Deer Photobombs Couple's Wedding Photos, Eats Bouquet, Goes Viral

So, does this mean he's the next one to get married?

Deer Photobombs Couple's Wedding Photos, Eats Bouquet, Goes Viral

At a wedding, it's customary for the bride to throw her bouquet, and tradition says that whoever has the good fortune of catching it will be the next one to walk down the aisle. But when Morgan and Luke Mackley got married at The Felt Estate in Saugatuck, Michigan, over Labor Day weekend, the bouquet toss was thwarted: A deer strutted up during the couple's post-ceremony photo shoot and ate the bride's flowers instead!

"Morgan really wanted the post-ceremony wedding photos to take place in a field near the reception, so we walked over there after dinner," photographer Laurenda Bennett, of Laurenda Marie Photography, told Best Life. "The deer was grazing in the field, and, as soon as it saw us, it walked right over and stepped over this little white fence and started grabbing individual flowers from the bouquet."

Courtesy of Laurenda Marie Photography Courtesy of Laurenda Marie Photography

The bride was initially reluctant to relinquish the bouquet, which was arranged by Melissa Anne Floral Co. "She lifted it up in the air and said, 'What do I do?" Bennett recalled.

deer wedding photobomb Courtesy of Laurenda Marie Photography

"But then it started jumping up to grab it, so we decided to just leave it for the deer to have as a little gift."

deer-photobomb Courtesy of Laurenda Marie Photography

And the deer left them a romantic little gift in return as well.

"We came back later and saw that there was one final rose lying there, fully intact," Bennett said. "So we joked about how Morgan 'got the final rose,' like on The Bachelorette.'"

deer photobombs wedding Courtesy of Laurenda Marie Photography

Actually, Bennett believes the bouquet thief may have been the infamous Saugatuck Buck, who's been known to roam the area looking for couples to photobomb. In July, he snuck into the engagement photos of Dori Anne and Austin Swiercz and totally crashed the beach-side proposal of Colbie Wakeley and Jake Lee.

"We can't know for sure that it was him, but we certainly assume so," Bennett said. "It just seems to be a very friendly deer."

deer photobombs wedding Courtesy of Laurenda Marie Photography

Bennett shared the photos on Facebook on Monday, and they instantly went viral, getting more than 56,000 shares in just a few days.

"You can't make this stuff up," one Facebook user commented. "The greatest shoot I've seen yet!"

deer photobombs wedding Courtesy of Laurenda Marie Photography

"A lot of people have commented to say that Morgan looks like a Disney princess," Bennett said. "It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and we were very appreciative that it happened to us."

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