50 Instagram Accounts That Every Dad Needs To Follow

The best accounts devoted to the glory of fatherhood.

50 Instagram Accounts That Every Dad Needs To Follow

The best accounts devoted to the glory of fatherhood.

Let's face it: dads get a bum rap on social media. Whether it’s poking fun at some guys' style faux-pas or celebrating others' abject boredom while shopping, too often the Internet feels content treating the fathers among us like cranky old-timers at the family dinner table—you know, the lovably out-of-touch duffers who are also the butt of every joke.

Well, we think that’s utterly unfair, so we’ve taken this opportunity to call attention the best accounts on Instagram that are using the platform to celebrate fatherhood in all its loving, tiring, and inspiring glory. In this list, we’ve pooled the coolest Hollywood dads, the ultimate in home-DIY porn, the everydad heroes among us, and, yes, the accounts that make us all laugh (including @fashiondads_ and @miserable_men).

Here are the 50 accounts that every guy with his own offspring will be double-tapping instantly. And if you're new to fatherhood, don't miss our primer for being a great dad.

Go Pro

If you’re a busy guy who likes to gaze longingly at all of the things you rarely get the chance to do—like, say, jumping off a mountain, jumping out of a helicopter, or jumping into a freezing lake—follow the makers of the ubiquitous camera as they post from all of the snowiest peaks and gnarliest ocean breaks worldwide. Yes, the account is unabashedly the pinnacle of aspirational adventure that Instagram has to offer, but, hey, every man needs his escape now and then. And if you’re ready for the real thing, here are the 25 adventures every man should have.

How to Be a Dad

“Parenting is basically an obstacle course for your sanity,” says one perfectly astute post. Follow this account for a never-ending and wildly entertaining source of #wisdom for how to survive daily traumas such as Play Doh ingestion. For more great fathering advice, here’s how to avoid spoiling your child.

Channing Benjamin Photography

Just because you can’t hit the links every weekend doesn’t mean you can’t imagine yourself hitting the links every weekend. Photographer Channing Benjamin’s shots of immaculate golf courses routinely transport you to all sorts of sunny fairways—sans greens fee.

Modern Outdoorsman

The tagline says it all: “DAILY INSPIRATION FOR OUTDOOR LIVING.” Yes, welcome to some seriously next-level IG porn featuring perfect mountain cabins, gorgeous lakes, and epic waterfalls—all of which will help inspire your own rugged getaway. If you’re interested in a real adventure close to home, you can’t go wrong with these 6 epic American getaways.


John Kleinchester is the Territory Manager for the Connecticut-based Two Roads Brewing Company and the inventor of #beertography, a portmanteau for “beer” and “photography.” Here you’ll be inundated with all sorts of artful, well-curated photos of microbrews you’ve likely never tried. What’s not to like? Meanwhile, don’t miss our collection of the best beer-brewing countries in the world.

Dewalt Tough

Okay, maybe you don’t really need an industrial-grade compound miter saw. Or maybe you do. Whatever. But follow this account and you’ll always know what the right tool for the job is—whether it’s trimming your Christmas tree or destroying an old shed with cutting-edge demolition gear. Bonus: they host giveaways of free gear. And if you want a set of your very own, here's our roundup of the 25 things every man should own.

Passenger Shaming

Every businessman knows that being a road warrior can be a real drag. Who hasn’t plopped next to a seatmate who eats smelly foods, takes man-spreading way too far, and generally acts like you don’t exist? We’ve all been there, and that’s why we love this account, started by a-stay-at-home mom, which has emerged as the public shaming outlet of record for all types of terrible airline behavior. It’s a helpful reminder that exposure to jerks at 30,000 feet doesn’t happen only to you. And for excellent tips for surviving the airport universe, please read our rules of stress-free business travel.

Dogs of Instagram

Instagram is flooded with literally thousands of accounts devoted exclusively to canines. So what is it about @dogsofinstagram that makes it stand apart—at least for guys? Well, with more than 3 million followers, this account is clearly doing something right. And though we can’t speak for everyone, we appreciate that it’s pleasant without being overly goofy. Regardless, as research as shown time and again, having a dog will lower your stress, even your blood pressure. @DogsofInstagram seems like the next best thing to having one of your very own.

Sad Topographies

Taking a vacation soon? We suggest you avoid “Disappointment Lake” or “Labour-in-Vain Road.”

Home Depot

Need some good-old DIY inspiration? Go straight to the source. The folks manning the Instagram account for this big box store offer not only great ideas for home improvement projects but also blueprints for backyards projects great to try out with your kids—like, you know, building a makeshift wooden football-toss target game.

Team Coco

Ever since Conan moved shop to TBS, we like how he’s re-cast himself as a nerd icon. He’s a steady fixture at Comic-Cons and he routinely films TV segments in which he puts his terrible video-game skills on display. Though his IG account isn’t specifically geared toward fatherhood, Conan has successfully rebranded himself as America’s loveably uncool-but-constantly-trying-to-be-cool dad.

