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The Bath & Body Works Scent You Should Use, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Are you more of a seasonal scent or a classic pick? Floral or woodsy? Let the stars decide.

Whether you hit up your local Bath & Body Works every time a new scent is released or just pop in during the holidays, entering the fragrance haven is a feast for all the senses. But the plethora of brightly colored lotions and sea of punchy perfumes can also feel a little overwhelming. There are just so many options—how do you know what to choose? And even if you always beeline straight to Sweet Pea or Warm Vanilla Sugar, you may want to try something different every now and then.

To help you make a decision, we spoke to a professional astrologer about which Bath & Body Works scent you should use based on your zodiac sign. Keep reading to see if you go more towards pretty florals, sweet baked goods, woodsy or citrus combinations.

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Aries: Japanese Cherry Blossom

Japanese Cherry Blossom Fine Fragrance Mist
Bath and Body Works

As the leader of the zodiac, Aries have no problem going after what they want in life. They aren't afraid of pushing back against others or standing out in a crowd—and they need a scent that will do the same. This fire sign will be drawn to a fragrance that is bold like them and never too frilly, like the fresh and unmistakable Japanese Cherry Blossom.

Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology says the classic aroma is perfect for Aries energy. "The flowers are a striking visual to behold—and they smell just as unique as they look."

Taurus: Hello Beautiful

Hello Beautiful Fine Fragrance Mist
Bath and Body Works

Tauruses love to take their time—this earth sign always find the beauty in their surroundings and have a great appreciation for nature and the finer things in life. Being a spring time sign, basking in scents related to the season is a major plus for them. So hello, floral!

Described as "picking flowers on a bright spring day," Hello Beautiful is light and full of floral notes that will transport Taurus to their most happiest moments. "Taurus loves to indulge the five senses, so this colorful and calming mixture is perfect," says Marquardt.

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Gemini: Butterfly

Butterfly Body Cream
Bath and Body Works

Known for their carefree, lighthearted personalities, Geminis are anything but basic. Deemed the social butterflies of the zodiac, the sweet and fruity vibes of the Butterfly fragrance is definitely a match written in the stars. Its notes are so light and youthful, Marquardt says "you'll feel like you're being whisked away in the wind."

Which is just perfect for an air sign that goes with the flow and doesn't shy away from new people, places, or experiences.

Cancer: Berry Waffle Cone

Berry Waffle Cone Hand Soap
Bath and Body Works

Cancers, the first water sign of the zodiac, are some of the most sensitive people you'll meet. They thrive on caring for others and take pride in knowing that they are able to provide comfort and support to anyone around them.  Emily Newmanastrologer and founder at Best of Psychic Reader says that Cancers are passionate and emotional, and that "they love some sweet scents."

They also have an affinity for nostalgia and will take any chance to reminisce about the good 'ol days. Berry Waffle Cone kicks off the summer season and "will give you flashbacks to your happiest times in childhood, when nothing else mattered but enjoying the richness of life itself," says Marquardt.

Leo: Fairytale

Fairytale Body Cream
Bath and Body Works

With the sun as their ruling planet, it's no surprise that Leos are often focused on themselves. They live to be the center of attention in any scenario and sometimes it doesn't matter if you feed into it or not—they're going to do what they want regardless.

Fairytale is a scent all about writing your own story, so we'd say this pairing is unmatched. Marquardt says the scent profile "can help Leo step into the most magical and majestic version of themselves, bursting with a confident yet effortless aroma that's both fruity and warm." This combo gives off main character energy for sure.

Virgo: Eucalyptus Spearmint

Eucalyptus Spearmint Candle
Bath and Body Works

This grounded earth sign values stability. Virgos are intellectual people who love to be right and don't do well with change.  They need consistency and familiarity to thrive and are a lot more stubborn than you'd think.

"The Eucalyptus Spearmint scent will be one of the most effective ways for them to keep their mind clear and invigorated," Marquardt says. The soothing spearmint combined with the eucalyptus will boost their mental strength—which is great for the Virgos who love to analyze and perfect anything and everything.

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Libra: Champagne Toast

Champagne Toast Candle
Bath and Body Works

The life-of-the-party sign, Libra, is a charmer who makes friends with ease. They like to let go and have fun, and tend to maintain a pretty chill outlook most of the time.

Libra is a shoe-in for Champagne Toast. With a bit of a flirtatious note, the scent is fruity and gives off all the vibes of a glass of bubbly. "Without being too overpowering, this scent will make Libra even more intoxicating to be around," Marquardt shares. Raise a glass and toast to Libra!

Scorpio: Dark Kiss

Dark Kiss Body Cream
Bath and Body Works

Scorpios are dark and mysterious which sometimes comes off as cold, especially if they don't know you that well. But their complexity and edgy vibe will also draw you in, so they need a scent that will do the same.

Newman says Dark Kiss, which combines notes of raspberry, rose, vanilla, and plum musk, will do just that. "It gives an intense seductive smell" that will make Scorpio even harder to resist.

Sagittarius: Classic Flannel

Classic Flannel Body Cream
Bath and Body Works

Sagittarius are the adventurers of the zodiac who are always down for something new. They truly thrive in wild scenarios and never grow of that thrill-seeking lifestyle. So, you might think they'd be paired with an out-there scent, but it's just the opposite.

Marquardt says that Classic Flannel is the right fragrance because it will balance them out. "With all that exploratory energy, they need something that feels safe and cozy." Plus, it's very on brand for them to switch things up and go with something other people wouldn't expect.

Capricorn: Black Tie

Black Tie Cologne
Bath and Body Works

Capricorns are sophisticated, wise, and a touch unapproachable. These earth signs love anything to do with organization and won't hesitate to tell you if you're getting in the way. "They know what it means to leave a lasting impression, whether it's through their looks, their work, or the way they smell," Marqaurdt says.

Black Tie is cordial and inviting and will contrast nicely to Capricorn's sometimes stand-offish nature. Plus, its darker, spicier scent profile embodies the earthly elegance of a Capricorn.

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Aquarius: Rainbow Waves

Rainbow Waves Shower Gel
Bath and Body Works

Aquarius love to stand out and are totally okay with being a little quirky, so it's no surprise that they want a fragrance that is unique as they are. These air signs value equality and standing up to injustices which is what Bath & Body Works had in mind when creating Rainbow Waves.

The scent embodies embracing your true colors and is filled with notes of sunny sangria and melon. "Aquarius is a kaleidoscope of possibilities, and Rainbow Waves perfectly complements their spirited and unafraid personality," Marquardt told Best Life. 

Pisces: Dream Bright

Dream Bright Perfume
Bath and Body Works

If someone constantly has their head in the clouds, you can almost bet it will be a Pisces. These water signs love to escape from reality and they wholly believe in the power of fantasy and imagination. They're also the final sign of the zodiac, so they know how to leave a lasting impression. Marquardt says, "if their aura had a scent, it would be this."

Dream Bright has basic ingredients that are elevated like night-blooming Orchid and crystalized vanilla that pair perfectly with the glamorous energy and intriguing mystique Pisces presents on the regular.

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