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The Most Basic Zodiac Sign, According to Astrologers

These people are happy to follow the trends, not set them.

We all know them: People who are always trying the latest fads, from food to shoes to poses for the endless stream of selfies in their social media feed. They don't necessarily feel the need to stand out—which can get a little boring—and they always know what's trending. These people are eager to try anything that's popular and are totally okay with being mainstream, rather than original.

Why are some people content to be walking clichés? The answer could be in the stars. Read on to discover the six most basic zodiac signs, from slightly unoriginal to pretty predictable.

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Libras are people pleasers at heart. They are always looking to fit in and they tend to agree with everyone else to avoid any type of tension.

"This strong affinity for popularity and fitting in might lead some folks to playfully label them as basic or unoriginal," says Rachel Clare, a professional astrologist at Mystic Sense.

They have great social skills and are always in the know about the latest pop culture news and gossip—and their chatty tendencies add to their basic reputation.

Ryan Marquardt, astrologer and founder of Ryan's Astrology, says "they have an inclination toward maintaining a pleasant social image and want to be perceived as relevant by everyone, even though that's an impossible task."

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Taurus certainly has an eye for luxury, but they also value comfort and stability. They're a fixed sign that has a reputation for being obstinate, and they're not going to change their mind, so they'll indulge themselves as long as it's a product or trend they're already familiar with. "Once they find something they like, they stick to it for life," says Marquardt.

Taureans are people that find always solace in their routine. "Some might consider this inclination toward predictability as basic, because they tend to stick to what they know and love," says Clare.


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As an air sign, Gemini is known for their mental agility and ability to adapt to any situation—especially social ones. They're always taking part in lively discussions and making friends wherever they go.

Sometimes their flexible nature and constantly changing social tendencies can come off as basic to those around them, however. "Their ability to fit in almost anywhere and strike up conversations with ease may make them appear less unique or distinct compared to other signs," says Clare.

Their chameleon-like ways could cause them to blend in more than stand out, so they might not have a strong, distinct identity like others. They're also incredibly influenced by trends and like to be on top of popular social norms.


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No one is as by-the-book as a Virgo. "They can be overly stuck up and orderly to the point that they'll live in a comfort zone for their entire life and never dare to take a risk," says Marquardt.

Virgos like what they like, and don't care if their perspective is a bit more outdated than most. They also love to call people out—but can't take the heat when the comments are given back to them.

Marquardt calls them the 'Karen' of the zodiac, and it's not surprising when they start acting like they're better than everyone else. They won't accept that they're basic (even though they are) and will try to knock everyone else down instead.


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Cancer likes to think they're different from everyone else, but in reality they'll go back to their tried-and-true methods every time.

Their old fashioned tendencies and preference to stay in their comfort zone isn't necessarily what makes them basic. "They consistently try to overcompensate for their sleepy lifestyle by always trying to prove that they're really experimental," says Marquardt.

Overall, these sensitive water signs just want to be liked. But it can get tiring, because they aren't fooling anyone when they try to make new personalities or trends work for them.

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Leo is represented by the lion, so there's no doubt that these folks are the embodiment of fierceness. However, Clare says they're also the king of clichés, which makes them the most basic zodiac sign.

No one tries as hard to be on-trend as these fire signs. "You can't scroll through a social media feed without spotting a Leo flaunting their looks, wealth, or popularity," says Clare—and they're always trying to prove they're the best.

Since Leo is a fixed sign, they can also be stubborn and resistant to change. They'll always eat at the same restaurant, pose the same way, and follow their routine. They can be a bit predictable at times, which ultimately contributes to their basic behavior.

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