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The Zodiac Sign With the Worst Manners, According to Astrologers

Don't invite them to a party where you want to make a good impression.

By the time we become adults, most of us know what it means to have good manners: Say "please" and "thank you," contribute as many questions to a conversation as you do answers, and always put the needs of others ahead of your own. But when it comes to practicing these manners, many of us fall short. We zone out at the dinner table, interrupt others with our own commentary, and take things before offering—hey, it's human nature! If you're in the company of a seriously bad-mannered person, though, it could be due to their horoscope. Here, astrology experts tell us the zodiac signs with the worst manners, from slightly unrefined to downright rude.

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A Gemini's table manners are perfectly acceptable—there's a reason they get invited to so many cocktail parties and happy hours! Their weakness, however, is knowing what's appropriate to say in different types of company.

"They have a proclivity for being all over the place as Mercurials: Their minds are zipping everywhere, and they want to do everything and can see all the viewpoints," says Christa Lei, an intuitive astrologer. "Often, in arguments, they will be the ones playing devil's advocate, so they're fun, but often don't have the best tact."

This can work well when with close friends but could put off certain acquaintances.


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This fire sign has a direct line of communication between its brain and its mouth. If a Sag thinks something, they're going to say it—and that could seem like bad manners to people who are accustomed to more restraint.

"Sagittarians can be bluntly honest and are sometimes seen as rude for that reason," says Adrianna, a psychic advisor at California Psychics. Fortunately, people don't remember these slip-ups long: "They always get away with it because good old Jupiter—[the planet of good fortune]—has their backs," Adrianna adds.

Their charisma and happy-go-lucky attitude make up for any bluntness that gets taken the wrong way.

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Scorpio's bad manners come out when they feel the need to retaliate against someone.

"If someone crosses them in conversation, slights them socially, or even fires up Scorpio's jealous ways, then look out," says Bethany Nicole, an LA-based astrologer. "A casual conversation could quickly become laced with Scorpio's venom."

You might not always see these streaks of rudeness come on, either. "The attack generally holds no bounds or boundaries, meaning a pleasant dinner party could quickly become a war zone with no regard for other's experience," says Nicole. Not something most people are agreeable to!


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Ruled by the sun and lover of the spotlight, Leo is a natural-born star. But if they don't keep that star power in check, they could come off as poorly mannered-attention hogs.

"This loud lion loves to be the center of attention, sometimes at the cost of the conversation," says Nicole. "It has a tendency to roar over others' opinions, interrupt, and constantly loop the conversation back to their favorite subject—themselves!"

If you have a Leo friend who does this often, chat with them privately to alert them of the problem. Sometimes, they don't even realize they're doing it.


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Aquarius will never win any awards as a dinner party guest.

"They often keep to themselves, except when asked for an opinion which they will often deliver bluntly, logically, and sometimes with little regard to other's feelings," says Nicole. "They simply don't play well in the emotional realm, which can make them come across as cold, unfeeling, and bored."

You might catch an Aquarius scrolling a news article on their phone or daydreaming about their next big innovation instead of engaging with other guests.

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If there's one word to describe Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, it'd be impatient. They can treat a dinner conversation as something to be won, not something to engage in.

"If the conversation lags, if someone's response is lacking, or even if the vibe of the party gets too low, Aries is the first to speak up and fire off," says Nicole. "Tact is not exactly their strong suit, and they tend to like things their way or the highway."

It's important to note that Aries doesn't come by its poor manners maliciously. "Aries tends to barge in uninvited where others fear to tread, and with a closer look, we see that what motivates Aries is their big, big heart and courageous mind," explains Adrianna. "They want to right the wrongs they see, and they always stick up for the little dog in a fight—unfortunately, they can be blunt and bombastic about it!"

If Aries takes someone on as a sparring partner, they're likely ethically correct, just going about it aggressively. A bit of politeness could go a long way for this fiery sign.

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