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What Your Birthstone Says About Your Love Life, According to Astrologers

From dazzling diamond to grand garnet, can your birthstone bring you romance?

You're probably already familiar with your birthstone—but do you know how wearing it can impact your love life? It's true! Your birthstone is cosmically aligned with the month you were born, and each zodiac birthstone carries a unique energy that can influence different aspects of your relationships. "When we understand the energies at play with our birthstone, we can use them as a guide to help navigate our love lives," shares Tiffany McGee, professional astrologer and founder of Nomadrs. Curious to know more? Keep reading to see what your birthstone says about your romantic journey.

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What Your Birthstone Says About Your Love Life

January: Garnet

Close up of a blonde woman wearing a garnet necklace and ring against a white shirt
Marben / Shutterstock

If your birthstone is Garnet, you possess a deep, passionate nature that is very attractive and alluring to others. You're likely drawn to partners who are willing to work on building a strong foundation together. Garnet is also believed to have the power to increase sensuality in relationships.

"If you're in a committed relationship, wearing a garnet or keeping it close to you may help rekindle the flame between you and your partner," explains professional astrologer Ankush Wadhwa.

February: Amethyst

Close up of a large amethyst ring on a woman's hand
SergeyCo / Shutterstock

Amethyst is a calming stone thought to protect against negative energy, which can be beneficial in navigating any challenges that may arise in a relationship. It's also said to help couples communicate more openly and honestly.

"Your love life is marked by spirituality and depth. You seek relationships that nourish your soul and help you grow as a person," says McGee. And naturally, you are attracted to partners who share your values and are equally committed to their own personal growth.

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March: Aquamarine

View of an aquamarine necklace on a woman with long hair and a white shirt.
Napoleonka / Shutterstock

Aquamarine symbolizes purity, honesty, and loyalty. In terms of love and relationships, this stone is thought to promote understanding and trust between romantic partners.

"Aquamarine is associated with the throat chakra, which is linked to communication and self-expression. Those who wear or carry aquamarine are empowered to speak their truth and express their emotions, which can be beneficial for fostering healthy relationships," Wadhwa explains.

April: Diamond

Close up of an elegant engagement diamond ring
iStock / Serhii Sobolevskyi

If your birthstone is the diamond, you seek relationships that can stand the test of time. "The diamond is a symbol of strength and clarity, and your love life should reflect these qualities," McGee says. This is also why it's the stone for engagement rings.

Since this gem can help you see things clearly, it allows you to understand your partner's needs and desires on a deeper level. Therefore, you're drawn to people who share your determination to work towards a long-term, stable relationship.

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May: Emerald

Close up of a woman holding up an emerald and diamond necklace
antoniodiaz / Shutterstock

Emerald is associated with love, loyalty, and harmony. Wearing or carrying an emerald is said to promote a happy home life, and it's one of the most popular stones for good luck, prosperity, and emotional balance in relationships.

Wearing this gem infuses "a deep, nurturing energy" into your love life, McGee says. It's also believed to bring about positive changes and deeper commitment in relationships.

June: Pearl

young asian woman putting on pearl necklace
Shutterstock / Pearl PhotoPix

"Pearls are often seen as symbols of lasting love, as they are formed slowly and over time within oysters," explains Wadhwa. "They symbolize a slow-burning love that strengthens with time."

Pearls also promote purity and simplicity, and wearing them is believed to enhance the bond between romantic partners. You're attracted to those who also value honesty and authenticity.

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July: Ruby

Close up of a beautiful woman wearing three-tiered ruby earrings
Eugene Partyzan / Shutterstock

A ruby signifies passion and vitality. Wearing or having a ruby is said to promote sensuality, desire, and excitement in both your love life and the bedroom–making it a good choice for anyone looking to spice things up a bit.

McGee says ruby wearers are "attracted to partners who can match your fervor and help you explore the depths of your emotions." This stone is also believed to promote fidelity and help deepen the bond between two people.

August: Peridot

torook / Shutterstock

Peridot is associated with peace. "It's known for its ability to heal and balance the heart chakra, which is associated with love and emotional well-being," Wadhwa explains.

Peridot is also said to bring abundance and prosperity, which can help create a more stable and supportive environment for a relationship to flourish. And because it breeds contentedness, those wearing this stone will likely have a healthy sense of adventure and spontaneity in their love life.

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September: Sapphire

Close up of hands holding a sapphire and diamond ring
solidcolours / iStock

Those with Sapphire as their birthstone are known for their wisdom and stability in relationships. Sapphire is said to promote faithfulness and loyalty in romantic relationships. This gem is also believed to have a calming energy, which can help ease tensions or conflicts.

McGee says sapphire wearers "seek partners who are genuine and authentic, valuing deep connections that stand the test of time." This is why this gem is also a popular choice for wedding and engagement rings.

October: Opal

triangle opal ring in geode
lilbird / Shutterstock

Opal has long been associated with love, passion, and desire. And according to traditional beliefs, wearing opal is said to enhance the romantic life of the wearer and bring them good luck in love.

"Opals are also said to ignite passion and desire in the wearer, making them more attractive and appealing to their partner," explains Wadhwa. If this is your birthstone, you're likely drawn to people who inspire you and help you see the world through a different lens.

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November: Topaz

Close up of a big topaz and diamond ring on a woman's hand, with a matching necklace visible in the background
passkphoto / Shutterstock

Topaz has many properties that can positively influence one's love life. For starters, it's said to bring good fortune and encourage honesty in relationships. McGee adds that it helps build "lasting bonds with partners who share your values and appreciate your dedication."

This birthstone is also thought to promote feelings of affection and emotional balance, so your relationships are likely to be built on a foundation of trust, mutual support, and unwavering devotion.

December: Turquoise

Close up of a smiling woman wearing gold and turquoise matching earrings, rings, and necklaces
tolgart / iStock

Turquoise is believed to help one express their feelings and communicate effectively with a partner. This stone is often associated with emotional balance, communication, and clarity of thought in relationships. "It's also believed that wearing turquoise has a calming effect on the heart and mind," shares Wadhwa.

Turquoise wearers are drawn to partners who appreciate their sensitive side and are willing to put in the work to build a loving connection.

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