These Are the Best Places to Score Savings on Bedding and Bath Items

Where to find duvets, throws, and tiny trash cans on a budget.

These Are the Best Places to Score Savings on Bedding and Bath Items

Looking to give your bedroom and bathroom makeovers but don’t have thousands of dollars to spare? Well, we might not have copious amounts of cash to give you, but what we do have are retailer recommendations that will help you stay within a smaller budget. Whether you’re looking to buy new silk sheets or a shower curtain, shopping at these outlets will allow you to stay within your budget while still finding all the items and accessories you need.


Wayfair Bedding {Save Money on Bed and Bath Items} Wayfair

Founded in 2002, E-commerce brand Wayfair is known for selling high-quality home goods at affordable prices. Because all of the products sold on the site are made by the company, Wayfair is able to keep prices low without sacrificing quality. Some examples of current things you’ll find for sale in the bedding and bath departments of the site include a lavender patterned 8-piece comforter set for $68 (pictured above) and a marble bathroom accessory set for $55.


Sheets From Target {Save Money on Bed and Bath Items} Target

If you’re not going to Target for budget-buy bed and bath items, then you’re doing something wrong. Not only is Target’s merchandise cheap, but it’s actually pretty high-grade, too. For instance, this Target sheet set was chosen by New York Times review site Wirecutter as the best budget pick for cotton sheets, with reviewers noting that it was “the softest and most comfortable to use.”


small well designed monochromatic modern bedroom with a wooden mirror against the wall Shutterstock

HomeGoods is the sister brand of TJMaxx that specializes in all things interior design. Instead of spending $100 at Bloomingdales on a simple set of sheets, you can go to HomeGoods and spend that same $100 on sheets, a comforter, and a few throw pillows.

Nordstrom Rack

Towels From Nordstrom Rack {Save Money on Bed and Bath Items} Nordstrom Rack

If you’re looking for well-known brands sold with stunning markdowns, then Nordstrom Rack is the bedding and bath store for you. Need a 6-piece set of lace hem towels by Colonial Home Textiles? Great—they’re 75 percent off. What about some fitted DKNY sheets? Well, you’re in luck, because those are 77 percent off! Nordstrom Rack’s stock might be different from store to store, but no matter which location you go to, you’re bound to find bathmats and sheets for a steal.


Amazon Bedding {Save Money on Bed and Bath Items} Amazon

Amazon might be the mecca of megastores, but that doesn’t mean that the products it sells aren’t high quality. Take this white down comforter from Linenspa, for instance. You might be skeptical about a comforter on sale for just $30, but with more than 8,500 reviews and a 4.3-star rating, it’s safe to say that this “soft, fluffy, and warm (but not too warm)” bedding is just as comfortable as it is cost-friendly.

Bed Bath & Beyond

Diffuser From Bed Bath & Beyond {Save Money on Bed and Bath Items} Bed Bath & Beyond

As its name suggests, Bed Bath & Beyond specializes in, well, bed and bath items. And in case you’ve somehow never stepped foot inside the store, part of what makes it such a wonderful (and economical) place to shop is the fact that it always—and we mean always—has 20 percent off coupons available. Seriously, simply go to the store’s website and you’ll find every coupon right on the homepage.


Anthropologie Sheets {Save Money on Bed and Bath Items} Anthropologie

Anthropologie has a reputation for being overpriced when the reality is that there are actually many bargains to be had at the boho chic chain. Not only does the store have a superb sale section, but there’s almost always some sort of discount being offered on top of the discounts already reflected. For instance, right now you can receive an additional 40 percent off of sale items, which would make this $228 queen-size embroidered sheet set just $81.

World Market

World Market Pink Bath Towel {Save Money on Bed and Bath Items} World Market

Budget-friendly buys aren’t always boring, especially at World Market. The store sources from vendors all around the world in order to give consumers access to the original and handmade items they love at low costs. Sunfaded pink bath towels, pom pom bedding sets, and a whale-shaped soap dish are just some of the items you can currently shop for on the site.


Kohl's Toothbrush Holder Kohl's

Not sure what to do with all that Kohl’s cash you have saved up? We strongly recommend putting it to good use in the bed and bath aisles. Even if you don’t necessarily need anything new, the store’s constant sales and superb selection make it almost irresponsible not to buy a duvet cover set or a cute kitty toothbrush holder.

At Home

At Home Pom Pom Throw {Save Money on Bed and Bath Items} At Home

Blankets and pillows and curtains, oh my! Yes, home décor dream store At Home has it all, and their prices are almost as wow-worthy as their selection is. The chic pompom throw pictured above, for instance? Just $12.50 on sale. And this chrome vanity storage accessory? It’s $22—no more than the cost of a few lattés.


Macys Bath Mat {Save Money on Bed and Bath Items} Macy's

Though department stores generally aren’t the best places to go when you want to save money, Macy’s is an exception to the rule. With a vast selection of bed and bath items—many of which are on sale—you’re more than likely to find what you need during your trip to Macy’s without going over-budget.


Overstock Throw Pillows {Save Money on Bed and Bath Items} Overstock

Overstock gets the majority of its inventory at below-wholesale prices from other businesses that can’t sell what they have stored. As a result, the online retailer is able to price items more competitively than other e-stores, as reflected in everything from this set of two blue faux fur throw pillows for $22 to this bamboo bath caddy tray for $34.

Flying Tiger

Bathroom Accessories with a Candle Unsplash

If your style tends to veer toward minimalist, then Flying Tiger isn’t quite the store for you. However, if you prefer eccentric colors and patterns, then you’ll love this Danish variety store with locations worldwide. Though you won’t find sheet sets or linens here, what you will find are fun bedroom and bathroom tchotchkes for just a few dollars each. And for more home shopping tips, here are the 27 Genius Products Every Homeowner Should Own.

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