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This Zodiac Sign Makes the Best Dog Owner, According to Astrologers

Not all dog lovers are created equal. Astrology says these signs are the ultimate pet parents.

When you think of what makes a good dog owner, you may assume that the person just needs to be an animal lover. And while this affinity toward non-humans can definitely help them be a decent pet parent, it doesn't account for one's instinctive nurturing nature or their pragmatism when it comes to bringing a dog into the home. To learn who will be an outstanding canine companion, we spoke to several astrologers who shared the zodiac signs that make the best dog owners. Read on to learn which signs made the cut, from those who enjoy throwing the ball around to people who consider dogs a true part of the family.

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Volunteers helping a dog at a shelter adoption event
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"The sole purpose of an Aquarian is to rescue everyone in the world," notes celebrity psychic and astrologer Inbaal Honigman. "People, pets, they love them all."

Charlotte Kirsten, founder of the astrology blog Typically Topical, agrees, though she notes that Aquarius may not be as hands-on as other signs. "Ruled by innovative, yet socially disruptive Uranus, Aquarians are most likely to establish successful wildlife sanctuaries and animal charities. They prefer big-picture thinking, and tackling the adoption problem at large appeals to their innate humanitarian values." They're likely to foster a dog from the shelter until they find their forever home.


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Leo's outgoing personality doesn't stop with their human interactions. "Faithful, playful, and super affectionate, these lovable lions treat pets as an extension of their own family," says Kirsten. "Ruled by the luminary Sun, Leos are quick to take the reins when it comes to caring for a pet, mopping up every responsibility with ease."

Kirsten adds that Leos "love a pet that can mimic their bubbly personality." So while they probably won't enjoy having a slower-moving dog, "you might see them with an energetic Golden Retriever or bouncy Springer Spaniel."

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This sign loves nothing more than socializing and having fun, and owning a dog is one more way they can fill this desire. According to author and astrologer Lisa Barretta, "Geminis are even likely to have multiple pets and consider them part of their social circle." You can expect to find a Gemini pet parent at a doggy meet-up or making friends with other owners at the dog park.

Tara Bennet, astrologer, clairvoyant, and spiritual coach at Mediumchat, adds that Gemini's adaptability also makes them good pet owners. "A new addition to the family will slide easily into their lives like they'd always been there. Disruptions don't phase Geminis, and they'll adapt to whatever is thrown at them from sickness to training."


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Sweet and caring Pisces loves coming to the rescue, and, therefore, is the sign "most likely to adopt a homeless dog," says Barretta. And because they're ruled by Neptune, the planet of inspiration and dreams, "they're the first to come up with Insta-worthy play-pen ideas or handmade raw food mixes," says Kirsten.

Their intuitive side means that Pisces has a "way of knowing what their pet wants or needs," Barretta points out. Kirsten says they will also go out of their way to make their pets' lives easier. "True creators at heart, the more involved they can be in the process, the better," she says.

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Tauruses are known homebodies, which means their pets will get plenty of attention. Though they like their space to be neat, "kids, pets, and [partners] can be as natural as they like," explains Honigman. If their dog has an accident on the rug, they'll replace it with something inexpensive that can go in the wash. Honigman shares the late Queen Elizabeth II as an example of a Taurus who always kept dogs, even in a palace.

Kirsten also notes that this "hard-working and pragmatic Earth sign knows exactly what it takes to become a self-sufficient pet parent." They'll arrive at the adoption center having done their research, and they won't commit to anything that isn't practical—like "taking on a Great Dane in a one-bedroom apartment." She adds that loyal Taurus is a sign who recognizes what a big responsibility having a pet is, so once their new dog comes home, "they're part of the family for good."


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It's no surprise that the nurturer of the zodiac lands at the top of this list. "Here is a sign that loves it when their house is full, loves it when their kitchen is busy, and enjoys hugs and kisses at any hour of the day or night. Having a pet around just adds to the experience," says Honigman.

But Cancer's motherly nature goes deeper than just having a full house. "Extremely loving and ultra-sensitive by nature, Cancers will endlessly shower their pets with affection and adoration," explains Kirsten. She also notes that Cancer is likely to have "more than one trusty companion by their side, viewing them as true friends for life." This might be a dog that needs extra emotional or physical care or "a clingy pet that no one else can handle," adds Honigman.

And because taking care of their loved ones is so innate for Cancer, their dog "is sure to have loving care, the best pet bed, vet checkups, and good quality food," says Barretta.

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