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Everyone Is Totally Losing It Over This Viral "Mother of the Bride" Dress

The jokes are hysterical!

At weddings, you often expect the mother of the bride to wear something that's elegant and demure. But Bulgarian designer Tonena is selling a "mother of the bride" dress on Etsy that is perfect for anyone who's looking to make a slightly… louder entrance.

The dress is described as a "sexy black gown" with an open back, black sleeves, and ostrich feathers placed by hand. It costs $2,390, which wouldn't be an issue for its target customer, whom we presume is Cruella de Vil.

Twitter user Rave Sashayed shared photos of the formalwear on Twitter on Monday, expressing awe at the fact that it was labeled as a "mother of the bride" dress, and the tweet quickly went viral.

Honestly, what mother of the bride doesn't want to upstage her own daughter at her wedding?

After all, clothing designers have a surprisingly limited number of options for wicked stepmothers looking to really make an entrance.

Same goes for widows who are looking for something to match their oversized sunglasses at their billionaire husband's funeral.

And aunts who were very purposefully not invited to their niece or nephew's christening.

It's only a shame that the dress doesn't already come with its own bottle of champagne and pearls to clutch.

But, then, those can be bought separately.

And I think we can all agree that this is the dress Cher should have worn when she made her big entrance in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again. 

Just so you know, the dress is custom-made, so the dress can be longer and the back can be closed if you're aiming for a more "conservative" look. Or, presumably, it could be embellished further if you're really going for those Maleficent vibes. And if you're looking for further proof that a woman of any age can now pull off this outfit, check out this recent study on how things are changing for women over 50.

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