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The Bathing Suit You Should Wear, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Are you more of a flirty string bikini or a practical and sporty one-piece? Let astrology decide.

With Memorial Day weekend in the rearview mirror, we're now full speed ahead into summer. And whether you're a beach bum, a posh pool lounger, or an aquatic adventurer, you're going to need to get your swimsuit wardrobe in order. Maybe you like to flaunt your figure in a flattering high-waisted bikini, or perhaps you're more comfortable in a stays-put one-piece that lets you surf, swim, and everything in between. Or, for those of you who just don't know what style to opt for, we called in the help of professional astrologers. Keep reading to find out which bathing you should wear, based on your zodiac sun.

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Aries: Sporty One-Piece

A smiling woman walking out of the ocean wearing a sporty black one-piece bathing suit and sunglasses
Valeriy_G / iStock

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries brings a lot of energy to the table. They're often up before the sun, and as soon as they've made their daily to-do list, it's go-go-go.

That's why Raquel Rodriguez, astrologer and founder of Your Zodiac, recommends a sporty one-piece swimsuit for this adventurous sign.

Even if something active isn't part of the plan, Aries will be ready for an impromptu surf lesson or a game of beach volleyball in this practical bathing suit.

Taurus: Retro

Top view of a woman on an ice cream-shaped pool float, wearing a white and red polka dot bikini
Photo-Art-Lortie / Shutterstock

Astrologer Bella Nguen says Tauruses place a lot of emphasis on comfort and quality when it comes to clothing—so a bathing suit style that has lasted the test of time if perfect for them.

"Taurus is a classic and elegant sign," she says. "Retro bathing suits are timeless and flattering, featuring high-waist bottoms, halter tops, and polka dots."

They'll never go out of fashion, but since they're not this year's "trendy" swimsuit, this well-dressed and super-stylish sign will be sure to stand out from the crowd.

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Gemini: Monokini

A happy young woman on the beach, wearing a monokini swimsuit and sun hat
NanoStockk / iStock

"Geminis are versatile and love to experiment with their style," says Rodriguez. And while this is certainly true, they're also considered the most indecisive member of the zodiac, thanks to the fact that they're the sign of the dualistic twins.

So, a Gemini can avoid having to choose between a one-piece or a two-piece with a monokini that's a little bit of both. "Whether it's a vibrant color or a bold geometric pattern, their bathing suit will reflect their dynamic nature," adds Rodriguez.

Plus, the fun style of this swimsuit is a great way for this social butterfly to truly stand out.

Cancer: Swim Dress

young woman lying down next to the resort pool with a cute dress
Alberto van Herckenrode / iStock

"Cancers embrace their nurturing and feminine qualities," says Rodriguez, which is why she recommends a sweet swim dress for this sentimental-yet-emotional sign.

Cancer is also the homebody of the zodiac, and it can take a lot to coax them out of their shell—another reason Rodriguez feels this somewhat demure bathing suit style is perfect for them3.

For added elegance and flirty fun, she suggests finding a suit in "soft pastel shades and delicate floral patterns ."

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Leo: String Bikini

A happy woman on the beach wearing a yellow bikini and a colorful sarong
MStudioImages / iStock

Leos don't hold back in any aspect of life, and when it comes time to don a bathing suit, they're more than ready to show off some skin.

"Leo will love the attention and compliments they get from wearing a string bikini," says Nguen.

But it's not just about looking sexy; Leo is a proud and confident sign, and they don't see the point of having to hide their body. So, don't expect them to walk around the beach flirting, but do get ready to admire their charisma and poise.

Virgo: Tankini

Middle age woman in white tankini swimsuit holds a fluttering cloth and poses over a blue sky.
FXQuadro / Shutterstock

Nguen thinks a tankini "is a smart and versatile choice" for the perfectionist of the zodiac. "Virgo is a practical and meticulous sign," she explains. "They like to have everything in order and under control."

A tank-top style two-piece offers more coverage and flexibility than other styles, Nguen notes, so Virgo won't have to worry about adjusting their swimsuit or feeling out of their comfort zone.

But at the same time, it's an opportunity for this usually serious sign to mix and match "different tops and bottoms to suit their mood and occasion," she adds.

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Libra: One-Shoulder

A happy brunette woman standing in a pool wearing an emerald green swimsuit.
Pressmaster / Shutterstock

Lovely Libra, ruled by Venus, the planet of romance, is drawn to anything beautiful and classy—which is precisely why Nguen thinks they'll enjoy "the simplicity and sophistication of a one-shoulder style."

But it's more than just pure aesthetics; it's also the logistical aspects that make sense for the sign represented by the scales of justice. "They like to balance beauty and function," says Nguen. "A one-shoulder bathing suit is stylish and elegant, adding some asymmetry and interest to their look."

Scorpio: Long-Sleeves

Smiling woman standing at the ocean, wearing a blue long swimsuit, beach hat and mirrored sunglasses.
Fernando Calmon / Shutterstock

Mysterious Scorpio can be hard to figure out—and that's exactly how they prefer it. "They like to keep some secrets and intrigue others," points out Nguen.

So, is it any surprise that she pairs this complex sign with a bathing suit that's also a bit unexpected? "A long-sleeve bathing suit is a surprising and edgy choice that covers more than it reveals, leaving more to the imagination," Nguen says.

Scorpio will love how alluring a simple swimsuit choice can be, and they'll especially love a bathing suit in a dark color.

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Sagittarius: Board Shorts

Photo of a young woman and her dog sitting on the paddleboard
AleksandarNakic / iStock

Come summer, don't be surprised if Sagittarius is hopping on a plane to a tropical beach or embarking on a month-long hike.

This adventurous sign is not content to stay put for long, and "board shorts are a casual and comfortable choice that allows them to move freely and enjoy any activity," says Nguen.

They may be lounging on the beach one second and hopping on their paddleboard the next, so it's important they have a staple wardrobe item that they won't have to think about. Bonus points if they can find a matching rash guard!

Capricorn: High-Waist Bikini

Olesya Kuprina / Shutterstock

If you can pull Capricorn away from the office long enough to enjoy a sunny summer day, you can expect to find them in a high-waisted bikini. "Capricorn is an ambitious and professional sign," says Nguen. "They like to work hard and achieve their goals."

So, when they have downtime, they want to feel their very best, and this swimsuit style will give them plenty of their signature confidence. "[It's] a classy and flattering choice that shows off their curves without being too revealing," says Nguen.

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Aquarius: Strappy One-Piece

Two young women in swimsuits relaxing and drinking tropical cocktails in the swimming pool top view close up
Karisssa / iStock

Aquarians are lovable oddballs. Considered the most eccentric and free-spirited zodiac sign, they don't care about what's trendy this season. They're more concerned with embracing their individuality. However, as Nguen points out, Aquarius is also adventurous and athletic, so when it comes to a swimsuit, they can't go too wild.

A strappy one-piece is practical, but it's also one of those bathing suit styles that comes in every color and pattern imaginable, so these folks will have no problem finding something that speaks to them.

Pisces: Ruffles

A woman splashing in the ocean wearing a bikini
isitsharp / iStock

Naturally, the sign of the fish feels right at home in the water.

Pisces has been counting down the days until the beach opens, so when their toes first hit the sand, they want their outfit to mirror the pure joy they're experiencing.

"Pisces is a dreamy and romantic sign. They like to express their creativity and imagination," explains Nguen. "Ruffles add a whimsical charm to any bathing suit, making them ideal for Pisces, who want to look cute and playful."

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