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15 Best Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Him

This is what you buy for the man who is impossible to shop for.

Some guys are just impossible to shop for. If the man in your life falls into that category—and you've waited until the last conceivable moment to buy him something—we're here to tell you not to worry: We've got your back. Herewith, you'll find the absolute best last-minute gift ideas that he's guaranteed to love. So read on, and happy shopping! And for more great shopping inspiration, check out the 100 Wow Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything.

A better pair of sneakers

Shoes from Athletic Propulsion Laboratory

$140; buy now at Athletic Propulsion Labs

He'll be able to log miles in these next-level Athletic Propulsion Labs Techloom Pro kicks—or just wear them around town.

A cool pocket knife

last minute gifts for him

$43; buy now at Gerber Gear

If he's handy or an outdoorsy type, chances are he could use one of these Gerber Remix Tactical folding clip three-inch serrated blades. It's made of stainless steel and comes with a lifetime warranty. And if he's the biking type, check out these 17 Insanely Cool Luxury Bikes. 

Basketball shorts

last minute gifts for him

$75; buy now at NBA

Got a baller on your hands? He'll be pumped to shoot some hoops in these Chicago Bulls Mitchell & Ness Classic Swingman Shorts (or just wear them on the couch while he's watching the game).

A physical recovery tool

gifts for him

$600; buy now at TheraGun

Any gym rat will appreciate this vibration therapy tool, which is like a drill for your body. Use it to help activate muscles or alleviate soreness.

A healthy meal plan subscription

last minute gifts for him

Prices vary; buy now at Eat Clean Bro

With the New Year in mind, a gift card to Eat Clean Bro meal service allows him to pick and choose the meals that he wants based on ingredients or health goals. The meals are delivered fresh to his door.

Truly wireless earbuds

last minute gifts for him

$250; buy now at Bose

These water-repellant Bose Soundsport Free Wireless headphones are completely wire-free, but don't sacrifice on sound quality. Twist them in for a secure fit, and he won't have to worry about them falling out mid-workout.

All of the basketball games

last minute gifts for him

$100; buy now at NBA

As the NBA is quickly becoming America's favorite sport, there's nothing he'll appreciate more than this NBA League Pass that will let him choose from hundreds of games he can watch live or on-demand. It's perfect now that basketball season is in full swing!

A cozy hoodie

last minute gifts for him

$55; buy now at Reebok

Because some classic logos will never go out of style.

A box of accessories

last minute gifts for him

$150; buy now at Suit Supply

This Suit Supply Mystery Box comes pre-packed with everything a stylish man could possibly want: shades, cufflinks, ties, wallets, and more. Plus, you let the experts do the picking. And if he's looking to complete the look, point him in the direction of these 10 Best Menswear Trends Right Now.

An NFL beanie

last minute gifts for him

$30; buy now at NFL Shop

You can't go wrong by helping him support his team.

A pair of lifestyle kicks

last minute gifts for him

$110; buy now at Nike

Let's face it: Every man is a sneakerhead at heart. You can't go wrong with this pair of Nike Air Huaraches, which are perfect for the gym, for casual workdays, and the weekend.

A pack of great boxer briefs

last minute gifts for him

$57; buy now at Saxx Underwear

Trust us: Once he tries on these SAXX Vibe Boxer Briefs, he will never want to wear another pair of skivvies again.

Awesome Monthly Hair Products

Hims complete hair kit

$44; buy now at Hims

Women aren't the only ones who want great hair. Give any guy the gift of great strands for life with this four-piece Complete Hair Kit pack from the terrific new subscription company Hims, which includes everything he needs to not only maintain his hair but also to stimulate its growth. The monthly box includes vitamins (30 Biotin Gummies), the hair-growth drug finasteride (30 x 1mg pills), the topical hair-growth cream minoxidil (2 oz. bottle), and Hims' proprietary DHT shampoo (8 oz. bottle).

Note: He'll need a prescription for the finasteride—which Hims offers via their own in-house physicians—but you can also buy their "OTC Hair Kit," which contains everything but finasteride. It costs $30 per month.

A beer-of-the-month-club membership

last minute gifts for him

from $28/month plus $15 shipping and handling, Beer Month Club

If craft beer is his thing, look no further. Choose from seven different types of memberships to the Beer of The Month Club based on his tastes. Oh, and if you don't know much about beer? Don't sweat it. You just choose the type of plan and experts will pick out the brews for you.

A fitness smart watch

last minute gifts for him

$300; buy now at Fitbit

One of those gifts he might not buy himself, but one that he's definitely thrilled to have. The Fitbit Ionic watch tracks heart rate, workouts, sleep, all day activity, has multi-sport modes and built-in GPS, and is water resistant up to 50 meters. It syncs wirelessly with his phone and will allow him to get his smartphone notifications on his wrist, too. And if he likes a more classic vibe on his wrist, check out the 7 Best Vintage-Inspired Watches to Buy Right Now.

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