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33 Baby Names That Will Be Huge in 2020

These gorgeous baby names are going to be everywhere this year.

While virtually every part of raising children can be nerve-wracking, one of the most important jobs for parents begins long before those little ones even arrive: choosing their names. Taking inspiration from both pop culture and the Social Security Administration (SSA)'s popularity index, we've come up with the baby names you'll be seeing everywhere in 2020.


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Looking for a classic name for your bundle of joy? Phoebe might just be the perfect fit. Considering the popularity of Phoebe Waller-Bridge's Emmy-winning hit show Fleabag, this name is sure to be everywhere in 2020. In fact, according to baby naming website Nameberry, the entry for Phoebe was one of their most-viewed pages in 2019.


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Following the birth of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's son Archie in May 2019, it should come as no surprise that this name is gaining steam. In fact, the name has been steadily increasing in popularity over the years, with the Social Security Administration reporting it jumped 178 spots, from the 1170th most popular name for boys to the 992nd, between 2017 and 2018 alone.


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While biblical names have always been popular, 2020 is likely to see Magdalene on the rise. This pretty name—a reference to Mary Magdalene, one of Jesus' disciples—is also the name of FKA Twigs' hit 2019 album.


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If there's one boy's name you're sure to see everywhere in 2020, it's Enzo. Three names using the -enzo suffix—Vincenzo, Lorenzo, and Kenzo—all jumped in popularity on the SSA's rankings. These names are celebrity faves, too—Brooklyn Nine-Nine star Melissa Fumero welcomed a son named Enzo in 2016, while Kevin Hart's baby boy Kenzo entered the world in 2017.


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Want a beautiful but not too common name for a baby girl? Nadia—the name of Natasha Lyonne's character on the hit Netflix series Russian Doll—has been steadily gaining popularity in the U.S. Between 2017 and 2018 alone, this name, which means "hope" in a number of Eastern European tongues, rose eight spots on the SSA charts.


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Old-fashioned names have been gaining traction with new parents in the past few years, so you might just find yourself encountering more than a handful of Freddies this year. Of course, the popularity of Rami Malek's 2018 Freddie Mercury biopic, Bohemian Rhapsody, certainly hasn't hurt the name's popularity either.


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Pretty, old-fashioned, and not yet overdone, Camila is going to be a major player among 2020 babies. And considering the meteoric ascents of Riverdale star Camila Mendes and singer Camila Cabello in recent years, this name is going to be everywhere in  2020—it even jumped five spots on the SSA charts.


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Zev—a name derived from the Hebrew Ze'ev, meaning "wolf"—is going to be huge in 2020. The name even crept up 67 spots on the SSA popularity chart in a single year!


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We've got Black-ish and Grown-ish star Yara Shahidi to thank for sparking this trendy baby name. The name, which has roots in Persian and Brazilian cultures, is an elegant alternative to other -ara names, like Cara or Tara, and even climbed a staggering 314 spots on the SSA popularity ranking.


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Another moniker of Hebrew origin, Elijah is the name of a prophet known for his miraculous works in the Old Testament. The name was the seventh most popular name for boys born in the United States in 2018, and it stands to reason its reach will continue to grow in 2020.


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Perhaps it's millennial parents becoming acquainted with the works of Anaïs Nin, or maybe it's folks wanting an An- name for their children that has no association with a haunted doll. Whatever the reason behind the name Anaïs jumping 241 spots on the SSA popularity index, one thing is for sure: You won't be able to go to a park or preschool without hearing this name in 2020.


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Whether we have Bode Miller, Patrick Swayze's character in Point Break, or the concept of enlightenment in Buddhism to thank, you can be certain that Bode—or the similar Boden—will be a huge hit for babies in 2020. In fact, both names jumped significantly on the SSA popularity chart from 2017 to 2018.


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From Booksmart's Billie Lourd to chart-topper Billie Eilish to the timeless Billie Holiday, there are plenty of impressive women to honor with this adorable name, which is bound to be a major trend for babies this year.


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Classic, but a little off the beaten path, Wells is a darling name that parents in 2020 are going wild for. In fact, in just one year, the name rose 180 spots on the SSA charts.


