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30 Things Only Moms with Daughters Know

No, that pile of laundry will never get any smaller.

Parenthood can be beautiful, confusing, heartbreaking, and exhilarating all in the course of a single day. For moms with daughters, parenting can feel like an even more epic event, forcing you to navigate a minefield of pink toys, fights with friends, hormonal teenage years, and finally, a time when she's willing to hang out with you again.

However, no matter what your kid is like, moms with daughters will relate to these virtually universal experiences, from the first time she "borrows" your lipstick to when she's begging you for life advice after college. And when you want every relationship in the family to flourish, learn The Secret to Raising Healthy Kids!

You Will Have the Urge to Dress Her Ridiculously

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All the things you would never wear yourself suddenly seem like adorable choices for your baby girl. A ruffled diaper cover? Yes, please! A sequined motorcycle jacket? Why not. Glitter? Bring it on! And for some helpful fashion advice for you: Here are the 40 Things No Woman Should Ever Wear to Work.

Clothes for Baby Girls Can Be Seriously Creepy

Baby playing outside

While you may feel compelled to add some silly items to your daughter's wardrobe, you'll also probably find yourself appalled by much of the attire marketed to her. Who in their right mind would make a onesie that says "Trophy Wife in Training?"

There Are More Princess Movies Than Stars in the Sky

Disney characters
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Elsa, Anna, Jasmine, Ariel, Mulan, Tiana… the list of princesses with whom you need to be on a first-name basis is probably longer than the list of female friends you have in real life. And for giving yourself the royal treatment, don't miss these 100 Easy Ways to Be a (Much) Healthier Woman.

And There Are a Dozen Dolls For Every One

Girl in toy section

Think you'll get away with just watching the movies? Fat chance. For every character your daughter becomes obsessed with, there are a dozen dolls, dress-up outfits, play castles, stickers, pajamas, and bedding sets that she'll want, too. And for some great gift ideas for your husband, here's the 30 Best Birthday Gifts to Buy Right Now.

There Will Be No End to Your Laundry Duties

laundry basket

Between her usual clothing, the uniforms for her after-school activities, and the ten outfit changes she insists upon before leaving the house in high school, your washer and dryer will likely become the most-used appliances in your home. And if you've got a baby girl on the way, peruse the 30 Best Baby Names for 2018.

Her Dolls Will Lose Their Heads and Limbs

Doll with missing leg

There's probably some rhyme or reason behind their loosely-connected joints, but whoever decided upon that has earned the ire of mothers everywhere. And for more fun facts about life, here are the 40 Facts So Funny They're Hard to Believe. 

And it Will Be Your Job to Fix Them

Broken teddy bears

Unfortunately, it will be your task to perform a reverse decapitation on Barbie and the American Girl crew. Luckily, there are also doll hospitals you can take them to.

You're Her Biggest Source of Comfort

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She may think dad is the more fun parent, but the second there's a problem, whether that's a scraped knee or a broken heart, you're the first one she runs to.

You'll Have to Teach Her Things You've Forgotten to Do

Woman ironing shirt

Where do you measure to get your bra size? Is liquid liner still cool? How do you iron silk? Being a mom to a daughter means constantly teaching her things you've already forgotten how to do yourself.

Shopping Trips Are Never Small

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If you think your Target runs are outrageous now, just wait until you have a daughter. Everything from toys to makeup to exercise equipment to sparkly ballet flats ends up making it into your cart, and half the time you're too tired to say no. And for some amazing shopping tips, here are the 30 Best Ways to Save Money on Clothes.

Every Dance Requires a New Outfit

New dresses

When you were her age, prom was the only dance you can remember going to. It will feel like your daughter is going to a school dance virtually every week by the time she hits middle school. And yes, she will want a new outfit every time.

Her "Friends" Can Be Downright Mean

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While fights among boys are more likely to get physical, fights among girls can cut even deeper. The gossip and in-fighting you hear about from her will just break your heart.

You Will Need to Know Every Current Pop Star

taylor swift

If you don't know who Alessia Cara, Dua Lipa, and Halsey are, you're probably in the running for least-cool parent on earth. And if you use any of these words, you'll instantly be revealing your true age. 

But You Can Never Sing Along

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But God help you if you try to sing along, even if you know all the words. Luckily, even if your daughter thinks being middle-aged means you're automatically uncool, The 40 Coolest Celebs Over 40 might just prove her wrong.

