These Are the Best Places to Score Savings on Kids’ Clothes

This list knows where to shop for kids' clothes.

These Are the Best Places to Score Savings on Kids’ Clothes

There’s no reason to spend more than absolutely necessary on your child’s wardrobe. After all, kids go through growth spurts almost as often as they cycle through best friends, and so anything you buy your son or daughter isn’t going to last for more than a few months anyway. With that being said, here are the places where you should shop to save money on kids’ clothes.

Burlington Coat Factory

Burlington Coat Factory Stripe Jumpsuit {Save Money on Kids' Clothes} Burlington Coat Factory

Despite its name, Burlington Coat Factory sells far more than just outerwear. The discount department store even has a section called Baby Depot devoted entirely to deals on clothes, cribs, and more for baby girls and boys. With shoes starting at $7 and outfit sets for less than $10, Burlington makes it easy for new parents and veteran moms and dads alike to save money on kids’ clothes.

Carter’s/OshKosh B’gosh

Dinosaur Toddler Shoes from Carter's {Save Money on Kids' Clothes} Carter's

Money-saving moms and discount-hunting dads buy the majority of their kids’ clothes from Carter’s and subsidiary brand OshKosh B’gosh. Not only are prices low, but both brands also almost always have some sort of coupon code available that saves you an additional 20 percent off of your order. Plus, head to either store on any holiday—even a lesser one like Good Friday—and you’ll likely find some sort of promotion going on.

Monica + Andy

Monica + Andy Peplum Zip-Up {Save Money on Kids' Clothes} Monica + Andy

Parents take comfort in the fact that Monica + Andy isn’t designed by a bunch of businesspeople sitting around a conference room table, but by a mom who understands just what parents want and children need. For new parents, the company even curates boxes and bundles in which all the necessities are grouped together into one well-priced package.

The Children’s Place

Children's Place Button-Down {Save Money on Kids' Clothes} The Children's Place

As its name suggests, The Children’s Place is a store where you can score stylish staples for, well, children. And on top of great prices, the store also has something called Place cash—similar to Kohl’s cash—that you can earn when you shop and use to pay for future purchases.


Cat & Jack Pants From Kidizen {Save Money on Kids' Clothes} Kidizen

Kidizen is like Poshmark or eBay, but exclusively for kids’ clothes. On the site, you’ll find sellers who are simply looking to get rid of old items that no longer fit their children. While a majority of the garments on the site are pre-loved, there are a select few items listed on the site at any given time that are new with tags, too.

Gap Factory

A Girls' Shirt From Gap Kids {Save Money on Kids' Clothes} Gap Factory

While Gap Kids doesn’t always have the most predictable pricing, you can shop at Gap Factory and rest assured that everything you’re buying is a bargain. Whether your little one’s look is girly and garish or sleek and simple, there are sale-price pieces for every style available via the outlet.


Primary Striped Tee {Save Money on Kids' Clothes} Primary

If spending less cash is your goal, then Primary should be one of the primary stores where you shop for your kid’s clothes. Most of the items sold at the store are well under $50—and with sizes that fit children up to 12 years old, this brand is a saving grace for new parents and moms of middle schoolers alike.


Zara Kids Striped Shirt {Save Money on Kids' Clothes} Zara Kids

Zara is just as useful for saving money on kids’ clothes as it is for saving money on your own clothes. Even without a sale, prices seldom go higher than $50—and with a sale, you can find everything from dresses to denim for as little as $2. (Seriously.)


Minecraft Clothes From Primark {Save Money on Kids' Clothes} Primark

Primark might not have an online store, but it’s worth visiting one of the Irish retailer’s brick-and-mortar locations for the savings alone. Thanks to prices so low that they look like errors, you can buy an entire outfit for your child at the store for about as much money as you’d spend on your lunch.


H&M Floral Jersey Dress {Save Money on Kids' Clothes} H&M

How does $10 denim for your child sound? What about a floral jersey dress for the summer for just $5? No, these prices aren’t wishful thinking; rather, they’re precisely what you’ll find should you shop for your child at H&M. The store has a great selection of clothes for children up to age 14—and once your child has outgrown the kids’ section, they can continue to save money by shopping with you in the regular adults one!

Old Navy

Old Navy Shoes {Save Money on Kids' Clothes} Old Navy

While you’re at Old Navy picking up a few pieces for yourself, consider also checking out the store’s kids’ section. From canvas slip-ons for $8 to eyelet zig-zag dresses for $25, you never know what you’ll find hiding on the racks for pint-sized people.


Uniqlo Printed Fleece {Save Money on Kids' Clothes} Uniqlo

Uniqlo should really be called Uniq-low, given how great its prices are. Even for more traditionally expensive items like outerwear, prices start at just $10 for a fluffy fleece and $20 for a padded winter coat.

Target Kids' Hat With Cute Ears {Save Money on Kids' Clothes} Target

While all of Target’s toddler and tween lines are great, it’s Cat & Jack in particular that parents go crazy over. With fun prints and beyond-reasonable prices, the brand is a cult favorite among moms and dads with saving money in mind.

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