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40 Things You Should Stop Wearing After 40

It's time to ditch these once trendy styles that become fashion mistakes after 40.

Starting a new age bracket can be tough, but the good news is your 40s come along like a comforting sigh of relief. Your childish decisions are behind you, your career and family feel under control, and you're more comfortable in your own skin than you ever have been. What's an amazing way to embrace this? Make some style changes and leave behind the trends that become fashion mistakes after 40.

As we age, getting dressed in the morning is no longer about impressing someone or fitting in. It's about dressing for the internal as opposed to the external. "When my clients reach 40, they are acclimatized to who they are, they are no longer looking to the external world to influence their decisions, and they're not looking at trends or social media to give them insight on what to wear," says fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen. Dressing for you—a concept your teen self could never understand.

The fact is, you shouldn't make fashion choices based on age, but rather on life experience. Cameron Diaz famously said the one thing she would never wear again after crossing the 40 line was a tube top. But that wasn't because she felt like she couldn't. By the time you're 40, there's a certain aura of professionalism and (hopefully) confidence you can pull off. But there's also plenty you should let go of, including the trends of our youth. Here are some ideas to help you get a jump start on your spring closet cleaning and to feel fabulous in your 40s and beyond!

Inexpensive basics

Bearded man wearing a white tshirt standing with folded arms

Camisoles, T-shirts, and a good pair of tights are the basics that ground your wardrobe. So, you might as well invest—and ditch the cheap stuff. "The better the fabric, the longer the piece will last you," says celebrity stylist Jacqui Stafford, author of The Wow Factor: Insider Style Secrets for Every Body and Every Budget. "Plus, it will hang better on your body."

Super loud colors

Woman in 40s sitting in a chair wearing a bold bright yellow skirt outfit with a hat

Don't be afraid to add colors to your more neutral wardrobe, but stick to one statement piece per outfit. "Color is a great way to add vibrancy and can make you look more youthful, but can easily be overdone," says Stafford.

Ill-fitting underwear

Woman hooking lace bra from behind

Your body goes through changes just as your life does, so a bra that fit you at 25 probably won't be helping you out at 45. "Get professionally fit every few years to find the perfect bra that will make you look slimmer and 10 years younger," says Stafford. For a smoother look all over, invest in some great shapewear.

Clothes covered with logos

Man looking through his shirts in his closet

The last thing a mature adult wants is to be grouped together with tweens in today's social media-obsessed, look-at-me climate. But portraying yourself as a walking billboard for a brand will do just that. "Look for emphasis on tailoring and special details that don't scream 'who' you are wearing but 'what' you are wearing instead," says fashion stylist Eric Himel.

Anything too revealing

Woman wearing red dress

Sure, if you've got it, flaunt it. But maybe don't flaunt all of it at the same time. "Choose one area of your body to highlight [with] each outfit—if you are showing cleavage, keep the hemline on the longer side," says stylist Samantha Brown, who has worked with stars like Candice Bergen and Faith Ford. Sometimes, modesty can be more sexy.

Mesh or sheer clothing

Woman texting and listening to music wearing a black shirt with sheer sleeves

To be clear, "revealing" includes fabrics, not just cuts. "Mesh or sheer clothing pieces should only be used for layering and illusion," says fashion consultant and celebrity stylist Deborah Medeiros-Baker. Go for sheer statement sleeves or mesh leg detailing to rock the trend in a more sophisticated way.

Drugstore glasses

Woman smiling wearing sunglasses

Your eyesight and your style deserve more than some CVS readers. They don't need to be an expensive designer brand, but they should be professionally prescribed to give your eyes the TLC they need. "Take time to visit an optician or eyewear boutique for a proper prescription and guidance with shape, color, and style," says Medeiros-Baker.

A worn down purse or briefcase

Man walking into office on phone in a suit holding a briefcase

There's nothing worse than a killer outfit being dragged down by a rundown bag. We know it's hard to part with a trusty handbag or your favorite briefcase, but if it's worn beyond repair, it will ruin every outfit, says Medeiros-Baker. Invest in a classic leather tote that can carry everything in style and will last for years to come.

Class rings

Woman wearing ruby class ring

Perhaps you retired this years ago, but just in case you've been holding on, now is definitely the time to let go. "While they might be a great reminder of fraternity or sorority days, once you're in the real world, they shouldn't be worn," says celebrity jewelry stylist Michael O'Connor. Put them on display in a shadow box with other school mementos.

Sports jerseys

Man wearing a jersey holding a football

With the exception of game days at home or at your local watering hole, these really shouldn't be worn in public. "You love your favorite team, but it's a surefire way to show the world that it's laundry day," says O'Connor. The obnoxious color schemes and questionable sizing won't do the wearer any favors!

