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Bride Has Every Guest Wear Old Wedding Dresses, Goes Viral

Actress Audrey Moore is the opposite of a Bridezilla.

Wearing white to a wedding is considered a major fashion faux pas, given that you're not supposed to do anything that will detract attention from the bride on her big day. But when actress Audrey Moore (GodlessBetter Call Saul) married writer Jesse Lumen on December 30th, 2018, she didn't just let her female guests wear white—she actually encouraged them to wear their own wedding dresses.

"I've been to all of their weddings and I saw them all in their beautiful dresses," Moore told BuzzFeed. "I wanted them to have the opportunity to wear their really magical, beautiful dress a second time."

Married women wore their own wedding dresses, while singletons borrowed ones from friends and family or wore their prom dresses, so no one was left out. Plus, most of her friends were already married.

"I'm the last one to be married in my group of friends," Moore told the BBC. "A lot of them told me they were sad they had never worn their dress again."

And Moore didn't mind that it meant the spotlight wasn't all on her that day. On the contrary, seeing them get all dolled up made her special day feel even more special. Talk about women supporting women!

"It was like watching a group of princesses come to life," she told BuzzFeed.


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Moore photos! #moorelumen18 first photo by @circumpunctstudio photography! She did an amazing job!

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Her husband posted a photo of the ladies on Reddit, where it instantly went viral and got a lot of love. After all, it's such a nice antidote to all those Bridezilla stories you read about, like the woman who demanded her wedding guests dress according to their weight.

The bride herself wore a powder blue dress, but even without it, she wasn't worried about not being able to shine on her big day.

"[My female guests] were all very concerned about upstaging me," she wrote on Reddit. "I knew I was wearing blue but kept it a secret from everyone except my dressmaker, and my hair and makeup artist. I'd been to almost all their weddings and knew they'd be in white. Plus I'm 5'10". In heels, I was 6'1". I told them, 'I dare you to upstage me.'"


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Can we give this dress the moment it deserves!!…. I mean, COME ON!! I'm so magical!!! Thanks @adelacustomdesigns for your incredible dream come true wedding dress. It's the most beautiful thing I've ever worn! Photos by @circumpunctstudio

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As for the guys, Lumen and his groomsmen wore matching tux hoodies.

Some of the guests even came in full-on Halloween costumes.


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One of my fave pictures. Mike is wearing his plushie attached to his costume! 😂 #moorelumen18

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Moore told BuzzFeed that she and her husband wanted their wedding to be free of "any sort of pomp and circumstance," and to "really represent ourselves, our sense of humor, our creativity, and also not just celebrate ourselves but marriage in general as a choice." Mission accomplished. And for more bridal power moves, meet the Bride Who Read Her Husband's Cheating Texts Instead of Vows at Her Wedding.

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