That Looks Like a Dick

Misshapen balloon animals, unfortunate haircuts, and lots (and lots) of questionable meteorological graphics. Yes, these are the things in life that hilariously resemble a phallus. If you don’t find this funny, you definitely don't have kids.

Rodger Berman

Rodger Berman is the “Co-CEO” of Rachel Zoe, Inc., which means he works on the Bravo star’s TV show, her fashion website, and other projects. He’s also married to Zoe, and the two are proud parents of two children. And while this guy’s a mainstay on the international celeb scene, he’s definitely not above posting videos of his kids making all sorts of racket in the back seat of the car. The way we see it: every dad could learn a thing or two about work life balance from this man.

My Day with Leo

Joel Strong calls himself a “satirical photographer,” and for his account he takes snapshots of normal people doing normal things and then literally holds cutout images of ultra-famous celebs over their faces. (Yes, you see his finger, making it all the funnier and weirder—as if he’s playing with real-life puppets.) Suddenly, you’re looking at a makeshift Bernie Sanders doing yoga in Central Park, or Michael Jackson dancing on the subway. It’s lighthearted Instagram art at its absolute finest.

Cam Gigandet

You may or may not remember Cam Gigandet playing a bad boy on TV shows in the aughts (like “The OC”). Well, today he spends most of his time taking his kids to skiing lessons, among other activities. Follow his account for inspiration of fun things to do with your own kids: for example, going to a monster truck rally, or spiking your hair into mohawks. Because, why not?

Coltrane Curtis

You probably remember Curtis’s stint as a VJ on MTV. Today, he’s is a wildly successful executive—he’s the Founder and Managing Partner of Team Epiphany, a marketing and PR agency. But if you follow his Instagram, you’ll get to know him as “Ellington's dad.” Let’s put it this way: If you’re into fashion, and you’re a dad, meet the feed for you. Can a kid pull off leather sweat pants? Mini-man buns? Wu-Tang Shaolin winter hats? Ask Ellington and the answer is an overwhelming yes.

Bubba Watson

Come for the golf, but stay for the really fun stuff: cars, references to Yoda, and the all-around family-friendly goodness. No one can deny that it’s refreshingly sunny on Bubba’s side of the street.

Tony Hawk

The skateboarding god reveals himself to be a down-to-earth mortal on his Instagram account. He also shows himself to be a super-fun dad. Here you can tune in to all of the Hawk family hijinks—which are way gnarlier than the stuff the goes down in your house.

Dwayne Johnson

You’re not here to smell what he’s cooking. You’re here for a window in his absolutely insanely busy life of filming, heavy weightlifting, and hanging with his favorite dog.

Seinfeld 2000

What would George think of Harambe? How would Elaine deal with iOS10? Would Jerry and the gang try the #mannequinchallenge? Yes, thanks to IG, your favorite show of all time is immortal.

Crap Taxidermy

Tired of cute animal pics on your Instagram feed? Bad taxidermy is what happens when humans try—and fail—to stuff dead animals to make them look lifelike. Sure this is a little macabre, but it’s a good antidote to the curated perfection of social media. (Note: the account hasn’t been active for a while, but that doesn’t mean we’re not holding out hope.)

Brian Singer

Brian Singer is a talented artist for both Disney and Marvel comics, and what we love about his IG is the way he takes your favorite Star Wars characters and drops them into the more lighthearted universe of Calvin and Hobbes.

J.R. Smith

Whether or not you’re a Cavs fan, there’s one thing you can’t deny: J.R. Smith is a pretty awesome dad. As he put it in a recent post: “You want to win every game you play but when you come home to these faces… who cares!”

Bryan Brothers

Brothers Bob and Mike Bryan are the unstoppable doubles pair with the best record in tennis history. If you hadn’t noticed, the twins are also winning at that whole family thing, too. Follow them for great advice, such as how to do sporty secret handshakes with your kids, how to dress your children in Christmas lights, and how to apply Halloween costume face paint to a five-year-old without ruining everything you own.

Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt’s comedy routine extends to his Instagram, where, for his 72,000 followers, he posts about going Trick-or-Treating with his daughter and finds humor in just about everything. His sarcastic comments about everyday items (calling a “Make Your Own Rock Bugs” kids game “A favorite of Dickensian orphans since 1837!,” for instance) will help you take life a little less seriously.

Dad Beets

Tacos, burritos, burgers—Nick Neves has ideas for not only food you’ll dream of eating but also how to cook them and share them with your family. Also: his kids occasionally dress up as Run DMC, which alone is worth the follow.

Fashion Dads

Sometimes knowing what to wear means knowing what not to wear. For that, this account has all the bad turtlenecks, Hawaiian shirts, and jackets-tied-around-the-waist that any man will ever need. For sound style advice, check out our collections of best blazers, best boots, and best bags.

Steve Ramsey

Yes, this guy is definitely a little corny, but there is literally nothing he cannot teach you how to make with wood. When it comes to DIY home improvement, he’s basically the Internet’s Tim Taylor.

This Old Shirt

Meet your favorite t-shirts from high school.

Miserable Men

Every wonder what all the couches and chairs in malls were for? These guys, basically. Look on in solidarity, brother.

