The Most Cautious Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

Taking risks isn't their thing, and they'll make sure they avoid the unknown.

You undoubtedly know people who play things on the safe side. They don't want to get hurt, whether that be physically or emotionally, and they have a walking-on-eggshells vibe. These are the people who will absolutely look both ways (sometimes more than once)! before they cross the street and who prefer the comfort of their own home over an adventurous trip. With the help of astrology, you might understand why these folks are so overly careful and guarded. Keep reading to find out the most cautious zodiac signs, from slightly guarded to woefully wary.

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Scorpios are naturally mysterious. They like keeping things to themselves and have a hard time opening up to others.

"They're wary of people and are cautious about who they let into their circle of trust," says Tara Bennet, astrologer and spiritual coach at Mediumchat.

You wouldn't know it at first, but these water signs are emotional. They don't want to get hurt, so they take necessary precautions to keep their feelings in check. Consider yourself lucky if they share their deepest darkest secrets with you.


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As an air sign, Libra is naturally good at communicating—no matter who they're talking to—and they love keeping everyone happy. Stina Garbis, astrologer and owner of Psychic Stina, describes them as mindful and judicial.

But this also means they hate confrontation and will be very careful to avoid it. "They take people and their situations into consideration when taking action on something," says Garbis.

If they have to make a decision, they'll go over every outcome first. They're fine when it comes to new opportunities but like to be as prepared as possible (just in case!).

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Capricorns are highly successful. Bennet says they're the most hardworking and sensible of all the zodiac signs. So, it's no wonder they err on the side of caution.

"Everything must have a practical use for them," Bennet explains. "They're [especially] cautious about how they spend their time and money."

These earth signs can't have anything interrupting their workflow. They're meticulous, love going over details, and aren't about to risk it all for something that doesn't align with their goals.


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Like Scorpio, Pisces is an emotional water sign who worries a lot. These fish are always aware of what they say and do because they genuinely want everyone to get along and don't want to risk screwing up.

"They handle everything with kid gloves, from people's fragile personalities to others' precious belongings," says Garbis.

This makes them guarded to a fault, and to deal with this stress, they can often be found lost in their daydreams.

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Cancer is also a water sign, which means they're extremely sensitive. "They are constant worriers and constant planners, and tend to be concerned about everyone involved," says Garbis.

They are cautious with their words and actions as they don't want to offend anyone—even if it's by accident.

Garbis says they're like the parent of the zodiac. They'll think everything through before they do it, and they keep everyone else in line as well.


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If Taurus could stay in their home all day with their favorite things, they would in a second. They enjoy being in their comfort zone and hate when things go wrong. Plus, they despise change of any kind. It's these things combined that make them the most cautious zodiac sign.

"They're uncomfortable with risks, even calculated ones," says Bennet, who adds that they're planners and like to mull over the pros and cons of every situation.

These bulls run far away from the unknown, so you know they'll always be safe rather than sorry. They like taking things slow and get annoyed if they have to rush their process at all.

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