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10 Best Things to Buy at Target, Experts Say

These items have better quality and prices than rival retailers.

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Target offers one of the best shopping experiences out there—just think of all the times you went to grab a pack of batteries and went home with an organizational device, a greeting card, and a fresh new candle. But just because you're buying a lot of things at Target doesn't mean they're the best things. For that, you need to pay attention to prices, quality, and inventory levels. Ahead, we asked shopping experts for the best things to buy at Target for any of those reasons. From home decor to grocery essentials, this is their comprehensive list to keep in mind the next time you visit your local store.

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You might want to hit your nearby Target to stock up for summer.

"Target has really come into its own with bathing suits," says smart shopping expert Trae Bodge. "They are reasonably priced, stylish, flattering, and long-lasting—and I appreciate how you can buy tops and bottoms separately, too!"

The clothing department has other summer necessities like coverups, sweat shorts, and sunglasses, so you can do a one-stop shop.

Household essentials

Up&Up disinfecting wipes on a shelf at Target
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Don't wait for trips to your dedicated grocery store to purchase these items.

"One thing that I will consistently buy at Target over other places is its Up & Up brand of home—everything from paper towels to cleaning products," says Andrew Priobrazhenskiy, shopping and savings expert at DiscountReactor. "These are all high quality, often meeting and even beating the performance of name-brand items, and at the same time, the price point is greatly lowered."

That way, you have more cash for purchases that are a bit more exciting!

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Home fragrance

Display of Ever Spring hand soap and dish soap at Target
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The next time you pass by the Target fragrance aisle, stop to take a sniff.

"The available scents are always really nice—I've never tried one that I didn't like, and they are under $10," says Bodge. "I think they rival high-end home fragrance brands."

One of her favorites is the Ever Spring room spray, which comes in a range of scents.


Packs of dried fruit by Good and Gather brand on display at Target
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Build up your stash for school lunches or your next home party. "They carry all the name brands at reasonable prices and have good options from their own brands as well," says Bodge.


patio furniture on display at target
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"Target has great deals on home furniture, and they have a pretty extensive collection that covers almost any style or taste you can think of, from modern to retro to country," says Todd Stearn, CEO of The Money Manual. "Country Living even did a roundup last year of their favorite affordable Target finds, and none of them look like they came from a discount retailer."

Look at items in the store and on the website.

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games aisle at Target
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Kids outgrow toys almost as quickly as they outgrow clothes, so you'll want to snag a deal.

"Target has been offering a wide range of terrific toys for kids of all ages at fantastic prices for quite a while," says Stearn. "And just before last year's holiday season, they added thousands more for under $25 from top brands like FAO Schwartz, LEGO, and Hot Wheels."

Many of the items are exclusive to Target.


Folded Shirts on Sale at Target
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While Target's store-brand clothing is a great deal, it's the store's collaborations that Bodge notices most. "I always look at their designer collabs," she says. "These offer an affordable way to own designer pieces!"

In the past few years, Target has worked with designers like Missoni, Altuzarra, Lilly Pulitzer, Marimekko, Hunter, Anna Sui, and more.

House-brand groceries

grocery aisles at Target
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Target's house brands make great groceries.

"I always buy Market Pantry for pantry staples like pasta, rice, and canned goods because they're highly affordable and they also meet rigorous quality standards," says Abid Salahi, co-founder of FinlyWealth. "A recent study by ConsumerLab found that Target's Market Pantry products consistently outperformed or matched the quality of name-brand counterparts at a significantly lower cost."

You can't argue with science!

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Target Home Decor Things you should never buy at target
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Target does home decor just as well, if not better, than its rivals.

"Threshold and Hearth & Hand with Magnolia are my two favorites," says Priobrazhenskiy. "I find the stuff really trendy and similar to higher-end brands but at a fraction of the price—so it's easy to update the look and feel in my house without spending a ton, and I find the quality is pretty impressive for the price as well."

Threshold offers textiles like bath towels and sheets, while Hearth & Hand with Magnolia has those things, plus furniture, storage solutions, and pretty odds and ends.

Fresh produce

Target produce section
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You might not think to get produce at Target, but if you're doing your other shopping at the retailer, it's a good buy.

"There is a wide variety of choices between organic and conventional, and the produce is always fresh and well inventoried," says Priobrazhenskiy. "The ease of grabbing groceries while I am doing my other shopping and competitive pricing makes it the place for me to buy fruits and vegetables."

Only hitting up one store for Sunday errands? That's music to our ears.

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