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The Pet You Should Have, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Looking for a new addition to the family? An astrologer says this is the best pet for you.

Everybody needs a friend! And while it's fun to go out with your pals for drinks or grab your buddies for a game of golf, there's something special about coming home to a pet. Domesticating animals as companions is a practice nearly as old as the study of astrology—so what better way to find the ideal pet for your personality and lifestyle than by looking to the stars? We asked Best Life's resident astrologer to recommend the pet you should have, based on your zodiac sign. Will you be bringing home a cat from your local shelter? Or will a creepy, crawly tarantula become your new best friend? Keep reading to find outt.

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Lauren Ash is a professional astrologer, writer, and podcast host. She writes horoscopes for USA TODAY and works as a columnist for Best Life, InStyle, Mane Addicts, and Reader's Digest, among others. Follow Lauren on Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to her blog for monthly horoscopes.

Aries: Hamster

Hamster Going Out
iStock / abalcazar

Aries are the bold and passionate leaders of the zodiac. You have a fast-paced life and are always chasing down new opportunities. You also have a big heart and a fun-loving personality that would pair well with any pet, but your busy social schedule means a low-maintenance animal best suits your lifestyle.

That's why we suggest bringing home a hamster from your local pet store. Just like you, these energetic little fuzzballs are independent and enthusiastic, so they won't need constant attention to thrive.

Taurus: Chickens

A red free range chicken stands on the ground in the back yard at midday in summer
iStock / Amazing Nature Photography

Tauruses are known for being patient and reliable. You can be stubborn, but your general vibe is mild-mannered and chill. You don't like to stress yourself out more than you have to, so while a pet sounds fun in theory, it needs to be worth the time, attention, and financial commitment.

That's why raising chickens in the backyard is just the thing for you. They aren't demanding creatures and only require about 15 minutes of care each day. You'll love spending time with your feathery friends during the spring months, and a foodie like you will appreciate having fresh eggs on hand.

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Gemini: Chameleon

Close up of a chameleon in unrecognizable human hand.
iStock / BraunS

Geminis are known for being extroverted and friendly. No matter the occasion, you're able to seamlessly blend in and make friends. Some might even say your social skills border on chamaeleon-like at times. So, is it any wonder we paired you with the coolest reptile around?

Chameleons are very sensitive to their environment and will shift their colors to match the energy around them; much like you do. They're also relatively low maintenance and don't require hours of outdoor excursions to be happy. So, you can keep up your fast-paced lifestyle while your chameleon buddy bathes under the sun lamp, waiting for you to get home with all the latest gossip.

Cancer: Turtle

Turtle pet relaxing in the garden with plants background.
Pablo Fernandes/iStock

Cancers are the homebodies of the zodiac. You value putting down roots and forming your own little community. But despite your huge heart and friendly personality, you have an introverted side, so it's important that you have plenty of downtime to relax and recharge.

In this way, you're much like a turtle who hides when they feel overwhelmed, which is why we think you two would make a perfect pair. Not only do turtles share a love of the water and a slow pace, but they carry their homes on their backs and never feel too far from safety.

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Leo: Cat

A happy long haired brown tabby cat is relaxing on a felt cat bed at home holding his paws crossed in front of him
Svetlana Popova/iStock

Leos are the regal and refined kings of the jungle. You have a confident air of authority about you and aren't afraid to ask for what you want. You don't like to compromise, which can intimidate others. But once they get to know you, they'll see that under your fierce exterior lies the heart of a softie.

Of course, it makes sense to pair the lion of the zodiac with a fellow feline, but cats also share your outward ego and inner loyalty. They're hyper-intelligent and highly independent, and though cats come off shy at first, they have unique personalities that sparkle when they feel loved and cared for.

Virgo: Rabbit

cute rabbit with big ears looking at camera

Virgo is the intelligent and even-tempered perfectionist of the zodiac, which means you're well-equipped to handle high-maintenance and demanding projects. Before making big decisions, you run through all the outcomes before committing. You don't take pet ownership lightly, which is why we feel comfortable recommending a more specialized animal.

Domesticated rabbits are not only adorable and fuzzy beyond belief, but they are some of the most loyal companions. Although they eat a specific diet and need a lot of enrichment time to feel happy, you're just the kind of pet owner to go above and beyond to meet their needs.

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Libra: Love Birds

Two cute cuddling budgies perched on branch with blue background as symbol of love and affection
iStock / Werner Baumgarten

Libra is the sign of the lovers, and for a good reason! You have so much passion in your heart and an ambitious personality to match. Your standards are very high in life and love, so you won't settle down with just anyone. You like to be surrounded by beautiful things that add a touch of luxury and romance to your life.

While you're waiting for Prince or Princess Charming to walk through the door, we recommend adopting a pair of beautiful lovebirds. These feathered creatures bond for life and show that true love is worth the wait. Not to mention, they're usually bright pastel colors that will match your stylish home.

Scorpio: Tarantula

Mexican Blood Leg Tarantula – Fuzzy Pet Tarantula
iStock / tbradford

Scorpios are often called brooding and mysterious, but you have a big heart and plenty of love to share. It can take a while for you to open up, which leads people to believe you're scary or intimidating. But once you feel safe in your environment, there's an entirely different side that comes out.

In this way, you're very similar to a tarantula. It takes a lot of time and patience to build a relationship with these spiders, which is why we feel you're perfectly suited for the task. Plus, your love of things that are a bit edgy means you won't be perturbed by these creatures as most people would be.

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Sagittarius: Marimo Moss

Marimo moss ball
iStock / helovi

Sagittarians are the high-flying adventures of the zodiac. Your endless thirst for excitement and knowledge leads you to faraway places and new experiences. Choosing the right pet for you is tricky because you tend to go away at the spur of the moment or for weeks at a time.

That's why a Marimo moss ball is a perfect companion. This rare form of algae doesn't require much work, though it is very much alive! Plus as the luckiest zodiac sign, you'll appreciate how these moss balls have long been considered good luck in Japan.

Capricorn: Dog

Adorable One Year Old Cockapoo on the beach
iStock / simonbradfield

Capricorns are known for being focused, meticulous, and incredibly hardworking. Much like your fellow earth signs, you never rush into making a decision. And once you've made up your mind, you don't backtrack. You'll put in the effort no matter how daunting the task is in order to ensure success.

Getting a dog takes a serious commitment, one that you are most definitely up for. You'll work together to teach each other new tricks, make friends at the dog park, and prove just how deep the bond between human and dog really is.

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Aquarius: Ferret

Ferret on a lead in grass
iStock / Andrew Linscott

Aquarius is the eccentric oddball of the zodiac. You don't pay much mind to what other people think; you value independence and authenticity above all else. You're an animal lover at heart, which means your home might already have a few cats and dogs running around.

If you're looking for a new addition, we recommend adopting a ferret from your local pet store. Outgoing and energetic, they love to learn new tricks, navigate obstacle courses, and act more like a cat or dog than you might think. And you'll love showing people your unique new pet.

Pisces: Tropical Fish

fish tank full of colorful tropical fish close-up
iStock / Tgordievskaya

Last but not least is you, sweet Pisces. You're a very relaxed and easygoing person who doesn't get rattled by much. People say you have your head in the clouds, but when it comes to the things you care about most, there's no amount of time or energy you won't devote.

Is it any surprise that the perfect pet for the sign of the fish is a tropical saltwater fish tank full of colorful creatures? Fish require a lot of knowledge, and you're the right person to go above and beyond to create the ideal oasis for them.

Lauren Ash
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