The 30 Ugliest Dresses of 2017

Let's leave these hideous dresses behind when 2018 rolls around.

The 30 Ugliest Dresses of 2017

Fashion is, for the most part, subjective, with beauty being largely in the eye of the beholder. However, in many cases, you can’t argue with ugly. While 2017 has seen numerous well-received fashion trends—from elevated athleisure to delicately embroidered dresses—it feels as though the year has given us more misses than hits.

From the streets to the runways, 2017 has offered up some of the year’s worst dresses we’ve ever seen. These fatal fashion faux pas have attempted to reinvigorate trends from Cosby sweaters to velvet, failing every step of the way. Before you toast 2018 in something you’ll regret, make sure you’ve checked out the ugliest dresses of 2017. And if your New Year’s resolution is to clean out your closet, make sure you’re ditching these awful style trends from the past year, too.

Nasty gal red dress

Nasty Gal Red Blazer Dress

It’s such a relief to have finally found Carmen Sandiego after all these years. Unfortunately, even a seemingly conservative blazer dress becomes something a woman should never wear to work when it’s this ugly.

Opening ceremony dress

Opening Ceremony Space Dye Maxi Dress

Like nobody in their right mind has ever said, asymmetrical is the new symmetrical.

Anna Sui corset dress

Anna Sui Corset Dress

A dress for those times when the Renaissance Faire and Valentine’s Day sync up. Better yet, the loose corseting on this bad boy gives you plenty of room to fill up on mutton and mead.

Ted baker dress

Ted Baker Mallie Porcelain Rose Body Con Dress

We love a woman who wears her heart on her sleeve and her privates right on the front of her dress.

Custo barcelona sweater dress

Custo Barcelona Sweater Dress

Not all heroes wear capes. Some of them wear their metallic cummerbunds over dresses made of muppet fur, apparently.

Current elliot plaid dress

Current/Elliot Hi-Lo Plaid Cotton Shirt Dress

Jordan Catalano called. He wants his clothes back. Sadly, not even a pair of the sexiest new shoes for women could save this look.

Dion lee blazer dress

Dion Lee Blazer Dress

A versatile look you can wear in your time machine back to 1992, or on the short walk to your trash can.

BCBG velvet dress


The color of a ’70s shag carpet, made out of velvet, and adorned with comically oversized breast pockets, this dress truly couldn’t be worse if it tried.

Anna Sui dress

Anna Sui Zodiac Dress

With tie-dyed stars, clashing patterns, and a woven belt, even a beauty like Bella Hadid can’t make this hippie nonsense look good.

Johanna ortiz dress

Johanna Ortiz Under New Mexico Skies Plaid Gown

This dress is what would have happened if, instead of drapes, Scarlett O’Hara had tried to make her ballgown out of tablecloths from a Cracker Barrel.

Jersey dress

Custo Jersey Dress

Sometimes, you want to be fashionable. Sometimes, you want to fit in at the big game. And sometimes, you just want people to see your nipples. When all three coincide, this Custo monstrosity is here for you.

Gucci pink dress

Gucci Pink Silk Viscose Dress

Well, at least now we know what a Malibu Barbie would wear to her own funeral.

Ivanova blazer dress

Ivanova Princess Dress

A dress that finally answers the question, “What would your favorite Disney princess wear if she worked as a legal secretary in 1985?”

Zadig & voltaire camouflage dress

Zadig&Voltaire Camo Dress

For those hunting trips when you want everything but those headlights to be under wraps. Bonus points for oversized, JNCO-esque pants.

Black and white checked dress

Slava Zaitsev Checkered Dress

Designer Slava Zaitsev’s foray into motion sickness couture has been dizzying, to say the least.

Nasty gal sweater dress

Nasty Gal Ribbed Sweater Dress

When you want to wear something workplace-appropriate but still let your crush know that you’re wearing weird underwear, Sophia Amoruso’s Nasty Gal line has got you covered.

Jeremy scott dress

Jeremy Scott Fishnet Dress

This is why we don’t play Candy Land on acid.

Tory burch gold dress

Tory Burch Gold Silk Dress

Finally, a dress with pockets! Now, if only we could do something about the track stripes and off-kilter nipple tassels.

Dennis basso dress

Dennis Basso Fur Dress

The good thing about this dress is that it won’t even be recognizable once it’s covered in red paint.

Trina turk silk dress

Trina Turk Jaine Paisley Silk Dress

Like your mom’s awful ’70s maternity wear, but somehow much, much worse.

Denim shirt dress

Vivienne Tam Shirtdress

Two different lengths, two different sleeves, and a piece of rope—wow, our college boyfriends were right: stuff you find in the lost-and-found at the Y is pretty much the same as high fashion.

Vivienne Tam denim apron

Vivienne Tam Denim Apron Dress

Backwards dress shirt? Check. Asymmetrical denim apron piece? Check. A shocking disregard for what looks good or fits? You betcha.

Missoni dress

Missoni Long-Sleeve Patchwork Knit Maxi Dress

Finally, a $3,000 dress you can wear to a Widespread Panic concert.

Tibi dress

Tibi Clear Corset Dress

An outfit for when you’ve been working hard on your diet and you’ll be damned if you let a flowy garden party dress hide your tiny waist.

Lafayette paisley dress

Cadenza 3/4-Sleeve Renaissance Paisley Maxi Dress

That Stevie Nicks collaboration with Madame Chiang Kai-shek just didn’t live up to our high expectations.

Custo Barcelona sweaterdress

Custo Barcelona Sweater Dress

Finally, a dress made to look like Las Vegas casino carpeting.

Victoria beckham dress

Victoria Beckham Flounce Shirt

When you can’t decide which of his button-downs to put on the morning after, just get drunk and sew them all together.

Vivienne tam shirt dress

Vivienne Tam Shirt Dress

Finally, a dress that combines the two best fashion trends of all time: children’s drawings and incomprehensible scribbles.

Zadig & voltaire sweater dress

Zadig & Voltaire Sweater Dress

A perfect outfit for those chilly fall days cold enough for a sweater, but not so frigid that you don’t want to wear something see-through.

Givenchy overalls

Givenchy Denim Overall Dress

If you’ve got a few grand to blow, why not spend it on this tiny denim overall dress, perfect for adult preschool, or a worst-dressed list. If you want your own kid to have better luck, fashion-wise, make sure to follow this royal guide to dressing your child.

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