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Looking to raise an indie darling (or just give your baby a name that's as darling as they are)? Then Greta—as in Greta Gerwig or Greta Garbo—might just be the perfect fit.


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It's not just shiplap we can hold Joanna Gaines responsible for: We can also thank the Magnolia maven for this name becoming so popular this year. The Fixer Upper star gave birth to her own baby Crew in 2018, and the name has recently soared in popularity, moving up 142 spots on the SSA chart in one year.


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Sure, you might not want to outright name your kid after a fictional villain, but if you do want a nod to your Star Wars fandom in your baby name choice, Ren could be the right fit. And the name works for any gender—it's also the moniker fashion guru Eva Chen gave her daughter back in 2014.


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Gorgeous on babies of any gender, Luka is rapidly climbing the charts. The name—the "Luca" form of which has been given to the kids of celebrities like Hilary Duff, Rebecca Minkoff, and Peter Facinelli—is rapidly climbing the SSA charts, rising 120 spots in one year.


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Jessica Simpson knows a thing or two about trends when it comes to fashion and music, and she might be onto something when it comes to baby name trends, too. The multihyphenate celeb's daughter, Birdie Mae, was born in 2019, and the name—also shared by Busy Philipps' daughter—is sure to be everywhere this year.


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So, his bulletproof windows may smash and his relationship with Grimes may be… confusing, but Elon Musk's name? It's becoming hugely popular. The name rose 118 spots on the SSA popularity index in a single year, and it stands to reason that there will be plenty new Elons in 2020 as well.


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The good news? We're finally past the point where you hear "Hey There Delilah" on the radio all the time. The bad news? A whole new generation of babies named Delilah are about to remind you of that early-2000s hit soon enough—including Keira Knightley and James Righton's daughter, born in Sept. 2019.


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Last names as first names are a huge trend as of late, and 2020 will likely be no different. In fact, Watson has had one of the biggest jumps in popularity in recent years, rising 309 spots in the SSA's most recent rankings.


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Floral names like Lily and Daisy have been popular for some time now, and Meadow's ready to join the mix in 2020. The name, made popular by Meadow Soprano and brought into the spotlight more recently by Paul Walker's daughter, rose 215 spots on the most recent SSA popularity charts.


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A tribute to a great musician, and, let's face it, just kind of a cool name, this unique moniker is going to be big this year. According to the SSA, the name rose recently rose 207 spots on their popularity chart!


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There are some great Zoras in the world, from Zora Neale Hurston to Zora Young, and there are about to be a whole lot more in 2020. The name jumped 212 spots on the SSA charts in their most recent ranking.


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Sherlock fans, rejoice—you're about to see the name Benedict everywhere. Easily shortened to Ben, but not quite as common as Benjamin or Bennett, this name rose 143 spots in the most recent SSA popularity ranking.


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Little Women star Saoirse Ronan's popularity simply cannot be denied! The Irish name—pronounced Seer-sha—jumped 128 spots up the SSA chart in the most recent ranking.


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This traditional Biblical name has seen a rise in popularity in recent years and shows no sign of slowing down. In fact,  the SSA reports that Noah was the single most popular boy's name in the U.S. from 2010 to 2018.


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Nature-inspired names are perennial favorites, and there are few sweeter than Sunny. That might be why the name had such a huge rise in popularity, zooming 114 spots up the SSA's ranking in just 12 months.


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Names ending in -son, like Jackson, Mason, and Carson, have been hugely popular throughout the 2000s, and it looks like 2020 might just be the year Colson joins them. Whether simply following the trend or as an homage to popular author Colson Whitehead, the name moved up 97 spots on the SSA popularity charts in the most recent ranking.


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While it's long been known as a name used primarily for boys, 2020 is going to see this pretty month name becoming popular for girls, too. In fact, it's already well on its way, rising 103 spots on the SSA's female birth charts.


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Justin Timberlake may have been onto something when he named his son Silas in 2015. The name snagged the No. 5 spot on Nameberry's popularity chart for 2019 and moved 10 spots up the SSA charts, too.


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Looking for a witchy name that's not too out there? Thanks to the popularity of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina—and data that shows a 6-point bump in popularity between 2017 and 2018—this name is sure to be a hit in 2020.

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