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Beat the Summer Sun With These 10 Skin Care Products

Call forth your inner Blue Steel.

When summer comes around, guys tend to let their routines fall by the wayside. I get it: Vacations, barbecues, ditching the office to go lounge by the pool. Whatever the reason (especially that last one), when the temperature picks up, life picks up alongside it. And yet, that's no excuse to forgo your skin care regimen. I don't care how many weddings you have next weekend, you can set aside fifteen minutes to polish your face. Just stock these 10 brands in your medicine cabinet; you'll maintain an Adonis-like tone all summer long. And now that that's settled, the only thing left to do is figure out your summer outfits.

La Roche-Posay

sun screen skin care

Toleriane Double Repair Moisturizer SPF 30

$20; buy now at

It's undisputed fact: You should wear sunscreen every single day—more so in the summer. Any old sunscreen will cut it, sure, but a scientifically-backed one is even better. This is the first prebiotic sunscreen to the market; it boasts an improved moisture barrier—that's how moisture stays in—and features microbiomes that fight germs and give you a vitamin boost. Plus, it's SPF 30, so you'll dodge a burn. And that's what skin care is all about.


serum skin care

Age Defender Power Serum

$50; buy now at

Lather this on after washing and shaving but before your moisturizer or nightly moisturizer. This serum is jam-packed with highly concentrated ingredients such as adenosine (which builds collagen), cypress extract (this strengthens skin), and a potent blend of proteins (to firm and improve elasticity).

Lab Series

lab series skin care

Maxellence The Singular Cream

$160; buy now at

You may think that harnessing the power of a meteorite that's been here longer than any of us is better left to NASA. You'd be wrong. The folks at Lab Series have imbued their face cream with something called "meteorite extract," which, yes, is as awesome and rejuvenating and cosmically badass as it sounds.

American Crew

hair cream skin care

Fiber—Elvis Edition

$18; buy now at

Lather American Crew through your hair to create a strong, pliable hold with a natural, matte finish. The fibrous texture helps create thicker, fuller texture when used in damp or dry hair. The Elvis collaboration serves as an excellent source of inspiration. And to really tie together your Elvis look, try on one of the 10 best Hawaiian t-shirts on the market.


verso skin care

Extra Effective Eye Serum

$80; buy now at

There's only one way to put this: Retinol is magic. The otherworldly stuff reduces lines, wrinkles, and pigment spots, and firms up your skin. Verso's light yet targeted eye treatment makes use of one of the highest formulations you can buy: Retinol 8. Retinol 8 boasts 8 times the efficacy of normal Retinol—and half the irritation.

Clarins Men

tanner skin care

Tanning Booster

$30; buy now at

Drop a one to three drops of this into your moisturizer of choice every day—all year long—to give a steady but sure boost to your tan. It's as simple as that. And to really maximize your newly tan summer look, throw on one of the 25 best swimsuits for summer.

Xeomin treatment

xeomin before and after skin care

Price upon consultation; learn more at

For anyone who's ready and willing to that persistent furrow between your brows, know that there are many methods out there to attack this skin care problem. The best option? Neuromodulators, like Xeomin—the treatment will give you quick, easy, borderline painless results.


dermalogica skin care

Nightly Lip Treatment

$49; buy now at

Lips lack the strateum corneum—that's the protective outer layer—that facial skin has. What's more, lips are only up to five layers of skin, whereas facial skin has up to 16. In short, your lips are prone to aging. Dermalogica's overnight lip treatment works when your body is in recovery mode, utilizing Indian gentian extract, shea butter, and apple extract to keep those lips supple and smooth. And to make sure you actually snooze through the entire treatment, learn the 10 tricks for getting eight hours every night.

Jack Black

jack black skin care

All-Over Wipes for Face and Body

$15; buy now at

These thick yet compact skin care cloths are alcohol-free, ensuring all you feel between the gym and drinks is refreshed, not dried-out. As an added benefit, they're made with wind energy and natural aquifer, which means no harsh chemicals are used in the manufacturing process.

Kybela treatment

kybella skin care treatment

Price upon consultation; learn more at

If you are longing for the days when your jawline could cut through diamond, fear not, there is a possible permanent—not to mention ridiculously fast and easy—way to reclaim that sharp look again. It's not for everybody, but a simple doctor's visit can quickly determine if it's for you. A small series of injections literally dissolves fat from under your chin. And just like that, you're slicing gems.

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