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10 Things We Know About Meghan Markle's Wedding Dress

One thing is clear: It will be a beautiful, traditional design.

The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is six months away, but things got kicked up a notch this week when Israeli designer Inbal Dror, who is known for her sexy, figure-hugging silhouettes (and is a favorite of Beyoncé's), revealed she received an official request from Buckingham Palace for sketches.

Dror's designs, first obtained by TMZ, depict two styles for Meghan to consider. The first is a slinky white dress with puffed shoulders, a JLo-like neckline that plunges to the waist and fishtail train. It is topped off with a wide brimmed hat. The second dress is more in keeping with what you might expect from a royal bride with an A-line shirt and a bodice embellished with lace and worn with a princess-like tiara.

We'll bet our collection of fascinators that neither design will be seen on the big day and below you'll find out why. And for more insider royal-wedding coverage, here are 10 Things We Already Know About Harry and Meghan's Big Day.

It will be a traditional wedding dress

lianas wedding dress designers threw off the press with fake fabric

The ceremony is going to be held at St. George's Chapel, steps away from Windsor Castle. The Queen is the head of the Church of England. It's highly doubtful Meghan would wear anything that looks as if it would require backup singers. And for more on monarchical matrimony, check out these 30 Fascinating Facts about British Royal Weddings.

It won't be too revealing

what we know about Meghan markle's wedding dress
Wikimedia Commons/Genevieve

Royal protocol dictates the wedding gowns of royal brides be modest—so down-to-there necklines, backless designs, or thigh-high slits would definitely not sit well with the Queen. Meghan might have worn some pretty revealing dresses in her previous life on the red carpet (as pictured above), but on the day she becomes a royal wife, she'll be covered up. Remember: This is one of the more important Style Rules The Royal Family Must Follow.

It will be a timeless design

meghan markle wedding dress

When asked which celebrity's wedding dress was her all-time favorite, she cited the simple white satin sheath dress by Narciso Rodriquez, worn by Carolyn Bessette when she married John F. Kennedy Jr. (She called it "simple and classic") Bessette paired the dress with a simple long veil and sheer gloves. Meghan won't wear something as paired down, but she will most definitely opt for something that stands the test of time.

She will not wear a hat

vegan celebrities - AUCKLAND, NZ - OCTOBER 30: The Duchess of Sussex (Meghan Markle) visiting Auckland's Viaduct Harbour during her first Royal Tour in New Zealand on October, 2018 in Auckland, New Zealand. - Image

While hats are an absolute most for female guests at royal weddings, Meghan will not be wearing one. Like all royal brides before her, She will most certainly be wearing a tiara—either one loaned to her by the Queen as Kate Middleton did on her wedding day or, in this case, the Spencer family tiara that has enormous sentimental value to Harry (it was Princess Diana's favorite) and happens to be absolutely stunning.

Her dress will not be designed by Dror

Wedding dress by Dror

Unfortunately for Dror (who is responsible for the design above), now that her sketches are out there, the Palace is surely not amused at the security breach. Who leaked the designs to TMZ? In all probability, someone profited nicely from all this and that will surely raise some concerns about confidentiality that will likely knock the designer out of the running.

It will be a diplomatic dress

what we know about meghan markle's wedding dress

Meghan is the first American marrying into the royal family in eighty years. It's an historic moment and one whose significance is not lost on her. Her dress will either be from an American or British designer honoring her roots or acknowledging her new home.

A few British designers are in the running

Sarah Burton and Naomi Campbell

St. George's Chapel can accommodate 800 people. While Meghan and Harry may not be planning a wedding of that size, the dress has to fill the space—and that is no easy feat. British designer Erdem, a favorite of Meghan's, is known for intricate statement making dresses and could be a good choice. His designs are very romantic and he also fits the diplomatic profile perfect—he's U.K.-based but was born in Canada (where Meghan became a star where filming "Suits") to a British mother and Turkish father.

British bookmakers are giving him 10/3 odds as the designer of the dress. British house and Hollywood favorite Ralph & Russo is likely in the mix, too. There's also an outside chance Meghan could tap Sarah Burton (pictured above, with Naomi Campbell) who's instantly iconic Alexander McQueen gown Kate wore on her wedding day was universally praised for being beautiful, memorable and appropriate.

Top American designers are also in contention

what we know about meghan markles wedding dress

Oscar de la Renta, who designed Amal Clooney's dress, is a frontrunner if Meghan opts for a stateside design house. Although the designer died in 2014, his label is now in the capable hands of Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia. Even Vera Wang, whose 2018 bridal collection featured gorgeous sophisticated designs that would look perfect on Meghan, could be a contender.

It will be a fashionista's dress

what we know about Meghan Markle's wedding dress

One of Meghan's best friends is her stylist Canadian-based celebrity stylist Jessica Mulroney, who is sure to have an important role in the selection of the dress. Don't be surprised if Vogue editor Anna Wintour isn't helping out, as well.

It will be gorgeous

what we know about meghan marble's wedding dress

No matter what Meghan wears on her wedding day, she is sure to dazzle. She's a very smart woman, and there's little chance she'll choose anything less than a showstopper for the historic occasion. And fore more of the adorable details on everyone's favorite couple, read up on how Meghan Markle Was Prince Harry's Crush For Years.

Diane Clehane is a New York-based journalist and author of Imagining Diana A Novel. 

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