There Will Be Tears

Crying teenager

Teenage hormones are no joke. Whether she's frustrated about a bad grade or a breakup, there will be tears. Have tissues, a good movie, and chocolate at the ready.

Her Collection of Products Will Outnumber Yours

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You think your collection of makeup is impressive? Just wait until you see the number of products your daughter deems essential by the time she hits high school.

Her Friends Will Become Everything

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Regardless of whether she hangs out with her school's jocks, artists, or academics, her friends will eventually knock you off your pedestal as her go-to when she wants to hang out or needs advice.

She'll Think You're an Idiot

angry woman

Whether you're a stay-at-home mom or a CEO, your daughter will think you have the world's stupidest opinions at one point or another.

Or That You're an Expert

Mom and daughter talking

But when she's feeling a little friendlier toward you, she'll still act like you're an oracle. She will expect you to know everything from how to make an omelet to the intricacies of cold fusion like the back of your hand.

Even if She Hates You, She Still Loves You

Mother and daughter

Fights with your kid are par for the course when you have a daughter, especially during her teenage years. There are probably even cave paintings out there depicting a mother yelling and her daughter crossing her arms and stomping away. However, know that even when she is fuming mad, she still loves you, and if you give it time, things will be fine again.

You're the First One She Goes to For Adult Advice

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When your daughter reaches adulthood, you'll be the one she turns to for life advice. You might want to brush up on everything from how to apply for a mortgage to how to swaddle a baby now.

Your Closet is Her Closet

best tips for dressing well in your 40s

Remember that great black dress you bought for your birthday? It lives at your daughter's apartment now. Even if you don't have particularly similar style, your daughter will find something to borrow.

She Will Encounter Creeps With Shocking Frequency

office harassment

Those guys who used to catcall you from their cars have moved on to your daughter. Worse yet, they're also at her office, on Facebook, and sending her waist-down photos on Tinder.

You'll Never Look at True Crime Shows the Same Again

Bloody knife

True crime shows become a whole lot less palatable when you have a daughter. We're sure there's a study out there showing an uptick in pepper spray purchases by women on the same day Law and Order: SVU marathons air. The good news? If you know the 15 Best Ways to Protect Your Home, you can ensure she's safe on your turf.

You Will Never Understand Her Eating Habits

woman eating pastries with cat stress stressed out

One day, she'll be eating hot dogs like she's gearing up to be the next Kobayashi, the next day she'll complain that your goat cheese is touching her Daiya. Eventually, she'll figure out what works for her and you'll be able to stop buying exclusively vegan/macrobiotic/low carb foods.

You Will Never Do Her Hair Right

Mother brushing hair

Whether you're putting her hair in a bun for gymnastics or helping her blow dry it for her senior pictures, everything you do to her hair is wrong. And it hurts.

You Don't Know What She's Going Through (Even When You Do)

Couple breaking up

Even if the exact same thing happened to you, you have no idea what she's going through. Your college boyfriend could have broken up with you in the exact same spot, on the exact same day, wearing the exact same outfit, but you still have no idea what it's like, according to her. Fortunately, committing to the 30 Ways to Be a (Much) Better Wife can help set a healthy example for her relationships going forward.

Every Birthday Party is a Life-or-Death Affair

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"Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing" may be a quote most-commonly used in reference to sports, but it's equally applicable when it comes to your daughter's birthday parties. The right cupcakes, decorations, party favors, and entertainment are essential, and she'll never forgive you if you mess them up. She still acutely remembers that year she wanted News Anchor Barbie and you got her Architect Barbie instead.

You'll Eventually Become Her Friend Again

Daughter and mother

When those almost overly-independent teen years have come and gone, you can enjoy having a real friendship with your daughter. Having movie nights, taking vacations together, and even doing things with her friends will all seem like a fun treat instead of a drag when she's in her 20s and 30s.

"Like a Girl" is Anything But an Insult

words people over 30 won't get

Raising a daughter may be tough, but, at the end of the day, the process is awe-inspiring. You'll learn more than you ever thought possible from her, and you'll love her more than you ever imagined you could, too. When you hear someone utter the words "like a girl," you'll know from experience that what they really mean is "strong." And when you want to make every day with your daughter more special, discover the 20 Easy Ways to Be a (Much) Better Mother!

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