Shoes you can't walk in

Woman wearing red high heels

Your girls nights out should never end, but it's about time you stop walking around like a baby gazelle in sky-high heels. "If you're teetering around and off balance, it will throw off your entire look," says Brown. If they don't allow you to stride with confidence, chuck 'em.

Velcro shoes

Man adjusting velcro exercise sneakers before his run

Despite recent shoe trends, not everyone can pull off a velcro sneaker, so save these guys for the bowling alley. "In 20 more years, there will come a time when you actually can't tie your shoes, so you're better off leaving this trend for when function over fashion is key," says Ali Levine, stylist to Lisa Vanderpump and Rita Wilson. If quick and easy is what you're after, look for a cute pair of slip-on sneakers.

Elastic waist bottoms

Woman wearing black leather elastic waist pants

"Elastic instantly ages you, so anything besides work-out clothes should have a regular waist," says Levine. Try a paper bag waist pant for a modern take on this outdated style.

Super trendy denim

Woman wearing ripped jeans drinking tea 40s

Two-toned denim or jeans ripped on the backside have an immature feel that we know you don't want to be associated with. "It's all about striking the note of not being a fashion victim without being a slave to the latest fashion trends," says Stafford. The classic styles stand the test of time for a reason.

Jeans folded instead of hemmed

Man in his 40s wearing cuffed folded jeans and a white sweater

You alter suit pants to hit you at the right spot, so why not treat your jeans with the same respect? "Everyone's inseam is different, so hemming your jeans is a great way to make sure they hit at the right, flattering spot," explains Rosella Giuliani, chief product officer of Not Your Daughter's Jeans.

Clothing that hasn't been tailored in general

Woman wearing loose fitting big white shirt

Not only does proper tailoring make you look polished, but it's a great way to revamp clothes from your past that you just can't part with. "A tailored wardrobe makes you look like you spent money on couture, but also allows you to actually wear something you wouldn't have been able to due to improper fit," says Stafford. And this isn't reserved for expensive pieces—you can tailor anything!

Low-rise pants

Woman wearing low-rise jeans and cowboy boots

Without a doubt, low-rise pants were one of the most questionable trends of the early aughts. And frankly, they've never done any good for anyone of any age. Instead, embrace the mom jean! "The iconic and classic high waisted style is one of the most flattering because higher rises equal longer looking legs," says Giuliani.

Ugg boots

Woman walking wearing leopard print and uggs

If you want to wear the comfy slipper version at home, by all means, go ahead. But these do not belong outside the house. "Not only will these truly never be flattering, but the human body is already shrinking at age 40, and anyone who is shrinking doesn't need the look of big feet and thick ankles from these snowshoes," says O'Connor.

Over-the-knee boots

Woman wearing black over the knee high heeled boots

This style might be trending with celebrities and influencers, but they basically cut your body in half, creating an unflattering look. A nice alternative is the more conventional riding boot that hits right at or below the knee. "Riding boots are chic and sophisticated, while remaining more practical with a flat sole," says stylist Anna Katsanis.

Short, pleated skirts

Woman wearing plaid pleated school skirt

Your Catholic high school called; they want their uniform back. The good news? A midi version will turn this childhood basic into an adult staple, says Katsanis. Wear it with a chunky knit and clean kicks for a casual yet stylish look.


Woman wearing sequin heart t-shirt while drinking tea and reading a book

Whether that's sequins on a handbag or on a T-shirt, this is just an all-around no. "If it looks like you're going to prom or were sucked back into the '80s, you're going to date yourself," says Katsanis. Keep textures minimal for maximum style.

Anything bedazzled

Woman holding a jeweled bag

Nothing kills the vibe of a trendy blouse or jeans faster than some cheap-looking rhinestones. "A little bit of bling in the right spots is fine, but full-blown bedazzled feels too costume party for real life," says Levine. (Note: This one also applies to phone cases.)

Mismatched socks

Man wearing mismatched socks with business shoes

Even if no one can see them, we promise you will feel better just knowing that they match. "Wearing two different socks shows a careless wardrobe, so match them up or throw them out," says on-air TV style expert Dawn Del Russo.

Cheap jewelry or watches

Man wearing an old watch

Cubic zirconia, be gone! "Whether it's a classic watch or a simple pair of stud earrings that won't turn your ears green, it's time to opt for the real thing," says Del Russo. "Look at it as an investment and not a throwaway piece."

Choker necklaces

Older Asian woman wearing choker necklace

This trend may have risen from the dead, but that doesn't mean you should once again partake. "Chokers really draw attention to the neck area that you more than likely don't want extra eyes on," says Levine. Try layering a few chain necklaces for a chic, timeless look.

A juvenile signature scent

Muslim woman putting on perfume

If your morning spritz instantly sends you back to high school, college, or your early 20s, it's time to switch it out for something a little more sophisticated. "Find scents that work for your age and the time of your life you're in," says Levine. If you like fresh, find one with hints of spice, and for florals, you can't go wrong with notes of rose. And if you prefer a more masculine cologne, don't even think about picking up a bottle of Axe.

