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The Best Mother's Day Gift for Every Zodiac Sign

Show the moms in your life how much you care.

Mother's Day is for celebrating all the moms in your life—including yourself. But if you're hoping to get something special for someone who isn't the easiest to shop for—maybe she already has everything she needs (or so she says), or perhaps when you ask what she wants, she replies with "just your love" (and not another tchotchke)—it might be helpful to look for a gift best suited to her personality traits. That means you might want to consider her astrological sign for inspiration. Read on to discover the best Mother's Day gift for every zodiac sign. You might just end up wanting to treat yourself, too!

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mom and daughter yoga together

Briana Saussy, astrologer, author, and founder of the Sacred Arts Academy, says Aries moms like to look good, so it's your job to treat them to something that makes them feel special. She recommends "scented candles, a pretty make-up palette in fiery hues, or a new yoga mat or set of cute weights to let them know how much you care." The Alo Yoga warrior mat ($100) is a gift they would no doubt appreciate.


woman filing nails on bed

Taureans love to relax, unwind, and indulge, so Saussy suggests giving the Taurus mom in your life a day of beauty. She recommends treating them to a massage at their favorite spa. If you want a more budget-friendly option, gift your Taurus mom a face mask and bottle of nail polish for an at-home spa day. If you have a little more wiggle room, try this Reese Witherspoon-approved pink set from Biossance for pampering, complete with sunscreen, lipgloss, and rose Vitamin C Serum that comes in a pretty pink travel pouch ($79).

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Young Black woman writing in journal
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Geminis love anything that challenges them intellectually, which makes them easy to shop for. "All you need to do to make your Gemini mom happy is peruse the New York Times Bestseller list and snag her a bundle of books," says Saussy. This clever sign loves to learn, so it's possible your mom has already read everything out there. Saussy proposes "a lovely journal and pen combination instead, since the only thing Geminis like more than reading is writing." This sweet Rifle Paper Co. journal set ($60) is the perfect gift for your mom to start putting pen to paper in style.


Several Potted House Plants

Cancers are homemakers, so you'll want to give your mom a present that she can use while surrounded by family. If you can be there in person, that's what really matters to a Cancer. Saussy says, "Moms love their kiddos, so the best gift you can give her is your presence by allowing her to cook a meal for you." Or perhaps you can cook a meal for her. Either way, your Cancer mom will love something she can use in the kitchen like this elaborate herb garden ($199). She'll always think about you when she's preparing food or picking her basil.

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Leos crave attention and love to stand out. Saussy proposes "springing for a shiny piece of jewelry" to help your mom feel bold and loved. These huggie earrings in white crystal from Kendra Scott ($70) are the perfect piece for her to add to her everyday wardrobe for a little sparkle.


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Virgos are notorious planners, but you probably don't want to give mom an agenda or notebook. Saussy suggests that instead, you can help them think ahead for the summer by choosing a "cute poolside bag with matching sandals." Make sure to pay attention and choose "the color and designs she favors so you can win points for creativity and good planning—it's the highest mark a Virgo mom can give." If you want to impress, this personalized Lily & Bean beach bag ($150) should do the trick, and it will prove you started planning Mother's Day well in advance.

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Female legs in bed, closeup. Woman body and skin care, tired legs after working day or fitness workout

According to Marie Claire, Libra is the sign of relationships, which means they value finding a partner and becoming a mother because it balances them. A gift that pays homage to familial relations helps show how cherished they are. Consider gifting mom body oil from Bawdy Beauty ($68): Founder Sylwia Wiesenberg pays homage to her grandmother and mother with the products and uses ingredients they passed down to her.


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According to Saussy, "you probably already know what to get your Scorpio mom because she isn't shy about letting you know what her current obsession is." But, on the off-chance she hasn't been dropping hints for some reason, your best bet is an elegant fragrance that reminds you of her. Personalize the scent yourself using her favorite essential oils or notes that remind you of her. Or, try a DIY perfume kit ($100) so your mom can make her own fragrance.

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This optimistic sign famously loves its freedom, which means a trip—or an excursion related to one—is the perfect gift. Saussy suggests giving your Sagittarian mom a vacation "somewhere exotic and magical." If you don't have the money to spring for a getaway, get your mom a game they can play with their gal pals like this Ladies Night board game ($29). Bonus? You can grab it last minute from Amazon.


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Capricorns love the finer things in life and looking elegant—especially at the office. Because of this, one easy buy is a nice handbag. A great pick is Fossil's Jolie Baguette ($150) which you can get in their favorite shade. If mom already has a closet stuffed with accessories or if you're looking for something more budget-friendly, Saussy proposes "a wallet or smartphone cover that matches said handbag."

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According to Saussy, "Aquarian moms are so cool that they can be hard to buy for," but you can always get them something outside of the box. For instance, since Aquarians are passionate about the causes they care deeply about, prove you've been paying attention by making a donation to your mom's favorite charity. They'll love that you listen and that you support giving back.


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Pisces is known for being an extremely creative sign, so it's important to consider that when buying presents. For Mother's Day, Saussy recommends gifting your mom "art supplies, musical instruments, or a piece of art commissioned just for her." Consider giving her a beautiful box of painting and drawing tools for adult artists ($36) with sketchbooks, a coloring book, and a gift box, to show you support her creativity.

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