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The 30 Best Celebrity Baby Names

Sorry, North West. You didn't make the cut.

When it comes to naming their children, celebrities tend to indulge their creative impulses more than your average Joe. In 15 years, the graduating classes at high schools across the greater Los Angeles area will be full of kids named Bronx, North, and various permutations of Camden.

However, not every star is so intent on striving for uniqueness above all else when it comes to naming their offspring. For every showbiz parent cursing their child with a trendy name that's unlikely to wear well into adulthood, there's a celebrity mom or dad giving their kid a well-thought-out moniker. So if you're expecting a little one and want a name your progeny can be proud of, consider looking to the stars for inspiration. We've rounded up the best celebrity baby names—names that are certain to stand the test of time. And for everything else, check out the 20 Easy Ways to Be a (Much) Better Father and 20 Easy Ways to Be a (Much) Better Mother.

Iris Mary

Eddie Redmayne and wife Hannah Bagshawe

The Theory of Everything star Eddie Redmayne and his wife, PR executive Hannah Bagshawe, chose an elegant duo of names for their firstborn. The pair dubbed their daughter, born in 2016, Iris Mary, combining nature-inspired and Biblical influences.

Silas Randall

Justin Timberlake, Jessica BIel

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel opted for a strong, but not super-common name for their son, Silas Randall. Silas was a disciple of Jesus in the Bible, and Randall is a middle name JT and his father, Charles, share as well.

Maple Sylvie

Jason Bateman and Amanda Anka

Arrested Development star Jason Bateman and his wife, actress Amanda Anka, opted for a name that's unique, but won't stand out like a sore thumb later in life. The duo gave their second daughter the cute, but not overly-cutesy combo Maple Sylvie.

Gray Douglas

Model Molly Sims

Model and actress Molly Sims and her husband, producer Scott Stuber, mixed trendy and classic names to form Gray Douglas, the moniker they gave their third child. If you want to do right by your own offspring, make sure you know The Single Best Way to Raise Emotionally Healthy Kids.

Daisy Josephine

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis

Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde weren't about to lend their senses of humor to the baby naming process. The pair named their second child Daisy Josephine; their son was given an equally classic name, Otis Alexander.

Jack Oscar

Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Jason Statham
Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Jason Statham and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley kept things traditional when naming their first child in 2017. The model and her action star fiancé named their son Jack Oscar, the former a possible nod to Huntington-Whiteley's mother, Fiona Jackson.

Lula Rose

Actress Liv Tyler

While cutesy names like Lulu were all the rage in the mid-2000s, Liv Tyler and her husband, Dave Gardner, gave their daughter a similar-sounding but less-common variation. Their baby girl, born in 2016, joins big brothers Sailor, Gray, and Milo.

Montgomery Moses

sacha baron cohen words and phrases borat

Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen opted for slightly uncommon names for their daughters, Elula and Olive, but stuck to the classics for their third child. Their first son, Montgomery Moses, arrived in 2015.

Theodora Rose

Robbie Williams Ayda Field

British pop star Robbie Williams and his wife, Loose Women star Ayda Field, weren't about to lend their penchants for bawdy humor to the naming process. The pair welcomed daughter Theodora Rose, who goes by Teddy, in 2014. Naming your kid the right thing is just the first step toward a happy life, but when it comes to mastering everything after the delivery room state, be sure you know The Secret to Raising Healthy Kids.

Hal Auden

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch

While Benedict Cumberbatch's name has been multisyllabic moniker is often the source of derision, the actor and his wife, Sophie Hunter, chose a less tongue-twisting name for their own child. Their second son, Hal Auden, was born in 2017.

Pearl Clementine

Jack Osbourne and wife Lisa Stelly

Jack Osbourne and wife Lisa Stelly, combined classic and cutesy names for their firstborn, Pearl Clementine.

Charlie Wolf

Actress Zooey Deschanel

Although the name they chose for their daughter, Elsie Otter, is plenty cute, New Girl star Zooey Deschanel's son really lucked out with his own animal-inspired name. Deschanel and husband Jacob Pechenik chose Charlie Wolf for their second-born.

Violet Moon

Shameless star Steve Howey

Shameless star Steve Howey and his wife, actress Sarah Shahi, drew inspiration from nature when it came time to name their twins in 2015. The pair opted for Violet Moon for their daughter and Knox Blue for their son.