Lip gloss

Woman applying lip gloss clouse up

A bright red lip? Classy. A matte nude? Sophisticated. A sparkly pink, sticky mess? No, thanks. "Lip gloss tends to move around the mouth and seep into those pesky lip lines, emphasizing their existence," says makeup artist David Maderich, who has worked with Kate Hudson and Drew Barrymore. Opt for lipstick with liner that will make your lips appear fuller instead.

Too much bronzer

Woman applying bronzer makeup

People of every age seek out a bronzer that will deliver that just-back-from-vacation glow, but as you get older, remember that less is more. "Skin starts to yellow and lose color as we age, and adding browns and golden shades to our faces only emphasizes it," says Maderich. The solution? Opt for no bronzer, or mix it with a blush with a touch of pink to add some color and lift to the face.

Instagram makeup trends

Woman applying mascara to lash extensions makeup

Super thick eyebrows and extreme lash extensions are just a couple of the trends better left for the younger crowd. "A more classic makeup routine will make older women look beautiful and ageless, not trendy," says Maderich.

Long, colorful nails

Purple long colorful nails

Your hands are one of the first tell-tale signs of aging, so what you definitely do not want to do is make them look older than they are, or in some cases, draw too much attention to them. "If you are going to go for a trendy or funky color, wear your nails natural and short for a modern look that doesn't read tacky," says celebrity nail artist Alex Jachno. Avoid reds with blue undertones as these emphasize the look of veins.


Middle aged woman dancing in bodysuit

Not everyone can be Beyoncé. "With the exception of shapewear, bodysuits are just one of those trends that make you look like you're trying too hard to look young," says stylist Darius Baptist. Plus, nothing feels more childish than unfastening some crotch buttons to go to the bathroom.

Fanny packs

Man wearing a sweatshirt and fanny pack

Funny how the one accessory that used to embarrass kids the most is now their favorite! "Nothing can make you look like a tourist faster," says Baptist. A crossbody bag is a great and also hands-free alternative.

Outdated hair accessories

Blonde woman wearing a low messy bun with a scrunchie

We're willing to bet you can tell which decade of your life a picture of you was taken in based on your hair accessories, and while some of these have managed to weasel their way back into fashion, sometimes it's best to just leave them as memories. "Jeweled hair clips, hair barrettes with words, scrunchies—leave it to the kids!" explains Julius Michael, hairstylist for various Bravo TV stars.

Bad hair extensions

Older women friends doing hair

Your hair does tend to thin out as you age, but cheap extensions will only further highlight that fact. "Halo-style, natural-looking extensions such as Hidden Crown will add the youthful volume you're after without sacrificing your bank account," says Michael. And if length is what you're looking for, bring your extensions to your salon to get them cut to blend naturally with your hairstyle.

Anything with holes

Older man in punk outfit ripped jeans

This isn't saying no grommets or reasonable rips at all. We're talking no massive holes to the point where someone might question if you were attacked by a cat. "A good rule of thumb is, if more than 10 percent of the garment is covered with holes, it doesn't belong on your body," says stylist George Brescia, author of Change Your Clothes, Change Your Life.

Matchy-matchy sets

Older woman wearing a purple dress and matching blazer

Don't get sucked into boring office wear. A printed blouse with a solid pencil skirt or a bold tie are great ways to express yourself while still feeling professional. "Drop the cash on a power suit that looks amazing together, but that can also be broken up and rocked separately," says Brescia.

Excessive fast fashion

Middle aged couple shopping together

We get it, those Zara sales are irresistible. And a few, fun statement pieces are definitely welcome, but there really shouldn't be anything Forever 21 in your closet. "As you get older, that's when you can't get away with as much as you could when you were younger in terms of inexpensive clothes," says Brescia. Try mixing high and low fashion to get the most out of your favorite pieces while staying in budget.

Leggings as pants

Leather leggings as pants with heels

Wearing the same pair of leggings to the gym, running errands and then on a night out is not only gross, but also just plain lazy. "If your trusty leggings are something you just can't part with, then at least make it a look by pairing them with cute sneakers and a trendy moto jacket," adds Brescia.

Flimsy bathing suits

Woman holding tiny sequin bikini on the beach

There comes a time to retire that teeny bikini or revealing speedo. "After 40, a bit more support and coverage is key," says Sandra Davidoff of Miraclesuit. "Go for a sleeker, modern, updated style that still envelopes your style while providing a proper fit for your beautiful body."

Anything that doesn't make you feel good

Woman looking at her outfit in the mirror

Whatever you decide to wear, wear it with confidence! "By your 40s, you should know yourself well enough to know what works, how to dress for the occasion, and to hold your head high in your clothing choices," says Brown.

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