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The Ideal Mattress You Should Sleep On, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Ready to catch some ZZZs? Astrologers say you might want to update your mattress.

Having the right bedtime routine can be the difference between waking up well-rested and waking up on the wrong side of the bed. And sleeping on the right mattress can go a long way toward helping you avoid the latter. If you feel overwhelmed by all of today's options—bed-in-a-box, memory foam, innerspring, to name a few—you may do well to give yourself up the stars. We spoke to professional astrologer Danelle Ferreira as well as wellness astrologer and author Stephanie Gailing to find out the kind of mattress you should sleep on, based on your zodiac sign. Keep reading for a peaceful slumber.

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Aries: Innerspring Mattress

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Energetic Aries has the unique distinction of being both a night owl and an early bird. You're always eager to seek out the next big thing, and slowing down to rest isn't your strong suit.

"Aries will likely stay up late and do all kinds of activities that prevent them from relaxing," Ferreira explains.

Since you don't spend much time lounging in bed, you don't need a fancy setup to sleep well. An old-fashioned innerspring mattress will do just fine—plus it's great for jumping on if you need to get rid of that extra energy before bed.

Taurus: Memory Foam Mattress

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Taurus is known for having a stubborn streak, and it couldn't be truer when it comes to your sleeping habits. Nothing and no one will stop you from getting a good night's rest.

"Tauruses are nurtured by reliability and routines," Gailing says. "As one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac, playing calming music and ensuring their bed sheets and comforters are lush and cozy can do wonders for their getting a good night's sleep."

That's why a memory foam mattress makes perfect sense. They're built to conform to your body while supporting your neck for a night of uninterrupted sleep. Just plug in your essential oil diffuser and sound machine, and you'll be dozing off in no time.

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Gemini: Hybrid Mattress

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Much like your quick-changing and indecisive personality, your sleeping habits are never the same.

"Geminis have an intense intellectual curiosity, yet this can keep them from sleeping should their mind still be racing with thoughts and ideas when their head hits the pillow at night," notes Gailing.

To ease your restless ways, you need a mattress that gives you the best of everything. A hybrid mattress has the firmness of a traditional spring coil design with layers of foam for an added soft touch. Whether you're looking to get a full eight hours of sleep or you're just taking a quick nap between social engagements, you'll always feel comfortable on a hybrid.

Cancer: Gel Grid Mattress

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As the homebody of the zodiac, you're very particular about your evening routine. It's important that you have plenty of time before bed for your self-care routines and rituals. And if you don't, there's no doubt you'll wake up crabby the next day.

"Home is so important to Cancers. If their homes are cozy and peaceful, they will feel more at ease and at home with themselves," Gailing says. "They should treat their bedroom like a sanctuary, a place in which they feel safe and protected."

You need a bed that feels like sleeping on a cloud, which is why a gel grid mattress is a match made in heaven. It's soft and flexible and designed to cradle the body while maintaining a comfortable temperature. How's that for relaxing?

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Leo: Adjustable Mattress

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Leo might be known as the extroverted partier of the bunch, but when bedtime rolls around, you're ready to retreat to your home and have some alone time.

"Leos enjoy engaging in activities that allow them to be creative before bed, such as writing or drawing," notes Ferreira. "Finding ways to express what is on their mind and heart helps them unwind."

With all of that in mind, the choice for Leo would have to be an adjustable mattress and bedframe. This setup is perfect for switching between reading in bed and sprawling out to snooze. Not to mention, they're great for back sleepers and anyone who snores (not that we're saying you do!).

Virgo: Bamboo Mattress

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Virgos can be pretty high-strung, so getting a restful night's sleep can be hard for you. You have all the organizational skills to build the best bedtime routine; the trouble is getting your overactive mind to quiet down.

In addition to keeping your bedroom clutter-free and minimal, Gailing recommends "doing a gratitude journal before bed" to help reset your mind from the worries of the day.

Needless to say, you need a lot of assistance when it comes to sleep, which is why we recommend a bamboo mattress. It's dreamily soft to the touch while still providing maximum support and comfort. It's also perfect for relieving tension on the neck and shoulders, so you can finally relax.

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Libra: Pillow-Top Mattress

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Libra loves to go out on the town, but nothing is more important to you than your beauty sleep. You understand why getting those eight hours a night is crucial to both your mindset and appearance.

"Libras enjoy indulging in luxurious skincare routines or lighting candles to create a relaxing atmosphere," Ferreira notes. When you get into bed, you're likely to use an eye mask or weighted blanket.

As the sign of the scales, creating balance is a must, and a pillow-top mattress has both a firm foundation to help you feel supported, as well as a plush layer of cushioning for extra luxury and comfort. Throw in your custom silk sheets, and you'll be sleeping like royalty.

Scorpio: Latex Mattress

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Scorpios are very passionate and focused. You'll stop at nothing to achieve your goals, but you will take a break when you need it. Getting a good night's rest is important to help level your mood.

"Scorpios engage in activities that allow them to explore their emotions, such as journaling or writing poetry before bed, as it lets them release pent-up frustration," Ferreira explains.

A soft-yet-sturdy latex mattress will hold up to all your nighttime activities. It's also known for being the most breathable mattress on the market, so it can handle your heated emotions.

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Sagittarius: Air Mattress

Young handsome camper setting up his air bad for camping
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Sagittarius is the world traveler of the zodiac. As someone who's always on the move, you've got a talent for being able to fall asleep anywhere. A few hours of sleep here and there is enough to leave you feeling rested.

"Sagittarians are adventurous and spontaneous, doing all sorts of interesting things at night," adds Ferreira.

And since you prefer a life of freedom over traditional stability, an air mattress is the perfect choice for your high-flying lifestyle. Not only can you inflate it anywhere, but it's also compact enough to fit in your carry-on, so you can bring a touch of comfort on your wild excursions.

Capricorn: Extra-Firm Mattress

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Capricorns take their sleep schedule very seriously. All of that hard work and success can't happen if you're dozing off in an important meeting.

"Capricorns prefer to get an early night's sleep, as they value their rest and understand the importance of a good night's sleep in helping them be productive," Ferreira explains. "Before bed, Capricorns need to make sure all their responsibilities are done; then, they know they can rest with a peaceful mind."

An extra-firm mattress is built to alleviate all the stress and tension in your body, while also encouraging you to settle into a deeper sleep. You'll sleep so well that you might need to set a second alarm—just in case!

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Aquarius: Futon

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Aquarius is undoubtedly the night owl of the bunch. Your introverted side loves to stay up late and work on your hobbies while the rest of the world sleeps. While this can lead to creative breakthroughs, it can also mess with your REM cycle.

"Too much TV or internet might cause their minds to become too busy before bed, so it is ideal to wind down with some ambient music and binaural beats," says Ferreira.

Because you're not afraid to stray from the status quo, we recommend choosing a futon in place of a traditional mattress. Modern-day futons come built into convertible pieces of furniture that free up space when you're not sleeping, so you'll have all the room necessary for your next artistic endeavor.

Pisces: Waterbed

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Pisces isn't called the dreamer of the zodiac for no reason. Your bedtime routine is absolutely sacred to you. And getting a full eight hours of sleep is crucial to maintaining your easygoing and laid-back attitude.

"Pisceans find it easy to fall asleep, as dreamland is where they feel at home," Ferreira says. "All they need to do is block out the day and focus on their daydreams, and they will find themselves snoozing within a few seconds."

Forget what you've heard about their instability, waterbeds are just as supportive as traditional mattresses. Plus, you can choose to buy a bed with wave action, so you'll feel like you're at your favorite place, the beach, as you drift off into dreamland.

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