The Shocking Reason This Mother of the Groom Wore a Bridal Gown to Her Son's Wedding

This story has a sweeter ending than you might think.

We all know it's a major no-no to wear white to a wedding. But Amy Pennza's mother-in-law really took things to the next level by wearing an actual bridal gown to her son's nuptials. Pennza posted a photo on Twitter on Wednesday of her and her mother-in-law at the wedding, which quickly went viral. But there's a heartfelt story behind this faux pas that may even touch your heart.

"The morning of the wedding, all the women in the bridal party cram into a tiny room in the church," Pennza tweeted. "You know, body glitter and hairspray everywhere. Fifteen coats of mascara. Putting napkins under your pits so you don't sweat on your dress."

And then she saw her mother-in-law waltz in… in a wedding dress.

Pennza hadn't asked her future mother-in-law what she was going to wear. Rookie error.

"When you grow up with nothing, it stays with you," Pennza wrote. "Forever, I think."

Pennza added that her mother-in-law's upbringing didn't make her grow up to be "hard or cruel or selfish," but "she's a bargain hunter to the bone." Which, let's face it, most of us can relate to.

Some other examples of her love of bargains include trying to get coupons back from restaurant servers so she could reuse them and bringing her own mint and lime to restaurants because "the bartenders don't know how to make a good mojito."

"She was so excited to turn 60, so she could claim her discounts," Pennza wrote. "As long as there's a bargain involved, she doesn't care about getting older."

So, long story short, when Pennza's mother-in-law saw a beautiful wedding dress at an incredible bargain, she just couldn't resist. And, really, where else was she going to wear it, if not a wedding?

Luckily, it all ended well. And now, it's a funny story that Pennza can tell. Plus, her mother-in-law "has more than made up for it since."

One thing she doesn't feel terrible about, however, is the story going viral. "When I told her about this getting a lot of attention, and said I worried it might hurt her feelings, she waved it off. 'Whatever makes me famous.'"

Well, at least she didn't wear this "mother-of-the-bride" dress that went viral for being super sexy.

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