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The Worst Zodiac Sign to Tell a Secret To, According to Astrologers

Their lips are definitely not sealed.

Some lips can't be zipped. Certain people will always be the first to share your secrets. Whether they love gossip, can't stop talking, or let the info slip by accident, they're not the best folks to confide in. And it turns out, their horoscope could be the reason for their loose lips. Keep reading to see who astrologers determined as the worst zodiac signs to tell a secret to, from a bit of a blabbermouth to total tea spillers.

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"Libras like to maintain positive and harmonious social connections with everyone, but keeping that sense of equilibrium is hard if weighty information is being tossed their way," says Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology.

These air signs thrive socially and are seen as expert communicators. They want to be kept in the loop, and sometimes that means they'll pass a secret or two along—even if they weren't supposed to.

Libras might think they're helping by sharing things with others, but they need to learn to maintain some discretion if they want to keep friends and relationships.


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Virgos always like to be in the know—it doesn't matter if the information helps them in any way, they need it to feel superior.

As smart and sophisticated as they appear to be, Virgos are incredibly critical and a little judgmental. "They are the type of sign that would use your personal information against you and make you feel bad about yourself," says Stina Garbis, astrologer and owner at Psychic Stina.

With Mercury, the planet of communication, as their ruler, they can go on and on for hours. If they're sharing secrets, it's because they want to hear themselves talk or be the first to spill the tea.

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Leo is driven by their need for attention, and sometimes their ego gets in the way of keeping a secret.

"They have a knack for drama and gossip in social settings, because it's often entertaining for others, whether it truly makes them look good in the long run or not," says Marquardt.

When these fire signs are given an opportunity to show off, they don't waste it—even at the expense of sharing someone's secret. They draw people in no matter what, but Marquardt says they should stick to being authentic when it comes to winning over a crowd.


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Aries is a little bit of a loudmouth, and they will use that when going after something they want. Garbis advises being careful if you tell these fire signs something in confidence.

"This sign may be the type to either use the secret against you as fodder, or run and tell someone immediately," says Garbis. And while they can be loyal friends, they may share things out of anger.

Something to keep in mind with Aries is that they are also incredibly impulsive. They can let their passion get the best of them and ultimately share secrets in inappropriate situations.

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Sagittarians love nothing more than expressing themselves freely. When they're bogged down with a secret, they sometimes feel like it's a limitation or hindrance to them, Marquardt tells Best Life.

Because they're always on the move, they can be a little careless with secrets or gossip. "They will listen to you and say they won't tell a soul, and then will tell the next person they meet," says Garbis.

These fire signs don't tell people things with malicious intent. But they are pretty forgetful and won't remember that the info is private. Plus, they love being caught up in the drama.


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Geminis are big talkers with loose lips. They're also air signs, meaning they're known for being communicative. It's this combination that makes them the worst zodiac sign to tell a secret to.

"If you tell a Gemini a secret, be sure to know that it will become the next day's biggest gossip," says Garbis.

Because their active minds are overrun with information, they might also blab by accident—which isn't great—but sometimes they can't help spilling the beans.

Marquardt says they have to work on their ability to stay conscious of what they say, rather than communicating by default. One of their strengths is sharing information, but that doesn't work in their favor when it comes to secrets.

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