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Must-Have Tech, Toys, and Gadgets for Celebrating Summer Right

The essential new gear to buy this week.

Yes, after an unusually cool spring, summer is finally here in all it's hot and sweaty glory, which means several things. Chiefly: sun, mercifully longer days, and the return of long-weekend getaways to what we can only presume are to wonderful destinations. But no matter how you're disporting yourself this summer, we've tracked down all of the grown man's toys, gadgets, and other items you need to absolutely crush each and every one of your summer activities. So read on, and stay cool. And if you're looking to heat up your style game, too, don't miss the 10 Hawaiian Shirts for Rocking a Cool Island Vibe All Summer Long. 



Fossil Watch, smart watch, best gear
$255, Buy now at

Few new releases in 2017 compare to the look and elegance of the GEN 2- Q Wander from Fossil. Powered by Android Wear 2.0, it has a built-in fitness tracker, 24-hour battery life, and Android and iPhone compatible connectivity and Bluetooth technology. But if you're into more low-tech watches, read on.

BeatsX Earphones

Headphones, best gear
$149.95, buy now at

Unlike the wireless AirPods which were basically one size fits all, the BeatsX come with eartip and removable wingtip options, so they're adaptable. They also can take your calls, control your music, and activate Siri. Plus, you get eight hours of battery life and a simple five-minute charge will give you two hours of playback. If they're too pricey, here are some more great, affordable headphones you can buy.

YETI Hopper Portable Cooler

Yeti Portable cooler, best gear
$240, Buy now at

The Yeti Hopper 30 is the best cooler for your summer excursions, period. It's the first 100% leakproof, portable cooler that can keep ice for days and can withstand all kinds of abuse with its puncture resistant DryHide shell. It can store up to 24 cans of beers with its 30 lbs of ice and fit in subs and snacks for the whole family. It's also easy to carry, making it the perfect cooler for those on the go.

UUNI 3 – Wood-Fired Oven

Uuni Wood-fired Oven, best gear
$299, Buy now at

The Uuni 3- Wood Fired Oven can cook pizzas in 60-90 seconds (it reaches 932°F) that taste better than some of the finest wood fire pizzas we've paid for in restaurants. It also features a wood pellet burner, which enables better temperature control and more consistent cooking. For just $299, this oven is a steal, ideal for wowing family and friends with your summer BBQ game.

SuperStar BackFloat Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Superstar Speaker, best gera
$149.95, Buy now at

This waterproof speaker takes the cake over the run-of-the-mill speaker products not just because it is super loud, but because it floats too. With a tough silicon casing that seals water BackFloat has created a speaker for you to bring the party anywhere. It also works as a speakerphone with Bluetooth technology so you can make loud and clear phone calls from any Apple or Android smartphone. And we have more advice on how to get yourself the very best home sound system here.



Maui Jim 246 WIKI WIKI

Maui Jim Sunglasses, best gearq
$299.95, Buy now at

Maui Jim is just as renowned as Ray-Bans amongst sunglass lovers and these stylish shades are a testament as to why. They're lightweight, ultra comfortable and feature the popular navigator shape in pure titanium and a gold frame paired with bronze mirrored and polarized lenses. The light reduction is unbeatable with lens technology that wipes out 99.9 percent of glare and blocks 100 percent of harmful UV rays. The sun may be hot but the view you get wearing these is as cool as it gets. An all-star purchase for an all-star brand.

Kammok Roo Double Camping Hammock

Kammok Roo Double Camping Hammock, best gear
$99, Buy now at

This is the best camping hammock perfect for your backyard or a hike in the woods. This hammock is as durable as it gets with tear and water resistant material. It's also easy to set up, extremely safe and can support up to 500 pounds. If you enjoy nature and the outdoors you'll love having the Kammok Roo Hammock to lounge in.

MVMT Chrono Gun Metal/ Sandstone Leather Watch

Chrono MVMT Watch, best gear
$135, Buy now at

The Chrono Gun Metal and Sandstone Leather Watch from MVMT is another gem from the world's fastest growing watch company. The Sandstone leather strap is a different look from the norm, but it's a stylish one and a very snug fit. The case is made of gunmetal stainless steel and has a water resistance rating of 5 ATM. That level of style is sure to get you plenty of compliments this summer. And we have more great luxury watch options here.

SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer

SKLZ Golf Swing Trainer, best gear
$54.99, Buy now at

Summer means prime golf season, and this golf training aid has built in technology that allows you to develop better mechanics without having to hit a ball. It's a simple, but effective way to build muscle memory and strengthen your swing so you can hit the ball farther with better control. Use this aid 10-20 times a day and you'll see improvements in no time. Speaking of improving your golf game, we have even more advice on how you can do just that.

PEAK Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Peak Inflatable Stand-up Paddle board, best gear
$595, Buy now at

Taking a paddle board out on the waters is one of the best, most relaxing workouts you can do all summer. It's a terrific core exercise that you can do for hours, stress free and gives you a nice tan to boot. The PEAK Stand Up Paddle Board is an inflatable board which is cheaper and designed more for casual paddling and shorter distances. It's also just as durable and easier to travel with.

iGrill 3 from Weber

Weber iGrill 3, best gear
$75, Buy now at

The iGrill 3 is a game changing high-tech grilling thermometer. It's a Bluetooth enabled device that delivers grilling alerts and data directly to your smart phone in a 150 ft range. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced griller this makes life a lot easier with this high tech device mounted right to your grill. You'll be sure to impress your guests when temperature guides for the steak you're cooking are sent right to your phone.

Coleman Road Trip LXE Grill

Coleman Road Trip LXE grill, best gear
$135, Buy now at

If you're looking for the go-to tailgate grill this summer you'll want to get the Coleman Road Trip LXE Grill. It's easy to move despite being 44 pounds because you can fold it up and roll it on its wheels. With 20,000 BTU burners this grill gets hot fast so it's ideal for any kind of outdoor cooking. Even on low fuel this grill will keep gong for close to five hours which is great for a long tailgate or camping trip. Once you've got the perfect grill, cook the ultimate burger with this recipe.

GoPro- Hero Session Waterproof Camera

GoPro-Hero Session Waterpoof Camera, best gear
$150, Buy now at

GoPro cameras have been a hot item for a while because their waterproof design, lightweight frame and outstanding picture quality makes for the perfect vacation toy. And the GoPro HERO Session is the perfect choice for any first time users. It's built to deal with any extreme environment or harsh conditions and is waterproof for up to 10m. For such a small camera you'll get spectacular video quality to shoot the moments you can hold onto for the rest of your life.

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