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The Worst-Rated Disney Park, New Data Reveals

These rankings show which of the company's locations around the world travelers like the least.

Planning a trip to a Disney park has become enshrined in culture as an essential experience that people of all ages can enjoy. The special locations are painstakingly detailed in bringing the fantasy worlds shown in the company's films and TV shows to life, with many guests willing to pay top dollar for entry. But even with its impressive track record, some park visits can leave a bad taste in peoples' mouths. And now, new data has revealed the worst-ranked Disney park in the world.

The comprehensive rundown comes from the Daily Mail, which compared the Yelp rating of each of the company's destinations around the globe. The ultimate rankings include 11 of the company's 12 parks across the U.S., France, Japan, and Hong Kong. Disney's Shanghai park is the only omitted location, as Yelp isn't active there yet.

Each park was then placed in order of its overall rating, ranging from one to five. So, which destinations drew the most criticism? Read on for the worst-rated Disney park, according to its Yelp reviews.

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Disney California Adventure Park, California

disneyland california adventure at night
P_Wei / iStock

Total Yelp Score: 4.1

Even as the company's sixth-worst-ranked location, Disney California Adventure Park at Disneyland still manages to break a four with its Yelp rating. One five-star review cites how much the guest appreciates the park's evolution to include more of Disney's Marvel and Pixar properties, while one-star reviews complain that employee morale and customer service could use some improvement.

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Disneyland Park, France

A large number of masked tourists managing to enjoy Disneyland Paris despite Covid-19 restrictions

Total Yelp Score: 4.0

Even though it ranks in the bottom half of parks, Disneyland Paris still draws praise from some reviewers for being less crowded than its American counterparts and relatively easy to access from the City of Lights. However, others gripe about many rides being broken down, long lines at food vendors, and higher-than-expected prices.

Walt Disney Studios Park, France

Walt Disney Studios archway against blue sky

Total Yelp Score: 4.0

Still not dipping below a four-rating, Walt Disney Studios Park seems to get many of the same compliments as its other French location. Fans praise the exciting variety of rides while also citing the park's smaller and more manageable size that makes it easy to take in. It's also close to Disneyland Paris, making it possible to explore both in one day with a subway ride from the city.

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Magic Kingdom Park, Florida

disney world cinderella castle

Total Yelp Score: 3.9

Even as one of Disney's most iconic parks, the Magic Kingdom in Florida still leaves some visitors divided. Many gush about how the park fulfills many expectations, from the wide variety of rides to the nightly fireworks show. However, negative reviews point out long lines for popular rides.

Disneyland Park, California

mary poppins holding little girl's hand at disneyland
smckenzie / iStock

Total Yelp Score: 3.8

As Disney's first-ever park, Disneyland in Anaheim, California, holds a special place in history. Guests still gush about certain bright spots, including manageable lines thanks to the Genie pass and an ambiance that feels magical for adults and kids alike. Still, others gripe about the expensive price of souvenirs and entry tickets.

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Disney's Hollywood Studios, Florida

Crowds standing next to the Millennium Falcon at Disney Hollywood Studios

Total Yelp Score: 3.7

Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida came out as the company's worst-ranked park. Many gripe about how much smaller it is compared to the other nearby offerings while still being crowded. But even at the bottom, it still earns praise from guests who appreciate the Star Wars-themed rides and the park's "Golden Age of Hollywood" theme.

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