Sebastian Taylor

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa

While there are plenty of examples of musicians naming their children crazy things (ahem, Jermajesty Jackson), Wiz Khalifa and erstwhile wife Amber Rose gave their little boy a name that will wear well with age: Sebastian Taylor.

Carmen Gabriela

Actor Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria Baldwin
Featureflash Photo Agency/Shutterstock

Alec and Hilaria Baldwin opted for the name Carmen Gabriela, a nod to Hilaria's Spanish heritage, for their first child together.

Forest Leonardo

Holly Madison

After giving her daughter the colorful name Rainbow Aurora, Holly Madison toned things down for her son. The former Girls Next Door star and husband Pasquale Rotella nonetheless drew inspiration from nature yet again, albeit in a less flashy manner, when naming their son, Forest Leonardo.

Arlo Day

Leighton Meester and Adam Brody

While we're not sure if they're big fans of "Alice's Restaurant," Leighton Meester and Adam Brody's choice of Arlo Day for their daughter is equal parts charming and original.

Jude Malcolm

Steven Yeun

The Walking Dead star Steven Yeun and wife Joana Pak kept things simple when naming their son, Jude Malcolm, who arrived in March 2017.


Blake lively red carpet

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds chose the name James for their first daughter, but kept things a bit more traditional the second time around. The couple chose the lovely Ines, a Spanish variant on Agnes, for their second daughter, born in 2016.

Caleb Kelechi

Scandal star Kerry Washington

Scandal star Kerry Washington and her husband, NFL-star-turned-actor Nnamdi Asomugha, welcomed son Caleb Kelechi in 2016. While the little boy's first name comes from the Old Testament, his middle name is a nod to Asomugha's Igbo heritage, meaning "to thank God."

Marlow Alice

Actors Amber Tamblyn and David Cross

Amber Tamblyn and David Cross kept it simple when naming their first child. The pair chose the elegant, but not overused coupling Marlow Alice for their daughter, born in early 2017. Cross isn't the only star who's nailing the over-50 parenting game; for more instances, check out these 11 Leading Men Who Happily Embraced Fatherhood Later in Life.

Hugo Wilson

Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas

Once Upon a Time stars Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas didn't look to fairy tales when it came time to name their second son. The pair dubbed the little one Hugo Wilson, the former name meaning "bright in mind and spirit."

Vivienne Margaret

Ali Larter and Hayes MacArthur

Former Heroes star Ali Larter and her husband, Angie Tribeca actor Hayes MacArthur, opted for the pretty, nickname-friendly combo Vivienne Margaret for their daughter, born in 2015.

Gideon Scott

neil patrick harris star wars

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are the kind of couple most people can only aspire to be like, right down to their kids' names. While daughter Harper's name has become wildly popular in recent years, their son's name, Gideon, is both unique and wearable. Gideon's middle name is also a cute reference to Harris' mother, born Sheila Scott.

Luna Simone

chrissy teigen and john legend

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend can do virtually no wrong, including when it comes to naming kids. The pair welcomed the adorably-named Luna Simone in 2016 and have another baby on the way.

Joshua Bishop

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley got creative for daughters Naleigh and Adalaide, but stuck to a family name for their first son. The little one, born in late 2016, got his papa's strong name: Joshua Bishop Kelley.


Kristen bell and dax sheperd

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard didn't look to any "best of" lists when it came time to name their kiddos. Luckily, they still struck baby-naming gold. The couple gave their second daughter the unique name Delta, which has multiple meanings, both referring to the fourth-brightest star in a constellation and the area where a river splits.

Cyrus Michael

claire danes fly coach

Homeland star Claire Danes and husband Hugh Dancy opted for a name that's equal parts classic and cool. Their little one, born in 2012, is named Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy, his first name meaning "one who gives care." His his second name is shared with his actor dad.

Agnes Lark

Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany

Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany opted for a centuries-old name for their daughter, born in 2011. Agnes, their daughter's first name, is shared with Saint Agnes of Rome, martyred for her loyalty to her faith.

Maxwell Roland-Samuel

Justin Baldoni and Emily Baldoni

Jane the Virgin star Justin Baldoni and wife Emily welcomed son Maxwell Roland-Samuel in 2017. Luckily, if the little one tires of Max, he's got two other perfectly good names to choose from. And to really make the most of your parenting endeavor, consider moving to any of the 100 Best Places to Raise A Family.

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