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15 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Cobble Together in No Time

Yes, even those who forget to plan can still own the night.

Between the free candy, the decorations, and the pumpkin carving, Halloween is arguably the best holiday of them all. And while you might not get to go trick-or-treating anymore as an adult, the haunted Halloween parties and scary movie nights are a welcome replacement that make the holiday just as exciting. But the best part, without a doubt, is one thing: You get to play dress-up.

Unfortunately, though, one of the downsides of celebrating Halloween as a fully fledged adult is that, thanks to various commitments, there isn't nearly as much time to plan the perfect costume. Since we completely understand the struggle, allow us to help.

We scoured every corner of the internet to find the best last-minute Halloween costumes—all easy-to-assemble, mind you—that are sure to impress. And for more costume inspiration, check out these 27 Scary Good Celebrity Halloween Costumes.

An iPad

iPad Halloween costume
Image via Flickr/Matthew Hurst

Some black clothes, paper, and colored markers are all you need to create this ingenious iPad costume. And for more DIY ideas, don't miss the 20 Genius Ways to Spiff up Your Backyard.

Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter costume
Image via Flickr/SBT4NOW

Not only is this costume a classic, but it's also easy to throw together at the very last minute. With a blue collared shirt and a red polka dot headband, everyone will immediately recognize who you are!

A Gumball Machine

diy gumball costume
Image via Happily Dwell

Need a fun and flirty costume at the last minute? Simply pick up some tiny pom-poms at your local craft store and glue them to a white shirt to turn yourself into a super cute gumball machine.

A Giraffe

diy giraffe costume
Image via Instagram/@lina_vargas

This giraffe look is all about the makeup—and it's surprisingly easy to master with this online tutorial.

Charlie Brown

Charlie Brown costume
Image via Instagram/@lillyhz_

Charlie Brown isn't an especially complicated character when it comes to his outfit and appearance. If you want to dress like the iconic cartoon for Halloween, all you have to do is use black tape on a yellow polo to create a zig zag pattern and then pair that shirt with some black shorts. And for some more Halloween-themed hilarity, check out the 20 Funniest Things About Horror Movies That Make No Sense.

Professor Quirrell from Harry Potter

quirrell harry potter costume
Image via Instagram/@mugglemission

If you happen to be bald and happen to know someone who'd be willing to draw Voldemort's face on the back of your head, then this last-minute costume is incredible. And if you love the boy who lived, then check out the 35 Ways Harry Potter Is Still Crazy Relevant.

50 Shades of Grey

50 shades of grey costume
Image via Instagram/@beast.mall

Is this costume a dad joke? One hundred percent yes—but it's still pretty incredible.

A Pineapple

pineapple Halloween costume
Image via Reddit

According to the Reddit user who posted this DIY pineapple get-up, all it takes to make it is some felt and a permanent marker!

The Dude from The Big Lebowski

the big lebowski the dude costume
Image via Imgur

This costume is just so easy to throw together, man.

The Oxford Comma

the oxford comma halloween costue
Image via Imgur

If you're a grammar nerd who doesn't particularly enjoy planning things in advance, then consider this the crème de la crème of costumes.

Deviled Egg

deviled egg costume
Image via Instagram/@pearlyao888

It's punny and it's cute!

Identity Theft

identity theft halloween costume
Image via Instagram/@actualjoncates

Arguably, Halloween is the one day of the year where groan-worthy puns—like this one—get a pass. And if you're looking for some more wordplay inspiration, check out these 50 Puns So Bad They're Actually Funny.

An Avocado

avocado costume
Image via Instagram/

If you're a millennial who loves avocados (so, a millennial), then this simple costume will suit you well.

Snow White

Snow White Halloween costume
Image via Instagram/@colormecourtney

Go to any Halloween party and you'll inevitably see at least one woman dressed as a Disney princess. However, while most people opt for a pre-made princess costume, your Snow White getup will stand out as unique and one-of-a-kind. (Nobody has to know that that's because you were too lazy to plan a costume earlier.)

A Bucket of Popcorn

popcorn Halloween costume
Image via Instagram/@jillvsfood

Step one: Crumple up some paper. Step two: Color the edges of the paper yellow. Step three: Tape the papers to a white shirt. Step four: Pair the shirt with red and white striped pants or a striped skirt. Voila, you are now a bucket of popcorn! And for ways to enjoy Halloween in your new costume, don't miss The 32 Best Movies to Stream on Halloween.

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