Average Parent Problems

The Christmas tree falls over. Your baby flicks you off. Your kids give each other face-tats with Sharpies right before it’s school picture day. To be a parent is to dodge disaster at every turn. At least, thanks to this account, you know you’re not alone.

Hawkeye Huey

Wonder what the world looks like to your kid? This account run by a 7-year-old “analog photographer” (and his dad, a photographer at National Geographic) can lend some perspective. He’s been featured on the front page of The Seattle Times, and his pics of animals, dinosaur models, and of playing with fun Polaroid cameras just might inspire you and your kid to try some new things.

Cody Weston Andrew

Cody Weston is a fashion blogger with 106,000 Instagram followers. He likes BMW i8s, hanging out in Dubai, and doing back flips off boats in the Aegean Sea. He’s also a devoted dad, and his posts will remind you that even the most talented guys on the razor edge of cool—the guys who constantly strive for the best life—also have to deal with their kid’s attempts to guzzle ketchup straight out of the bottle.


With 1,720,000 Instagram followers on their joint account, Kaleb Anthony and Kordale Lewis have been called “Instagram's favorite dads.” (They’ve also been featured in a Nikon ad campaign.) If you’re not following them already, here’s your quick primer: They’re gay dads who have broken up, gotten back together, and had kids via surrogate. They’re also impossible not to follow—thanks to photos of toddlers next to liquor bottles, ridiculous holiday dress-up sessions, and warmhearted reflections on the meaning of fatherhood.

Kelly Slater

Surfer, dad, ageless wonder, all-around badass. Let Kelly Slater inspire your life, even if you aren’t carving up massive waves every weekend.

Real Food by Dad

Foodie Instagram isn’t just for fancy restaurant meals. Cook and blogger Matt Robinson gets your ready for game day with Rice Crispy treats shaped like footballs—and other inspiring food ideas. But don’t wait for his steak-cooking tips. We’ve got you covered right here.

Kanye Doing Things

Don’t follow Kanye West. Instead, follow this feed, which celebrates pics of Kanye in the wild. There’s Kanye pushing his kid’s stroller around Disneyland, dancing with a toddler, and standing watch as the only dad on the playground. Kanye, he’s just like you!

Cash Warren

Cash Warren is a Yale graduate-turned-critically acclaimed film producer, a successful entrepreneur several times over, and a guy happily married to the most beautiful woman on the planet, Hollywood starlet and millionaire entrepreneur Jessica Alba. He’s also got two daughters, and a terrific IG account that shows all of the finer sides of fatherhood. (He’s also one of Best Life’s men who set the time.)

Awkward Family Photos

Who says looking through old photo albums is boring? This account cultivates the most amazingly bad pictures from the recent and not-so-recent past.

Best Life Online

Meet the ultimate luxury lifestyle site for men, a leading source of amazing health, wealth, food, style, and other coverage. But you already knew that, didn’t you?

Menswear Dog

Introducing the Bodhi, “the most stylist dog in the world.” This Shiba Inu looks great in a tux, in a bathrobe, and everything in between. Follow him, and you can too.

Classic Wrestling

Remember Andrew the Giant, the Great Muta, or Hot Rod Piper? This account provides a steady stream of retro WrestleMania and other classic pics.

Stephen Curry

He’s got the best jumper in the NBA and a ridiculously cool, photogenic family—his daughter even once dominated a post-game press conference. Your kid might never have that chance, but at least you can follow Steph, and learn from him about how to stay humble and focused on family.

Lunchbox Dad

Because packing your kids lunch doesn’t need to suck.

Live from Snack Time

NYC school teacher Alyssa Cowit has heard it all in her classroom, and she’s sharing it with you. You didn’t think your kids only said funny shit at home, did you?

Hugh Jackman

Did you know that the star of Wolverine once saved his son from a riptide? Yeah, he’s a pretty good dad. Follow him for a less dramatic, but still inspiring peek into his high-flying life.

Simon Hooper

Blogger Simon Hooper has four daughters—two one-year-old twins, a six-year-old, and a nine-year-old—and he’s feeling hilariously overwhelmed every single day. Let’s just say he’s pioneered the hashtag: #dontaskaboutmasturbationorilldie

Kids Are the Worst

When you’re really feeling all frustrated, worn-out, and generally all Go-the-Fuck-to-Sleep with your own kids, visit this account for a much-needed laugh.

Asshole Parents

“Have you ever suggested your child eat a granola bar that was broken? Well then you, too, might be an #assholeparent,” reads the tagline. And the subsequent photographs are possibly the world’s biggest collection of wailing children ever created.

Chris Hemsworth

Your kid worships the God of Thunder. Chances are you do, too. On his IG, the Australian superstar, father of three, and creator of the hashtag #DadGoals has emerged in recent years as the Internet’s coolest poster-dad. (For evidence, check out this recent post by his wife, Elsa Pataky, which shows out the man who plays Thor has recently turned their home into a makeshift “superhero camp.”) Hemsworth seems all too happy to remind you that while being a father is very much a mortal endeavor, it’s not any less heroic.

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