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Disney Guests Criticize "Indecent" Scene on Classic Ride: "Did NOT Age Well"

Disney's Carousel of Progress hasn't been updated in 20 years, and guests say it shows.

It appears the Carousel of Progress ride at Disney World isn't as progressive as some Disney fans would like it to be. Located in Tomorrowland, the 20-minute attraction follows an American family over four generations, as they learn to adapt and incorporate rising technology into their everyday lives.

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Since its conception in 1975, the ride—which is meant to be both an educational and entertaining experience—has been rewritten and restaged several times to reflect the evolution of technology. Carousel of Progress was most recently reworked in 1994, per the ride's official Disney page.

Updated or not, some guests have taken umbrage with the classic audio-animatronics show after a self-proclaimed Disney adult pointed out in a TikTok video that the attraction is showing its age, and could be in need of a major rewrite.

"Well… this certainly did NOT age well…," TikToker Jerendelle wrote alongside the clip, which opens with a recorded audio-animatronic scene between a father and his teenage daughter, Patricia.

Patricia is seen in her undergarments getting ready for a high school dance when her father begins welcoming guests into their home. When Patricia expresses her unease about the situation, John tells her to brush it off because the guests are "friends."


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"Papa, all these people, I'm indecent!" Patricia tells her father, who responds with a laugh.

"Don't worry, Patricia, they're friends," he answers. The phone that's recording the TikTok video then pans to Jerendelle, who's donning an uncomfortable expression of their own.

The TikTok video has racked up over 10,000 views and more than 600 likes, plus a steady stream of comments—many of which call out Disney World for failing to remove the "indecent" scene.

"Lol yea I always thought that part was awkward," one user said in agreement. Jerendelle responded back, "It just gives me the total ICK when I see it."

Another person wrote, "Omg I felt the same way I just didn't know how to say it."

"Love carousel but yeah… it needs a major update to something that will age more gracefully," one TikToker chimed in.

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Though many were quick to criticize the Carousel of Progress scene, others noted that the undergarments worn during that time period were made differently and with more fabric.

"She's literally covered more than half the people … at the park," one person argued.

Another added, "Stop being cringey of something you don't like…. it is a historical ride and it isn't even inappropriate."

But as one user explained, it isn't necessarily about how much skin the teenager is showing, but that she was put in an inappropriate and vulnerable situation—and by a family member no less.

"She's fully covered, but it's still the same as a bra & undies. It's meant to go under her clothing and not be seen," they said.

Whether one TikTok video is enough for Disney to rethink the attraction, however, remains to be seen.

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