amazon

Dogs deserve to feel every bit as stylish as their human counterparts. And fortunately, this wig can help them achieve that goal.

worm jerky craziest Amazon products

Earthworm jerky

$14.99; buy now on Amazon

Earthworms are already a dietary staple in cultures around the world, thanks to their availability, as well as their high protein and calcium content. And there’s no reason adventurous eaters in Amazon delivery zones should miss out either, thanks to this big bag of earthworm jerky.

tennis ball headstrap craziest Amazon products

A tennis ball with a head strap

$5.28; buy now on Amazon

While billed as a way to improve your reflexes as a boxer, it seems like an equally good way to get hit in the face with a tennis ball over and over.

waterphone horror noise

A horror movie sound maker

$299.00; buy now on Amazon

Surprise guests by making them think It is hiding just around the corner.

air blaster

An air-blaster

$24.99; buy now on Amazon

They say this loud and terrifying thing is for fun with family and friends, but it seems better suited to enemies and nemeses.

replica fat craziest Amazon products

A pound of replica human fat

$23.73; buy now on Amazon

If you’ve ever needed a means of convincing yourself not to go back for seconds, this rubbery pound of replica fat is sure to do the trick.

gold teeth pacifier craziest Amazon products

A baby gold grill pacifier

$6.95; buy now on Amazon

Sure, there are thousands of pacifiers on the market that can keep your child quiet and happy, but only one that will make it look like Lil Wayne.

steak and lobster craziest Amazon products

Surf and turf

$179.90; buy now on Amazon

For most people, surf and turf is something you might order at an expensive restaurant. For those who prioritize convenience over all things, it’s a completely normal addition to your Amazon cart.

plastic garlic craziest Amazon products

30 pieces of fake garlic

$10.99; buy now on Amazon

Decorating with fake fruit isn’t exactly unheard of, but if you want a break from tradition (or are just eager to make your house look like an Olive Garden), these 30 pieces of fake garlic should do the trick.

baby hands candles

Baby hands candles

$15.00; buy now on Amazon

If you can get over the natural aversion to lighting a couple of eerily-lifelike baby hands on fire, you’re in for a treat with these handmade, pure beeswax candles.

gardening claws

Gardening claws

$9.49; buy now on Amazon

Now you can garden like the wild beast you are. Just be sure not to fall into any wild animal traps you may have set back when you were a poor, claw-less human.

squirrel puppet craziest Amazon products

A hand squirrel

$6.50; buy now on Amazon

While it’s all well and good to have a variety of puppets at your disposal, few things rival this strangely-realistic hand squirrel.

juliette lewis mousepad craziest Amazon products

An angry Juliette Lewis mousepad

$7.45; buy now on Amazon

Whether you’re a fan of Juliette and the Licks or just love Natural Born Killers, you can show your admiration for Juliette Lewis with this tasteful mousepad.

inflatable bull craziest Amazon products

An inflatable pool bull

$34.50; buy now on Amazon

When you want to turn your pool party up to 11, try this inflatable bull on for size and see if you can last eight seconds.

crayfish craziest Amazon products

A pail of 10 preserved crayfish

$12.50; buy now on Amazon

For those in the market for crayfish you can keep forever without any upkeep, look no further. Oh, but you do have to buy 10 of them.

abraham lincoln pillow craziest Amazon products

A Lincoln Memorial pillow

$29.93; buy now on Amazon

For some people, simply remembering your eighth grade trip to Washington D.C. isn’t enough—and for those people, there’s this pillow.

turkey mask craziest Amazon products

A turkey hat

$12.99; buy now on Amazon

While most people don’t typically dress up for Thanksgiving, this charming turkey hat seems worth making an exception for.

blood bath mat craziest Amazon products

A bloody bath mat

$12.96; buy now on Amazon

If you’ve ever dreamed of turning your bathroom into a scene from a horror movie, you’re apparently not alone—and Amazon has the perfect accessory for you.

winerack bra craziest Amazon products

The WineRack Bra

$29.99; buy now on Amazon

Drinks at bars and clubs can be downright expensive, but not for the owners of the WineRack, a sports bra that holds a full bottle of wine in it.

cat unicorn horn craziest Amazon products

An inflatable cat horn

$6.02; buy now on Amazon

You probably already think your cat is quite the unicorn, but you can easily make it official with this accessory that definitely won’t get you clawed to oblivion.

danny devito craziest Amazon products

A life-size cutout of Danny DeVito

$74.97; buy now on Amazon

For those who think there’s nothing more comforting than having the star of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest watch over you, this Danny DeVito cutout should come in handy.

pigeon mask

A pigeon mask

$27.48; buy now on Amazon

You can finally roam the neighborhood in peace disguised in this lifelike pigeon mask. Hey, you might even get thrown a couple bread crumbs from sympathetic passersby!

cellulite therapy phone case craziest Amazon products

A cellulite therapy cell phone case

$25.69; buy now on Amazon

We’ll bet those bedazzled cases you used to adorn your phone with won’t get you anywhere near the number of looks you get using this case, which bears the image of a woman getting cellulite therapy on her thighs.

wine blood bag craziest Amazon products

Cocktail blood bags

$9.99; buy now on Amazon

A perfect way to celebrate a nursing school graduation or a newfound interest in vampirism, these blood bags meant for cocktails are sure to liven up every party.

gift of nothing craziest Amazon products


$6.98; buy now on Amazon

What do you get for the person who has everything? Nothing—literally. But unlike traditional nothing, this one will cost you almost $7.

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