These Are the Best Places to Score Savings Now on Spring and Summer Essentials

Prepare for warmer weather the penny pincher way.

These Are the Best Places to Score Savings Now on Spring and Summer Essentials

Though it’s difficult to fathom with all the snow on the ground, spring and summer really are just around the corner. And while it’s not quite warm enough yet to plan a trip to the beach or put away your winter coat, now is the perfect time to stock up on cheap warm-weather essentials.

Think about it: In April and May, shorts and swimsuits are expensive because everyone else is shopping for them—but in the winter, virtually no one is thinking about what they’re going to need months down the line, and so prices are still reasonable. Keep reading to learn where you should shop to score cheap warm-weather essentials.


ASOS Pink Boohoo Bikini {Cheap Warm Weather Essentials} ASOS

British online retailer ASOS sells sale-price spring and summer essentials all year round, making it easy to stock up well before the seasons begin. In the bathing suit department, prices start at just $8, and men’s T-shirts and tanks go for as little as $4.50.

Saks Off Fifth

A Pink Polka Dot Romper From Saks Off Fifth {Cheap Warm Weather Essentials} Saks Off Fifth

Combine the killer prices of Kohl’s with the selection of designer duds at Saks and what you get is Saks Off Fifth. The discount offshoot of the high-end department store hosts sales all year round on winter wear and summertime staples alike; for example, this $158 polka dot cropped jumpsuit is on sale for a stunning $49.


A Pair of Blue Sperry Shoes From DSW {Cheap Warm Weather Essentials} DSW

Whether you want well-priced faux fur boots in August or bargain-buy boat shoes in December, DSW is the place to go. In the store’s sale section especially, you’ll find great deals on out-of-season styles from all the best designers. Right now, for instance, a pair of men’s Sperry Top-Siders in classic navy blue is on sale for $50, and women can add a highly coveted pair of $110 Jack Rogers sandals to their summer shoe collection for just $65.


Uniqlo Men's Shorts {Cheap Warm Weather Essentials} Uniqlo

From your outerwear down to your undergarments, Uniqlo sells every essential you could ever possibly need in your summer wardrobe. The Japanese brand even has its own unique fabric called AIRism designed to provide “refreshing comfort even in the warmest weather.” (It’s thinner than a strand of human hair, so you know it’s good.)


L.L.Bean Swimsuit {Cheap Warm Weather Essentials} L.L.Bean

Frugal folk with a passion for outdoorsy fashion flock to L.L.Bean for all their sunny season needs. From khakis and kayaks to bikinis and beach bags, the store has both the equipment and the clothing you’ll need to partake in all the adventures you have planned.

Forever 21

Espadrille Sandals from Forever 21 {Cheap Warm Weather Essentials} Forever 21

You don’t need to wait for a sale—or even for the warmer season—to score sale prices on all your sunny day necessities at Forever 21. Even now, when there’s still snow on the ground and many a storm to come, you can shop the site for swimsuits, sandals, and shorts, almost all of which are under $100.


A Pair of Athletic Shorts From REI {Cheap Warm Weather Essentials} REI

If you’re the type of person who spends their springs and summers on the bike path or hiking trail, then REI is where you’ll want to go to stock up on cheap warm weather essentials. For men, women, and children alike, the retailer always has great deals available on must-haves like swimsuits, athletic shorts, leggings, and hiking shoes.


A Red Swimsuit From Target {Cheap Warm Weather Essentials} Target

Even in February and March, Target has a shockingly substantial selection of cheap sandals and swimsuits for men and women. That isn’t the only reason why you should shop for your summer gear at Target, though. In addition to having all-around good prices and great offerings, the store also hosts a number of winter sales on spring and summer essentials; right now, for example, there is a buy one, get one 50 percent off deal happening on women’s swimwear, so now is the perfect time to stock up on beach-ready bikinis.

J.Crew Factory

Blue Chino Shorts From J.Crew {Cheap Warm Weather Essentials} J.Crew

J.Crew Factory sells all of the same products that J.Crew does, but for a fraction of the cost. Take the brand’s signature chino shorts, for instance. If your entire summer wardrobe revolves around these versatile bottoms, then you can stock up on them in various colors and patterns via J.Crew Factory for just $29.50 each instead of $49.50 each. And if your goal is to spend the entire summer at the beach, then you might just find your new favorite warm weather frock in this mixed print tunic, marked down from $79.50 to $46.50.

Nordstrom Rack

Round Ray-Ban From Nordstrom Rack {Cheap Warm Weather Essentials} Nordstrom Rack

Yes, it is possible to purchase inexpensive designer sunglasses, swimsuits, shorts, and shirts all at the same store, just so long as the store you go to is Nordstrom Rack. When Nordstrom needs to unload its inventory to make room for new shipments, it does so by sending items to Racks all over the country; there, the very same garments and accessories are put back on the shelves, but at a significant markdown. Basically, shopping at Nordstrom Rack is like shopping at the department store itself—except instead of paying, say, $188 for a pair of new Ray-Bans, you’re only paying $80.


Elastic Waist Shorts From Amazon {Cheap Warm Weather Essentials} Amazon

If you aren’t already buying cheap warm weather essentials on Amazon, then it’s high time you start. The online outlet sells a surprising amount of well-priced wearables thanks to both the Amazon Essentials brand and third-party sellers. These highly rated chino shorts from Amazon’s in-house line, for instance, are $17 with free returns. And with 4.2 out of 5 stars, this boho-chic strapless maxi dress sold by Yidarton starts at just $13.


Everlane Cotton Pocket Tee {Cheap Warm Weather Essentials} Everlane

Clothing company Everlane is all about creating cost-effective clothes that last. What this means for you as a consumer is that while you’re getting high-quality items like cotton tees and Italian leather shoes, you’re paying a significantly smaller markup compared to traditional retail. (A pair of chino shorts that would normally cost $100, for instance, are just $48.)

The Gap

A White Skirt From the Gap {Cheap Warm Weather Essentials} The Gap

Though it sells budget-friendly basics, the Gap is anything but basic. In recent years, the worldwide retailer has branched out beyond tired T-shirts into everything from fashionable mini skirts to flexible khaki shorts—and the effort has turned the brand into a powerhouse that even millennials can get behind.

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